10 Application Programs And Their Functions

10 Application Programs And Their Functions – A computer system consists of hardware, electronic devices that can calculate and manipulate information, and software that executes predetermined instructions to perform a specific task. The combination of physical devices (hardware) and logical instructions (software) provides the power and versatility of modern computer systems.

Software is a collection of computer programs and related data that instructs a computer what to do and how to do it. Software is the interface between the user and the computer. It is a set of instructions and programs used to issue commands to the hardware. It is responsible for managing, integrating and controlling the hardware components of the computer system and performing specific tasks.

10 Application Programs And Their Functions

10 Application Programs And Their Functions

System software consists of several programs that are directly responsible for managing, integrating, and controlling the individual hardware components of the computer system.

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The purpose of system software is to insulate the programmer as much as possible from the specific complexities of the computer in use.

Based on functionality, system software can be further classified into two main categories. System administration applications and software development.

It includes an integrated application system that controls the operation of the processor, manages I/O, manages storage resources, and provides various support services. Some common examples of system management programs are operating systems, device drivers, and system programs.

It includes programs that control, coordinate and monitor the activities of various parts of the computer system. Its function is to provide a connection between the computer equipment and the user.

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It handles all internal management functions (disk access, memory management, task scheduling and user interface) and ensures the smooth operation of the computer system. Provides an environment to run programs. For example, MS-DOS, Windows XP/2000/98, Unix Linux, etc.

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is commonly referred to as the system’s organic system. The BIOS controls various electronic components in the main computer system. The primary function of the BIOS is to initialize system devices such as RAM, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, video cards, and other hardware. The BIOS sets the machine’s hardware to a specific state and helps the operating system configure the hardware components. This process is called Booting Up.

The software written to make a device functional when connected to a computer is called a device driver. It is the system software that acts as an interface between the device and the user. Every device, whether it’s a printer, monitor, mouse or keyboard, has an associated driver program for it to function properly.

10 Application Programs And Their Functions

These programs perform tasks related to the maintenance of computer systems. These are packages that are installed on the computer when the operating system is installed. They are used to support, improve, enhance and securely use existing applications and data on computer systems.

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It is software that provides the services necessary to develop and open source software. Developing programming software requires programming languages, language translators, loaders, and links.

A programming language is the main interface between the computer and the programmer. A programming language is an artificial language for expressing calculations that can be performed by a computer.

Each language has its own grammar, that is, a specific set of rules for expressing the logical steps of an algorithm. Programming languages ​​fall into two categories. Low Level Language (LLL) and High Level Language (HLL).

It acts as a bridge between the hardware and software layers of the computer system. It is designed to improve compiled code before it is executed by the processor.

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A language translator helps convert a programming language into machine language. A compiled program is called object code. There are three language translators

A linker is a system program that links several modules and libraries together to form a single, coherent program (executable). The main purpose of the interface is to resolve references between files. A linker is used to determine the memory location that the code in each module should occupy and binds its instructions by placing an absolute reference.

Loader is a type of system software that is responsible for loading and transferring executable programs to main memory. It is the part of the operating system that carries the executable file that is on the disk into memory and starts the execution process.

10 Application Programs And Their Functions

Application software is computer software designed to help a user perform one or more tasks. It is a set of instructions or programs designed for a specific application or program that allows a user to interact with a computer. Application software is also known as user software. These programs do real work for users.

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A word processor is software for creating, saving and printing documents. Word processors have the ability to create a document and edit it anywhere in the document. This file can be saved for later editing or opened on other computers with the same word processor.

Today, the term processor is one of the most common applications or network services in a computer system. For example, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect (Windows only), Appleworks (Mac only), OpenOffice. Orgel et al.

A presentation is the practice of introducing and explaining the subject matter to an audience or student. People use presentation software to make their presentations more interesting and professional in different situations and situations. For example, sales managers use presentation graphics to present new marketing strategies to senior management. Sellers use this software to display products and encourage customers to buy. Students use it to create high-quality course presentations. For example, Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel Presentation, Lotus Freelance Graphics, etc.

Spreadsheet programs (sometimes called spreadsheets) are programs that accept data in tabular form and allow you to create and manipulate tables electronically. In spreadsheet programs, each value exists in a cell. You can specify the type of data in each cell and how the various cells relate to each other. Relationships between cells are called formulas and cell names are called labels. For example, Microsoft Excel, Corel Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, etc.

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DBMS (Database Management System) refers to the software responsible for planning, maintaining and managing a database. It allows the user to define, create, maintain and manage the database. A database is an integrated collection of data that serves different applications.

Desktop publishing software is a tool for graphic designers and designers to create visual communications for professional or desktop printing, as well as electronic publishing via the web or screen.

Complete desktop publishing (DTP) includes typography (choosing fonts and text layout), graphic design, page layout (how everything fits on the page), and printing the file. For example, Quark Express, Adobe Page Maker, 3B2, Corel Draw, Corel Ventura Illustrator, etc.

10 Application Programs And Their Functions

Graphics software or image processing software is a program or collection of programs that can manipulate visual images on a computer system. Most graphics software has the ability to import and export one or more graphics file formats. Common charting software displays data as graphs, bar charts, and pie charts. For example Adobe Photoshop, Pizza, Microsoft Publishing etc.

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Multimedia includes text, audio, photographs, animation, video or interactive content. The term is used only when referring to media that use text or traditional computer screens, such as traditional printed or hand-made materials.

Specific software is designed to perform specific tasks. Such application software usually has the purpose of executing.

It is an attempt to balance demand with the need to minimize the total demand resulting from the acquisition and holding of inventory. List of products and materials in stock. An inventory management system is usually used in a department store or organization to keep a backup of all physical assets.

A modern inventory management system must have the ability to receive and integrate other data such as sales and inventory tracking, real-time contact with suppliers, and seating requirements.

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Payroll management systems are used by all modern companies to include every employee in the company who receives a regular salary or other benefits. The various payment methods are calculated by the payroll software and the corresponding payment check is issued.

A hotel management system refers to the management practices used in the hotel industry. These include hotel management, accounting, billing, sales, cleaning, reception or reception.

A Central Reservation System (CRS) is a computer used to store and retrieve information related to travel, flights, hotels, car rentals or other activities. It is an application software commonly seen in railway booking offices which helps the concerned departments to automatically check the seats or seats of any train and all the specific data at an unmatched speed.

10 Application Programs And Their Functions

It is an application software that is widely used in schools through exams

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