Adult Application 18

Adult Application 18 – The Snickers Protein Just Play app stream is currently split into 16+ deliveries and 18+ deliveries. It is therefore important that your app has the correct minimum age to ensure that you are advertising your sessions to the appropriate age group. We have automatically changed the minimum age for all apps to 18+.

This means that as an existing Snickers Protein Just Play provider serving 16 and 17 year olds in your sessions, you will need to make some quick changes to the platform. However, if you switch to people aged 18 or older, all you have to do is upgrade your crew’s training skills and emergency bonuses! Below you will find out what you may need to consider.

Adult Application 18

Adult Application 18

For brand new Snickers Protein Just Play apps for those looking to stream sessions for participants aged 18 and over, you can simply follow the app as usual and select “18+” on the third page of the stream. Please note the texts displayed for different age groups.

Download And Complete The Registration Form

Continue with your application by completing all remaining sections, including verifying age 18 or over in the section below, then submit to your county association for approval. Be sure to also check your trainer/volunteer section to ensure registrants have the correct birth and over 18 qualifications. Once the FA in your area has given approval, you can create your events and sessions!

For existing Snickers Protein Just Play providers who already offer sessions to those aged 18 and over, it is likely that no action on your part will be required as the settings we automatically change will not affect your delivery. People invited to your sessions are already over 18 because you specified a minimum age of 18 or over in your application and event before we switch automatically.

Please double check the qualifications of your registered staff to ensure they are all up to date and confirmed for adult delivery as awards such as FA DBS are not mandatory for the over 18 age group.

However, if you are now at the point where you would like to lower your minimum age below 18 and are therefore running sessions for 16 and 17 year olds, you will need to adjust your application and then your event and sessions to reflect this. Please see the Snickers Protein Just Play 16+ instructions for more information.

Rental Application First Middle Last Each Adult (18 Or Older) Must Fill Out A Separate Application There Is A Nonrefundable Fee Of $20/adult To Apply Birth Date Any Other Names Youve Used

2 Important information about applying for a name change If you need access to a translation service or an interpreter, please contact the Translation and Interpreting Service (TIS) at and ask them to call the Victorian Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages about with eligibility to apply contact To change your name in Victoria, you must: Be at least 18 years old. You must be born in Victoria or born overseas and have lived in Victoria for at least the last 12 months. Born between the States? You must apply for registration in the country or territory of your birth. Multiple changes A person can only change their name once in 12 months and three times in their lifetime (subject to the decision of the registrar). Changing your name through marriage If you’ve married in Australia, you can get your partner’s joint name. As proof of your right to use your partner’s name, a standard marriage certificate issued by the registrar of the country or territory in which you were married is sufficient. If you were married overseas, you should check with the organization that requires identification documents (eg Australian Passport Office, VicRoads) before applying for a name change. Fees and Certifications A fee of $98.80 must be paid when submitting this form. The fee includes: Application fee of $68.60 (non-refundable) Standard certificate fee of $30.20 Those born in Victoria receive a standard birth certificate showing the history of the name change and change. Persons born abroad receive a certificate of name change. Delivery time Your new permit will be issued in approximately 4 weeks, provided your application is complete, all permits issued by the Registry are returned and you provide all required supporting documentation. Successful Applications The following is required for your application to be successful: Return any original birth certificates or change of name certificates previously issued to you by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Answer all questions on this application form honestly and accurately. Provide clear information. Reason for your chosen name Choose a name that is not considered obscene or offensive, is too long, contains numbers or symbols without phonetic meaning, contains a statement or phrase, resembles an official title or rank recognized in Australia or is contrary to the Public Interest of disclosure of any previous changes violates the names and previous names used in the community to prove your eligibility and identity by providing authenticated identification documents to respond to the Registrar’s request for additional information. Priority Service Fee. Optional priority service is available for a fee of $. Your application will be reviewed within 5 working days. If the application is complete and compliant, approval will occur after the review is complete. If your application is incomplete, inconsistent or rejected, the priority fee will not be refunded. Credit report and police clearance Depending on the extent of your name change and your answers to the questions on this form, you may be asked to provide a credit report and/or a national police clearance certificate. If you have changed your name in the past or wish to change your first and last name, you must include a copy of your current credit report with your application. You can get a free copy of your credit report by contacting one of the following agencies: Veda Advantage Dunn and Bradstreet Experian Credit Services Translated documents where you must submit . A certified copy of a document and if the document is not in English, a certified translation of the document in English must be submitted at the same time. The translation must be done by a sworn translator. An accredited translator is a translator certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Privacy and disclosure of information The information requested on this form will be collected in accordance with the provisions of the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1996 and will form the basis of changing your name. The Secretary may release information about an individual only for legal and law enforcement purposes in accordance with law. For further information on privacy, data disclosure, the Registry’s access policy and how to correct a record, visit

3 First part – Your data Greetings Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Information about parents a) Mother’s current surname Current name a) Surname (last name) b) Mother’s maiden name (maiden name) b) First name c) First name of mother Details (names) d) Surname of father/parent (surname) Birth name (if different from above) a) Surname (surname) e) Name of father/parent b) Name) Date of birth Gender Female Second part – Proposed new name T The Registrar can register your refusal to change your name if the name is considered obscene or offensive, is too long, contains numbers or symbols without phonetic meaning, contains a statement or phrase, is similar to an official title or rank recognized in Australia, or is considers it contrary to the public interest. Why do you want to change your name? a) Surname (last name) Male Place of birth a) Suburb/Town b) First name b) State (or country if born outside Australia) Section 3 – Additional information Are you having financial problems? Current residential address a) Street no. And yes – you must attach a copy of your credit report under your current name and any names you’ve used in the past. Have you ever been declared bankrupt? Yes – you must attach a letter from the Australian Financial Services Authority or your insolvency practitioner confirming your insolvency. b) Suburb/City Have you ever been arrested, charged, imprisoned, or convicted of a fraud-related crime? Yes, a statement explaining the circumstances must be attached and a credit report must be provided. Are you an inmate, parolee, or registered sex offender? c) Enter d) postal code of the daytime telephone number. Yes – this application must be accompanied by a certificate from the responsible authority. Tea. Changing your name without the permission of the relevant authority is a criminal offence. address

4 Part Three – Continued with supporting information Why are you changing your name? Tea. You must provide a valid reason for your name change request to be considered.

Adult Application 18

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