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Ants Care Application – Oecophylla is derived from the Latin words oeco (meaning home or house) and phylla (plural of phyllum meaning leaves or parts of leaves) and smaragdina, Latin for emerald.

I’ve written this before, but I won’t bother. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the Latin/Greek names. I think this takes us back hundreds of years, in this case to 1775 when Fabricius first noticed this phenomenon. You can imagine traveling by boat or train, and it may take months to reach your destination, a foreign country, with other people, finding new animals that have never been seen before, and Seeing them for the first time.

Ants Care Application

Ants Care Application

Oecophylla species are among the most developed species, exhibiting the highest nesting activity among all weaver species. Workers collect leaves, often making long chains, and attach them to silkworms.

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They are known by various common names such as Asian weaver, weaver ant, green ant and green tree ant.

Now that we’ve established its name, let’s look more deeply at its ecology, the relationship between seeds and their physical location.

There are only two species of Oecophylla that survive in the world. One is O. longinoda, which is native to tropical Africa, and the other is O. smaragdina, which ranges from southern Asia, through Southeast Asia to North America and Melanesia.

Although previous records and references indicate that Oecophylla smaragdina had only two worker castes (major and minor) in its colonies, now (2011), a third has been identified. Specific protein signals

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Therefore, Oecophylla smaragdina is not a dimorphic species but a distinct polymorphic species with three types of apterous organisms (large, medium and small) and two types of wings (queens and drones).

Most workers are orange, but can vary from red to yellow, depending on where they live. For Australian species, they will have a green gaster.

The young are 5-6 mm long and tend the eggs. The middle ones are between 8-9 mm. And majors are over 10mm long, with long strong legs and large toes, they are mainly responsible for feeding, mixing and spreading the nest.

Ants Care Application

There is no moral difference between the three castes except their size. As is the case with Solenopsis invicta where the main, press and minor workers are each comparable.

How Long Do Carpenter Ants Live?

Queens are 20-25 mm long and are usually green-black, but their color can vary from light green, yellow, orange to red depending on their location.

The life cycle of this type of insect, like any other, consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.

The new queen flies off in search of mates. They may mate with one or more males (one at a time) in the air, on low vegetation or on the ground. After mating, they find nesting sites in trees or open fields.

Within 5 to 10 days of hatching, the queen produces a clutch of 25 to 40 eggs regardless of temperature, but the same rules do not apply to brood development, which will vary widely at different temperatures. .

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The first buds begin to emerge after 10 to 11 days while the first bud emerges after 23 days. Finally, the first worker emerges 39 days after the first fruit set.

Another interesting feature for those tending their first Oecophylla colony is silk production, or silk weaving, which usually begins 11.4±3.1 days (average day 14) after the first larval emergence, when the larvae The length is 54.7 ±6.5 mm. When these last instar eggs hatch, the queen uses them to line the nest chamber with silk.

Since they keep their colony at 30°C you can expect the first worker on day 28 and there is no word on queens kept at 20°C raising senior workers, so keep that in mind.

Ants Care Application

One to three days after the first worker hatches, the nest is opened into a hole and external labor begins.

Ant Queen — Ant Genus And Ant Species Ecology — The Wild Martin

In the wild, it has been reported that the average lifespan of a mature colony is about eight years.

I think it’s interesting to talk about their production plan now, not only from a natural perspective but also from a keeper perspective.

This species is considered monogynous, but can form haplometrotic and pleiometrotic colonies, meaning a colony can be formed by a single queen or multiple queens together. However, because mature Oecophylla colonies are monogynous, after passing through the establishment phase, over time, the queen will struggle to become dominant, or to evict or kill other female nestlings of her own.

If you plan to introduce multiple queens at once, please note that there is high queen turnover between (different colonies).

Best Ant Killers (2023 Guide)

Weaver ants live in trees (they are strictly gardeners) and are known for their unique nesting technique where workers weave the leaves with caterpillar silk to create nests.

The behavior of O. smaragdina colonies can be explored at three different scales: colony, tree and nest. A weaver nest may contain several nests in one tree, and the nests may be spread over several adjacent trees.

In the wild, colonies can reach up to half a million people. In one case, a colony was found consisting of 151 nests spread over 12 trees.

Ants Care Application

The weaver’s ability to build elaborate nests of living leaves has contributed to their ecological success. The first step in nest building is for workers to inspect the nest leaves by pulling the corners with their lower jaws. When some steps themselves bless a leaf or draw its side to another, other workers come.

Do Ants Bury Their Dead?

If there is no gap between the two leaves, the workers hold the other leaves and make chains with their body. Complex chains are often used to secure large leaves in nest construction. When the leaf tips diverge, other workers will use viruses to remove insects from existing nests.

When they reach a stitch to join, these workers hit the ends of the knotted threads, so they hide the silk. They can produce a lot of silk, so the caterpillar should be pupated without the cocoon. The workers stick between the leaves in a pattern that is fixed to hold them together.

Weaver nests are oval in shape, and vary in size from a small leaf that is folded back on itself to large nests with many leaves and more than half a meter in length. The time required to build a nest varies with the type of leaf and the size produced, but a large nest can often be built in less than 24 hours. Although weaver nests are strong and waterproof, new nests are constantly being built by workers over large areas to replace old dead nests and nests destroyed by storms.

Weaver ants feed on insects and other insects, their prey being mainly beetles, flies and hymenopterans. They don’t sting, but they are painful enough to release irritating chemicals from the stomach. In Southeast Asia, colonies often have trees that attract ants with nectar, in return the trees provide protection from herbivorous insects. Trees that support the steps of the bunker include mango, banana, coconut, palm oil, medicinal trees, cacao, teak, naka, Chinese laurel, petai, jingkool, doku, rambutan, jumbo air and kedong.

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Caterpillars also watch out for aphids, scale insects, and other homopterans that feed on the honey they produce, especially on trees covered with vines and sometimes on insect houses, fences, power lines, etc.

A study showed that O. smaragdina was nocturnal and their feeding activity stopped soon and resumed after 06:00.

Daily foraging behavior was strongly influenced by temperature and relative humidity. Depending on the climate, permanent work is outside the permanent nest in humid countries or in the form of a sun in a dry place of permanent growth.

Ants Care Application

The results also showed that high protein foods are preferred over lipid and carbohydrate foods, but only when they adjust these preferences to their needs.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this short article on “Emerald Leafhouse Ants” and as always I’ve left a very short video for you in the link below, if you’d like.

If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know in the comments section. Thanks again for visiting and taking the time to read. A leafcutter ant was photographed in St. Louis. Louis Zoo in Missouri. There are up to 10,000 species of ants in the world – and 47 of them are different types of leaf cutters, found in the Western Hemisphere.


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