Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository – Git is a version control system that allows anyone to check in changes to a file or set of files so that a specific version can be reproduced later. WP Engine provides GitPush to work with Git and allows you to securely push code from a local machine to a WP Engine-hosted site while taking advantage of version control.

The first step to enable GitPush on a WP Engine website is to add an SSH key to the user portal. SSH keys are key-based authentication to establish an encrypted connection between the local machine and remote Git repositories on WP Engine using public and private keys.

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

If your SSH key does not already exist, follow the steps below to create a public/private key pair:

Servicenow Deployment Management

This key will be needed later when you enter the public key in the WP Engine user portal. We recommend copying the key from the top of the window into PuTTY.

The SSH configuration file tells your computer which master file to use when connecting to a specific server hostname. SSH and GitPush use different hostnames on WP Engine.

Setting up an SSH configuration file and telling your computer ahead of time which SSH key to use for the service will prevent potential connection problems.

If SSH Git and Git are used together, additional SSH configuration items must be added to SSH Git.

Manage Git Branches

To use GitPush securely with a WP Engine environment, you must add an SSH key to the user portal in the GitPush section. The key must be added independently to each environment to use Git Push.

If the key still needs to be generated, see the previous step here. The developer name will be the label of the SSH key that will be added and can be assumed to be the name associated with the local machine (aka developer) using GitPush. We recommend using a combination of environment name, first name, and last name separated by a hyphen for the name. Only letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores are allowed for the developer name, up to a maximum of 30 characters.

The key will typically be published about 10 minutes after you save it, but it may take up to 45 minutes. Calling Git before the key has been fully published will fail.

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

The file is created when the SSH key statement is generated. Run again to view the contents of the file.

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Make sure you add the public key to all environments individually for Git Push. Once a key is added to the WP Engine User Portal, it can be added to additional environments by adding the key and the same developer name to different environments as described above.

The following message may appear when reusing SSH keys and accepting the addition of the same key with a different name.

If you need to remove your GitPush SSH key from your environment, follow these steps to remove it.

Set up the environment, keeping in mind that developer keys are usually created with a name

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Environment as part of the SSH key ID. Some developers may have keys associated with environments that are not associated with the current account. It does not grant any unauthorized account access to the owners of the indicated environment, nor does it grant any unauthorized access to the local device.

Now that the SSH key is generated, added to WP Engine, and configured in the SSH configuration file, let’s make sure the configuration is working.

If the SSH configuration file is configured correctly for Git, the output will look like this (line numbers and version numbers will vary):

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

In our example above, the connection was successful. The output displays information about which environments can connect via ssh. This shows that the SSH configuration is configured correctly.

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The system will display the line numbers in the output. This can help narrow down the source of problems by showing which lines are or are not in use for ssh connections.

The next step is to download a copy of the site content to the local machine so you can create a remote repository.

If a repository already exists for the application code, you will only need to add it to the “remote” Git endpoints before running GitPush. If this is the case, skip adding the gitignore file as there is no need to add the repository from the backup.

If a local copy does not exist, it is recommended to download a backup point from the user portal to complete this step.

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The file on the local machine, which will identify files and folders that should not be edited or pushed via Git. Below we provide two models for

We recommend tracking a minimum number of files if possible. This helps reduce line problems. For example, if the theme only works on files,

The archive must exclude all files except this one. Feel free to add any site-based exceptions you need to the provided template files.

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

We will automatically keep your WordPress core files up to date. See here for more details on WordPress automatic updates.

Trying To Start Server

When using automatic updates for Smart Plugin Manager plugins with Git on a website, you should use the more specific gitignore. These gitignore files are similar to the workflows mentioned above where you choose to ignore or keep the core WordPress files.

When using custom integration, SPM keeps plugins up to date with the version available in the WordPress plugin repository or Github. This means that the entire plugins directory is excluded so that the files can be published elsewhere. If SPM is configured to manage a specific plugin, the gitignore file can be modified to include it by adding the following.

There are certain files and file types that are not allowed to be versioned using GitPush. Publishing large media files is an inefficient way to use source control, since many of these files are binary, making it difficult to track differences between implementations. . In some cases, with these known large file types, it is best to use a CDN and SFTP access to upload these files to the account.

To keep apps running smoothly, WP Engine does not allow files that could affect the core functionality of a WordPress site. Which includes files

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And the number of compressed and executable file types. To avoid errors, these files should always be in the .gitignore file and are added by default to the two .gitignore examples above.

Additionally, it is never safe to store sensitive information in resource control, such as passwords and/or API keys.

If at least 10 minutes have passed since the aSSH public key was added to the user portal, GitPush access to the environment can be tested.

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

If the Git service recognizes the key in WP Engine, a list of accessible environment names will be displayed.

Build And Deployments

If a public key is added to production, staging, and development environments within the site, a unique environment name will be included for all.

If the site is not already used as a Git repository, start by creating a local Git repository. This can be done using

Now that the folder is configured as a Git repository, it’s time to make the first commit. This commit will add all new and modified files (except files in

File) in Git for tracking. This is a new version of the website in the Git repository, so many files will be “new” in git.

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WordPress has changed the interface of the site. The next step, “Add remote Git repository”, must be completed before using the GitPush command to publish files.

The next step is to map the local repository to the remote repository where the file changes will be published to WP Engine. If the switch is added to the production, compute, and on-site development environments in the first step, a remote control will need to be added to each of these environments. This will be a one-to-one relationship between the remote repository and the environment.

In the following commands, replace prodenvname, stepenvname, and devenvname with the user gateway names that are unique for each environment.

Application Already Exists In The Configuration Repository

. WP Engine suggests naming them based on their role on the site to help manage repositories easily.

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This will list all the remote controls that were successfully added. The GitPush command can now be used to publish code changes.

Now it’s time to deploy using the GitPush command. After local changes and staging (for example: using

), use the Terminal window, Git Bash, or PuTTY and navigate to the folder where the local git repository is initialized:

The above command will push the local “master” branch to a remote endpoint called “production”. If the remote endpoint has another name, be sure to replace “product” (for example:

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Pay attention to the GitPush output, because it indicates whether the push was successful or whether any errors were encountered.

If you need further help, please contact our support team through the user portal and provide full assistance.

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