Application Becomes A Woman

Application Becomes A Woman – Are you a super user of Autodesk Platform Services (formerly known as Forge)? Do you have experience building custom solutions or applications for customers to increase their productivity, connect their workflows, or connect their existing business systems? You may be an ideal candidate to apply for the Autodesk Platform Services Certified Partner Program.

The Autodesk team is currently certifying partners who can help external customers build or implement solutions using the . We have recently introduced 4 industry areas of specialization that candidates can apply to:

Application Becomes A Woman

Application Becomes A Woman

For use with cross-industry solutions or to connect cross-industry workflows. Cross-discipline solutions often use the Viewer & Model Derivative API, as well as webhooks. Some examples of multi-industry applications are:

Elite Body Essentials

Solutions in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries often use the BIM360 and ACC APIs. Some examples of AEC applications are:

Do you want to see it in action? Ofcdesk used ACC APIs to avoid errors and save time and money. See her story here.

Architecture, engineering, and construction automation solutions often use Design Automation APIs for Revit or AutoCAD. Some examples of AEC automation solutions include:

Do you want to see it in action? See how ekkodale reduced browser development and integration time from over 2 years to 2 weeks using the Design Automation API for Revit. Read her story here.

Apply To Become An Aps Certified Partner

Manufacturing solutions use the Viewer, Fusion Team, and Fusion Data APIs, while manufacturing automation solutions use the Design Automation API for Inventor or the Fusion API. Some examples of manufacturing solutions include:

Do you want to see it in action? SolidCAD built the configurator using the Design Automation API for Inventor. See her story here.

Ready to submit your application? Be prepared to share 1 or more customer stories about solutions developed by your team in the last 2 years. These solutions must include at least

Application Becomes A Woman

Each area of ​​expertise in the industry to which you are applying. For example, if you are applying for a multidisciplinary certification, your solutions must include 3 of these 5 elements:

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Record or share a video of each solution you wish to submit and provide a link for our team to review.

If you have any questions about this process, you can contact the Autodesk Platform Services team directly.

Sanjana Chand joined Autodesk in 2018 as the Director of Developer Marketing for Forge. For the past two years, she has been primarily responsible for engaging and developing the Autodesk developer community. You may know her as the current host of the Forge Partner Talks web series. Sanjana comes from the world of product marketing at start-ups, so the fast pace of working with Forge developers and the cloud is nothing new to…

She has been a developer advocate at Autodesk since 2008, working with desktop and web/cloud applications using the best technologies like C#, JavaScript, NodeJS and others that can solve problems and improve workflows. Check out my samples on Github and follow me on Twitter for updates. Lon Harris is a contributor. His work has also appeared on ScreenJunkies, RottenTomatoes, and Inside Streaming.

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On social media, it sometimes seems like the creative suite of generative AI apps, the ones meant to replace writers and artists, are getting all the glory and attention. Being able to scratch up a picture of, say, Donald Trump singing in a black church from scratch is so much more appealing and appealing than more mundane day-to-day tasks like tweaking search results or updating operating system settings.

Just this week, as the threat of AI to the American worker continued to dominate the headlines, there were plenty of other, much less scary stories about digital assistants and other AI helpers soon coming to a platform near you. Or maybe the one you’re using right now.

Application Becomes A Woman

TechCrunch reports that TikTok is working on a new AI chatbot codenamed “Tako”, which is already being tested in select markets (outside the US). Once activated, Tako will provide recommendations for new content based on suggestions or feedback, and can even answer questions you ask while watching a video about what you’re watching.

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At this week’s Build developer conference, Microsoft introduced Copilot, a new artificial intelligence digital assistant designed to help laypeople navigate Windows software and its many tools and features. In addition to acting like any other chatbot helper, such as entering new calendar items or playing a song on Spotify, Copilot is deeply integrated into the Windows operating system, meaning it can interact with specific files and settings. With a simple prompt, Copilot can transcribe an audio file, set a timer, switch the screen to “dark mode,” and perform other basic tasks that previously required a mouse and keyboard. The presentation is decidedly futuristic: without having to navigate multiple complicated menus and submenus, Windows users will be able to simply tell their computer what to do, and it will mostly listen.

It’s the latest salvo in an ongoing battle for AI supremacy between Microsoft and Google, two legacy companies desperate to add their names to all the hype surrounding thinking machines. For every new innovation that one company announces, another comes to market with its own response.

Last week, Microsoft announced that ChatGPT had caught up with Google Bard and was now able to connect to the Internet for better and more accurate results. Now, in response to Microsoft’s ChatGPT integrating with its own Bing search engine, Google will begin incorporating AI results into its search results pages. The feature will roll out early this week for users who have signed up for the early access waiting list.

Unlike conventional Google search results, AI responses don’t appear as a list of links, but rather in colored boxes above traditional search results. Interestingly, some results from specific companies or retailers, like Best Buy, now have expanded sections on the results page to list individual products for sale and other pertinent information.

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However, this represents the most significant change in the way Google presents search results. Rather than being purely cosmetic, the combination of AI responses, sponsored links, and Google’s own products push all the purely external links much further down the page. The end result will likely reduce traffic from Google to all sites and services that don’t pay the company for ad space. Since Google’s move provides a vital lifeline for tens of thousands of websites and apps, it could potentially “turn the internet upside down,” according to Ars Technica.

Microsoft suggests that the February AI update has significantly increased interest in Bing, with mobile app downloads up 8x in recent months. By some Motley Fool estimates, Bing saw twice as many downloads in the first two weeks of the ChatGPT integration than it did in all of 2022.

It’s still not entirely clear if these results are permanent or if Bing is just getting a short-term boost from the growing AI trend. Bazinga suggests that ChatGPT’s rise to Bing may be fleeting. Microsoft’s ChatGPT iOS app launched on May 18 to great success, but after just a week, the daily downloads had already started to slow down. Traffic on Bing’s network hasn’t increased as much as might be expected since the AI ​​update, either, suggesting that users are coming to see how it works, but still aren’t relying on it overnight.

Application Becomes A Woman

It’s easy to see clear evidence of the public’s continued enthusiasm for ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other viral AI apps every day just by opening any social media app. However, tracking user interest in digital assistants and plugins from search engines has proven more of a challenge.

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Anecdotally at least, it seems that interest in Snapchat’s “My AI” plugin has peaked and waned since its introduction in mid-April. There have been a number of blog posts about rolling back or uninstalling this feature online, indicating that it has become a common search term among regular users who have lost interest in the feature.

For now, this is further proof that the public is very interested in new AI applications and what they can do, but they can only stick around and play with tools that immediately capture their interest because they are surprising, clever, creative, or unexpected. . . While the technology may work best for small, practical and subtle applications, these are not the big breakthroughs that capture the public imagination and social media trends.

Samson Amore is a journalist. He majored in journalism at Emerson College. Send him tips or suggestions to @samsonamore and find him on Twitter @Samsonamore.

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