Application Create A Logo On Android

Application Create A Logo On Android – When building a business, remember to use your brand everywhere, whether it’s on your website, a t-shirt, or a business card. If you want a mobile app, you need to have a strong logo that is easy to understand. This article will show you how to create a logo for your mobile app.

Before starting anything, it is important to mention the necessary parameters of the mobile application. This is because Android devices do not use the same standards as iOS (Apple) products. According to the 99Designs website, the recommended size for a mobile app logo is 864 x 864 pixels, which is a square shape. The image is displayed in 96 x 96, 72 x 72, 48 x 48 or 36 x 36 pixels depending on the device type.

Application Create A Logo On Android

Application Create A Logo On Android

For Apple products, the required size is 1024 x 1024. After that, everything will be set according to the device type. Note that in both cases the image format used is PNG. Create Stunning Android Apps Without Code!

Now that you know the necessary measurements, let’s move on to the creative phase. There are five important things to keep in mind when creating a mobile app logo. There are some special things to remember about app icons.

Whether it’s a mobile app logo or a website favicon, use the components of your brand identity. A brand image is more than a logo. This is the brand’s color palette, fonts, icon types and style. In order to easily identify the right apps for your company, some consistency is needed. That’s why it’s important to reuse different elements of your brand when branding your mobile app.

Grab your phone and check out all the mobile apps above. You will find more than a dozen. Since people often have multiple mobile apps on their devices, it is important that the app is easily accessible. One way to do this is to use eye-catching colors. You don’t need to use bright red to achieve the effect, you can achieve this with contrast. However, remember to choose your brand colors and use no more than three different shades to maintain a balanced effect.

Also, it’s a good idea to show what your mobile app does, or at least give a hint. As we mentioned, more and more people are using different mobile apps, and when they see your brand, it’s a good idea to remind them what the app does. Here is an example. Google offers many different apps, each with its own logo. The Gmail app logo looks like a letter, while Google Maps uses a pin.

Minimalist Mobile App Logo Design Tips

An important aspect of mobile app logo creation is shape. In fact, the shape currently used by the application is a square with rounded corners. This must be kept in mind during the creative process. Make sure the most important parts are in the middle. Obviously, it’s best to create a logo that fits easily into a square or circle, as is typical for most social networking sites. If your company’s logo is rectangular, you may want to use only certain parts of the logo in the mobile app version.

Finally, this is the most important thing for successful mobile app branding: keep it simple! If you look at the phone’s mobile apps, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is. First, since the illustration is small, you can’t add too many details or things.

Here are some tips for creating a simple brand for your mobile app. First, if you’ve already created an integrated logo for your company, why not use an icon? Many companies such as TripAdvisor or Airbnb do this. If the logo or company name is the most important part of your signature, you can choose to keep only your initials or a few letters from the company name. That’s what Facebook and Netflix do.

Application Create A Logo On Android

Overall, if you’re developing a mobile app, take the time to create a great and functional brand. Keep it simple, use your branded elements to stand out from other apps, and keep the square shape in mind. Over time, you may want to use different versions of your logo to meet all your needs. Remember that your logo should look good, even moderately. Good luck!

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Application Create A Logo On Android

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Application Create A Logo On Android

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