Application For English Answers

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Application For English Answers

Application For English Answers

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The Official Cambridge Guide To Ielts Student’s Book With Answers With Dvd Rom

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Application For English Answers

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Why do you want to learn English? Why do you want to learn English? English is one of the most important mother tongues in the world. No matter where you go, you need to know English because it will help you communicate with people all over the world. In my opinion, English is the most important language in the world (and the easiest to learn), so you shouldn’t be afraid to learn it. For example, if you want to watch a movie or video on Youtube without subtitles in your language, it will be difficult for you to understand what the person is saying or what is said in the video. …

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Grief Guide: Understanding Death and Variations in the Grief Process Throughout Your Life. Using the matrix provided… Grief Guide: Understanding Death and Changes in the Grief Process Across the Lifespan. Using the matrix given below,…

Sura`s 11th Standard Computer Applications Volume

The 15 sample questions, hypothesis tests, and question review should include all the steps and answers needed for a full score. All answers should be reduced to the lowest terms possible… 15 questions on sampling, hypothesis testing and regression. All answers should be reduced to the lowest terms possible. Answer the following questions by presenting your work and explaining (or analyzing) your results. Submit your work as a Microsoft Word file. Choose a design style from the list below. Using your example, list 2 or 3 advantages and 2 or 3 disadvantages of using this method. (2 points) Simple Random Sampling Sampling Analysis Systematic Sampling Stratified Sampling Cluster Sampling The name of each student in the class is written on a separate card. Cards are placed in bags. Three names were selected from the bag. Describe what type of sampling was used and why. (2 points) A telephone company obtains an alphabetical list of names of homeowners in a city. They select 25 people from each list until they have a sample of 100 people. Then they call those 100 people to advertise their services. Does the sampling plan produce a random sample? What kind of samples? explain. (2 points) A company manager wants to survey employee satisfaction. One morning after the meeting, he addressed the 25 workers who attended. Does the sampling plan produce a random sample? What kind of samples? explain. (2 points) An education specialist is researching teaching methods and would like to meet with teachers in the school district. He selected 10 schools from the district and interviewed all the teachers in the selected schools. Does the sampling plan produce a random sample? What kind of samples? explain. (2 points) Select 51 sophomores, 42 juniors, and 55 seniors from classes of 516, 428, and 551 students. Find out what type of sample was used and explain why it was done that way. (2 points) You would like to know the attitude of the workplace towards the new policy in place. You have the money and support to connect up to 100 people. Choose a design method and discuss the following: Explain which example design method you will use and why. (2 points) Describe the population and sample groups. This includes everyone working in the company, special departments, full or part-time employees, etc. Will you include it? (2 points) Discuss researcher and participant bias. (2 points) A local newspaper wants to gather information about real estate sales in the area. Distributed 25,000 electronic documents to readers with real estate questions in the past 6 months. 3.2% of submissions were returned. The results showed that 92% had not sold their home in the past 6 months and 85% expected to incur a loss if they did. The authors hope to use these results to conclude that the housing market is shrinking and that we are headed for a recession. Explain sampling bias and error in this study. (2 points) Should the authors conclude from these data that the housing market is in decline? (2 points) Why or why? (2 points) The owner of the house installed carpet. Carrier offers 250 sq. m. He thinks it’s not just a carpeted area. To confirm his suspicions, he asked a second plumber to measure the area. Write down the null hypothesis Ho and the alternative hypothesis Ha. (2 points) The standard treatment for depression in graduate students is Drug A. Pfizer has a new drug, Drug B, that it thinks may be more effective. You have been hired to develop a test program. In your project presentation, you decide to explain the logic of statistical tests to the people who will work for you. Write down research ideas and hypotheses that don’t exist. (2 points) Next, create a table like the one below, showing the results that will produce Type I and Type II errors. (2 points) Write a paragraph describing which was the bigger mistake and why. (2 points) Each bottle of Cough Syrup for Kids should contain 6 oz of medication. However, each bottle may be different as filling machines are not always sensitive. The volumes of the bottles are normally distributed, σ = 0.3 oz. The quality assurance inspector measures 10 bottles and finds (in ounces): 5.95 6.10 5.98 6.01 6.25 5.85 5.91 6.05 5.88 5.91 The answer, per bottle. State the hypothesis you want to test. (2 points) Compute the test statistic. (2 points) Find the value of P. (2 points) What was the result? (2 points) Compute the Z-score for x = 20, μ = 17, and σ = 3.4. (2 points) Using a standard normal probability table, calculate the Z-score result from question 12. (2 points) Your employer claims wages are too low in today’s market. His hourly wage is $12 an hour. You do some research and find that the average wage in your area is $14 an hour with a standard deviation of 1.9. Calculate Z

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