Application For Learning English

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It may be surprising, but many large educational institutions in China have begun to teach English. For example, New Oriental Education and Technology Group, which is the largest education company in China, started teaching English in 1993. According to reports, the English language training market in China is expected to more than $80 billion in 2021-2025.

Application For Learning English

Application For Learning English

Technology has made it easier for people to participate in English lessons. There are many English language learning products on the market today that target different target groups, including young children, K-12 students, college students, and adults. However, it has been a difficult year for British teaching unions due to the double reduction policy.

Best English Learning Apps In India

In this article, we explore the most popular English learning apps in China and summarize their unique features to help you choose the right app. Click on a program in the table below to go to the related section.

To make the list easier to navigate, I’ve divided it into four broad sections. Click on a section to go to the related section:

Duolingo: You’ve probably heard of Duolingo. Or maybe you are a long time user. The company entered the Chinese market in 2019 and reached 10 million Chinese users. In July 2021, Duolingo went public with a valuation of $6 billion.

You can learn many languages ​​in Duolingo, including English, through a visual, gamified way that makes the app very interesting. While learning, users can get lots of tips from Duo, the fluffy green owl, Duolingo’s mascot.

Top 5 Free Mobile Apps For Learning English

Users can access all the learning content in the app for free, but with some ads, or they can pay to become an ad-free paid user, a source It is very valuable for the company.

Keke English: A mobile app that offers comprehensive English learning content from English books to TED talks. The application allows students to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing English. The app offers online courses and other resources for popular English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Lanren English: An app that offers a wide range of English learning content such as news podcasts, English movies and music, TED talks and books, and vocabulary for various English tests. You can practice English and get tests on the app.

Application For Learning English

Baicizhan: An English learning mobile app that helps you prepare for various English exams in China, including high school English, CET, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT. Learn words in a playful way with interesting examples. Baicizhan has more than 100 million mobile users.

Chat To Learn English Apk For Android

Shanbei Vocabulary: App containing English vocabulary for primary and secondary schools, universities, workplaces and study abroad. It creates a sense of context and solves the problem of blanking to help you learn words better and retain them for longer.

MOMO Vocabulary: English Vocabulary mobile application with various learning points. There are many vocabulary resources suitable for students from elementary school to the workplace.

Zhimi Vocabulary: A mobile app that helps users learn English words using various learning methods such as pictures, compounds, word roots, and prefixes and suffixes. Students can review their learning history data to design a personalized learning plan. Some online courses are offered within the app.

OpenLanguage is an English learning mobile app adapted from a very popular English podcast with 57 million listeners on the largest Chinese podcast platform. This free podcast is also included in the mobile app.

Of The Best Apps For Learning English

OpenLanguage is dedicated to helping adult users improve their English in their daily lives. There are more than 2000 courses at different levels, different topics and different styles. Each course includes lectures followed by exercises to help you learn English vocabulary and grammar.

In 2017, OpenLanguage has only 10 team members but more than 20,000 paying users and has over $10 million in revenue. The company was acquired by Bytens in March 2018 under its Dali Education brand.

Liulishuo is an English language learning app with 200 million registered users. Liulishuo went public on the Nasdaq in September 2018 and issued shares worth $71.9 million.

Application For Learning English

Like Open Language, Liulishuo’s main way to learn English is listening to conversations. Using speech recognition technology, Liulishuo can evaluate your speech and then provide you with an evaluation report. Therefore, Liulishuo markets itself as an AI-powered English language learning app.

Best Apps To Learn English For Kids

Liulishuo’s flagship product is Dongni English. First, your English level will be assessed through a test. The system will then recommend tutorials based on your current level.

Shanbei says: An app that helps you improve your English by playing, where the app evaluates your pronunciation.

Mofun English: Mobile app for learning English through video format. You can get useful feedback from the system in your language.

HelloTalk: Language learning community where you can chat with people from different countries. With the mobile app you can find partners who are interested in your language learning. You can practice vocabulary, listening and speaking through the app.

Grade One English Learning App

Yidian English: A mobile app that helps users practice English with short videos from TV series, movies, speeches, music videos and more. You can learn new words and practice listening and speaking in the app.

ITalki: A mobile app that connects students and teachers for online one-on-one lessons to learn over 100 languages.

Qupeiyin: A mobile app for learning English through movie dubbing. You can get useful feedback and guidance on your speech from the system.

Application For Learning English

Read Shanbei: An app that provides English readers with academic articles, business reports, magazines and books. It helps users to learn words and phrases.

The 6 Best Free Language Learning Apps Of 2023

Baicizhan Reading: An English reading practice program that lets you join reading groups to turn reading into a collaborative activity.

Read Liulishuo: An English learning program developed by Liulishuo. It provides translations of English language articles and digital books for paid users.

Mint Reading is an English reading mobile app developed by Baicizhan. There are many English reading resources, such as newspapers such as The Economist, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and popular movies such as Frozen, Zootopia and Spider-Man.

Cheese Pie: An English learning mobile app created by Baicizhan that focuses on speaking and listening. The mobile app converts English videos from movies and lectures into tutorials and provides exercises and explanations.

Best Android Apps For Learning Spanish

Shanbei Listen: A program with English resources such as lectures, songs, movies, documents, open courses, audio books and more. With these you can practice listening and speaking English.

Daily English Listening: A program that offers a lot of English listening including podcasts, radio, speeches, lectures, audio books, movies and music.

Qingting English: A program with a large number of English readers and listeners, including books, articles, magazines and news reports. The app allows users to practice English.

Application For Learning English

Kaomanfen, which means “get full marks in the exam” is an English learning website of TAL Education Group. It has TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and GMAT test preparation tools for Chinese students. They also announced mobile apps for each test, such as Kaomanfen TOEFL and Kaomanfen IELTS.

English Learning App

You can practice each part of the test including vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and writing. One of the biggest advantages is that the website offers test simulations that aim to simulate the actual test experience. You can learn from other students’ responses to writing and speaking exercises on the platform, a form of peer learning.

The site offers income from exam preparation fee classes and study abroad fee consulting services. For example, a small two-week course (12 students) to prepare for the GRE costs about ¥6,300 (US$1,000).

IELTS Bro is an English language learning app that focuses on IELTS preparation. Students can practice IELTS vocabulary, take “IELTS exercises” and share their test results on the app. It offers free and paid online courses to help students learn the skills they need to master each section of the IELTS. The app supports collaborative learning through learning communities. You can see real test questions presented by test takers in China. Learning a new language is difficult, but even better, the advancement of modern technology gives English learners the opportunity to use cheap and easy methods. The phone is the best friend of the people because it helps them to go every day. It’s perfect for email, fun and has a variety of features that make life easier. The phone can be a tool for learning because students have many applications to learn or for organizational support. The best apps for English learners are available on smartphones and can be used for classroom learning or self-study. If you are thinking of learning a new language,

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