Application Of Dead People Alive Again

Application Of Dead People Alive Again – We spoke with Daniela Marchantoni, a licensed makeup artist and make-up artist for the dead, about how she works to make the dead look a little lifeless.

If you have ever seen a funeral casket, Your loved one can wear makeup. Cremation is not strictly a makeup process, but many funeral homes offer cremation to families who want to look forward. However, without makeup, the corpses look a little lifeless. Daniela Marcintoni is one of the people who makes this serifactor for the dead, if you will. Marcantoni began practicing business while living there before becoming a licensed funeral director and embalmer. These two positions were trained in both the techniques required for this delicate technique, which he did for several years before recently leaving the funeral business. We contacted Daniela to discuss the implications and implications of the post-mortem application. Declaration

Application Of Dead People Alive Again

Application Of Dead People Alive Again

See the installation process. Warning: Contains graphic images of the dead How did you get involved in this industry and what drew you to it? Daniela Marchantoni: Forensic pathology is always involved. murderer, killing Psychopaths and serial killers who kill things like that. Funeral service weddings are different things of all these things; It is an art; It is a science; I am still learning about death. After completing my orders for a law degree, I went directly to the school of death. Spice is medicine for me. They like it because it is a very calming energy. I see many people who are very confused by the energy they are using. Obviously, most people are afraid of death, but a living person is more frightening than a dead person. The Rotram application is one that uses Sass; Is that right? Yes, I rarely hire a makeup artist. Most people who have been in funeral homes for a long time don’t know how to apply makeup, so there are people who have experience applying makeup, but it’s rare. In my experience, most California residents are doing everything they can to improve. Then all are dissected and a great funeral is held. When I started my internship, I did whatever I liked because it gave me the most fulfilling experience. Advertisement When people learn to eat, A key part of training is what to do. Have you learned much from your works? I am a freelance makeup artist and had a lot of experience before entering the funeral industry. In California, If you want to be a builder, you have to go to school and take the national board exam and the California exam. They don’t remember what was taught in school. I think the workshop might be custom or something; But I didn’t need it because of my many years of experience working with all kinds of people as a makeup artist. So I never tried. But this is very different from a live app.

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Are seasonal makeup benefits? Yes, I asked. [People] immediately started buying again. It just goes through and turns purple. It will take time. The color of the flatness is soft. It is really difficult to apply the paint to tissues without washing it off. Sometimes, if the family doesn’t trust the establishment or they can’t identify, they just want to do what’s called a quick “ID” idea. I have some makeup from my house. But always soft. He doesn’t care about color. I am not saying that the crop has regained its color. But there are red dyes that give a pink color. These colors are a bit alive and they are not “dead” if you will. It’s an easy base for makeup.

The skin color of new people changes after death. Do you have anything against it? This is called juice because it looks like an orange liquid. Like colored wine, less moisture. It really works. It’s too old. Nobody likes it. I like dark skin. This is called glow tint. I built a really thick body. But the real estate case is clear. People just put makeup on you—oh. It’s a mysterious make-up. Can you use it? – It’s always good because the color and everything already match. Leave it with us. So you can add to the collection. Sometimes we get really good stuff. Do you have humor for other weaknesses in your arsenal? The wines are designed for certain diseases in that region and the color is really intense. Or do you want “warm fluids” that are really powerful fluids for someone who is dehydrated? And you’ll get really dry ones. You can use these to enhance all of these fluids. Basically you cook your recipe based on what you know about that person. I’m sure you said it. By doing this you can look at someone for a long time and see how they react to the founder and say this person should do this. It only uses Advertisement Do you sometimes get requests from family that you can’t honor? Sometimes I get a picture of my mother from 1945; There are only 2000 Whatever you are, what can I do about this? That’s always the case. We cannot even do what is considered destruction. ok We can do it. We can’t Because technically, when you burn someone, you destroy them. Teeth cannot be removed. We can’t cut taxes or have tissues. You should not cut your hair. We must have clear, written instructions for hair removal; Because it is a fact that cannot be changed. However, if it is considered irreplaceable. You clearly believe you have orders from family – so right. I mean, you can’t imagine a bearded, rough-and-tumble dad or grandpa. They may have worn their faces the same way. That’s why I want to teach as much as possible. But there are some families that make us wonder if we have grandma’s teeth. It was… no. We can’t get rid of them. The defibrillators remain to be removed. wait Are you forced to remove the skin? So if someone has a tumor or something on their neck, they can’t cut it. We can hide it, but we can’t remove it. You can add but not remove. The only thing that can remove hair.

What kind of things can a good builder create? A lot is literally taught in our school to recreate someone’s face from scratch. We will do whatever the family asks. It is very difficult to destroy. This is not the result of an injury. The foundation is unstable. I never made a face, but we never had a chance to be where we should be. I’ve had multiple gunshot wounds because the upper half of my face is missing. Every art is different; Or he will tell the founder that there is some secret. As long as it is not considered waste, it can be used. In some states, criminals don’t return organs, so some people put them in newspapers. California is not allowed to do this. I don’t think anyone would, but it has happened before. Seasoning is both an art and a science. That’s great. What are some of the hardest or most difficult recovery cases you’ve worked on? This guy had a gunshot wound to the head and his family wanted a casket. I worked him and he was so soft you couldn’t tell. Not to toot my own horn; But it’s real. I was so happy that they had an open box. We have another story about an accident – I thought he was dead – three weeks later we fell in love with him. So at this point there are only parts. The family apparently wanted to put his body in a coffin.

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