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Application Works Are Usually Used For – Compute Engine is a scalable computing service that lets you create and run virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure. You can create a virtual machine (VM) that fits your needs. Prebuilt machine types are pre-built, ready-to-use configurations of virtual machines with a certain amount of vCPU and memory to get your applications up and running quickly. With custom machine types, you can create virtual machines with the optimal amount of CPU and memory for your workload. This allows you to adapt the infrastructure to your workload. If your needs change, you can use the stop/start feature to move your workload to a smaller or larger custom machine instance or to a predefined configuration.

Machine Types In Compute Engine, machine types are grouped and selected into families for different workloads. You can choose from general-purpose, memory-optimized, compute-optimized, and accelerator-optimized families. General purpose machines are used for everyday computing at the lowest cost and balanced price/performance in various VM forms. The most suitable ones here are web service, application service, back office applications, databases, caching, streaming media, microservices, virtual desktops, development environments. A memory-optimized machine is recommended for very memory-intensive workloads such as In-Memory Analytics and memory-intensive databases such as SAP HANA. , electronic design automation (EDA), gaming, video transcoding, single-threaded applications. Accelerator – Optimized machines are optimized for high-performance computing workloads such as machine learning (ML), massively parallel computing, and high-performance computing (HPC). How does it work? You can create a VM instance using a bootable disk image, a bootable disk snapshot, or a container image. The image can be a public operating system (OS) image or a custom one. Depending on where your users are located, you can define the zone where you want to create the virtual machine. By default, all Internet traffic is blocked by the firewall, and you can enable HTTP traffic(es) if needed. Use snapshot schedules (hourly, daily, or weekly) as a best practice to back up Compute Engine workloads. Compute Engine offers live migration by default, so your virtual machine instances keep running even when software or hardware is updated. Your running instances are migrated to another host in the same zone instead of having to restart the virtual machines. Availability Compute Engine High Availability (HA) provides automatic failover to other regions or zones in case of failure. Managed Instance Groups (MIGs) help ensure instance performance by automatically replicating instances from a predefined image. They also provide self-healing health checks based on usage. If an application becomes unresponsive in a virtual machine, the autohealer automatically creates that virtual machine for you. Regional MIGs allow you to distribute the application load across multiple zones. This replication protects against zone failures. MIG works with load balancing services to distribute traffic across all instances in the cluster. Compute Engine provides autoscaling to automatically add or remove VM instances from a pool of managed instances based on increases or decreases in load. Auto-scaling allows your applications to gracefully handle increased traffic and also reduce costs when resource demands are lower. Define an autoscaling policy based on measured load, CPU usage, requests per second, or other metrics. Active Assist’s new feature, Predictive Auto Scaling, helps improve the response time of your applications. When you enable Predictive Auto Scaling, Compute Engine predicts future load based on the history of your Managed Instance Group (MIG) and scales ahead of expected load , so instances are ready to use when they arrive loaded. Without predictive autoscaling, the autoscaler can only scale a pool reactively based on observed load changes in real time. When predictive autoscaling is enabled, the autoscaler works with real-time data and historical data to capture current and projected load. This makes predictive autoscaling ideal for applications that have long initialization times and whose workloads vary predictably based on a daily or weekly cycle. For more information, see How responsive autoscaling works or see if adaptive autoscaling is right for your workload, and to learn more about other smart features, see Active support. Price Pay for what you use. But you can save costs with some discounts! Substantial usage savings are automatic discounts that apply to usage for a significant portion of the month. If you know your usage ahead of time, you can take advantage of special usage discounts that can result in significant savings without the upfront cost. And you can save up to 80% with preemptive ephemeral instances, perfect for batch jobs and fault-tolerant workloads. You can also optimize resource usage with automatic suggestions. For example, if you use a larger instance for workloads that can be run on a smaller instance, you can save costs by applying these tips. Security Compute Engine provides default hardware security. With Identity and Access Management (IAM), you just need to ensure that the appropriate permissions are granted to control access to your VM resources. All other basic security principles apply, if the resources are unrelated and do not need network communication with each other, consider hosting in different VPC networks. By default, project users can create persistent drives or copy images using any public image or images that project members can access with IAM roles. You may want to limit your project members to creating only bootable disks from images that contain approved software that meets your policy or security requirements. You can define an organizational policy to allow the creation of only Compute Engine virtual machines from approved images. This can be done by using the trusted images policy to enforce which images can be used in your organization. By default, all VM families are protected virtual machines. Protected virtual machines are virtual machine instances that have been hardened with an easy-to-configure set of security features to ensure that the virtual machine runs a verified bootloader and kernel when it starts—the default setting for all Compute Engine users at no cost additional. For more information about protected virtual machines, see the documentation here. For added security, you can also use a private virtual machine to encrypt your data in use while it’s being processed by Compute Engine. For more information about the confidential virtual machine, see the documentation here. Use Cases There are many use cases that Compute Engine can serve in addition to running websites and databases. You can also migrate your existing systems to Google using Migrate for Compute Engine, allowing you to run peak workloads in minutes instead of days or weeks. For Windows, Oracle or VMware applications, there are solutions that ensure a smooth transition to Google. To run Windows applications, license using single-tenant nodes or use the included licensed images. Conclusion Whatever the application use case, from legacy enterprise applications to on-premises digital applications, Compute Engine families will be good for it. For more in-depth information about Compute Engine, see the documentation.

Application Works Are Usually Used For

Application Works Are Usually Used For

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