Applications Monitored By Ojk

Applications Monitored By Ojk – JAKARTA – Stock investments are more and more popular among the public, especially since there is an online stock application that can be used for stock investment and trading. Among many apps, try to use the trusted OJK trading app.

Choosing a stock app should not be careless in case of fake ads and fake investments. He submitted a recommendation to the website for a trading application that is officially registered and licensed by OJK (Financial Services Authority).

Applications Monitored By Ojk

Applications Monitored By Ojk

With this app you can invest in stocks, mutual funds and so on. The way of registration is also simple as it can be done online through the application. The registration process takes only 5 minutes, there is no need to use any agent or intermediary.

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This application has a user-friendly interface that makes it suitable for use by both beginners and professional traders. Moreover, Magic also offers various useful features, such as Magic Alerts, competitive leaderboards, new highlights and so on.

Magic is highly recommended because broker commission is 50% lighter than similar apps. You will be charged 0.10% and 0.08% (depending on the nominal transaction) for buying and selling shares. This rate does not include VAT rates, VAT or taxes.

Next is ForexTime FXTM, an OJK trading application that you can use to buy and sell stocks and other types of investments. With this app you can trade Forex automatically.

ForexTime FXTM is used in 180 countries, so there is no doubt about its credibility. ForexTime FXTM is designed to be used by everyone, without exception. Beginners and professional investors alike can benefit from this app.

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Of course, the user interface of ForexTime FXTM will be easy to understand for beginners and will not be confusing at all. For example, the increase, which is displayed according to the source of knowledge and experience of each user, which is certainly different.

There are many other features of ForexTime FXTM that allow you to trade quickly, in milliseconds. One of the most important is knowing the overview and comments of the market research team about the company in each session.

This local trading app is perfect for learning to trade. This app is designed in such a way that even beginners and professionals can use it to its full potential.

Applications Monitored By Ojk

Although it is local, Agrodana Futures is nothing but a global trading application that is important to be registered, licensed and well monitored by the OJK. So you won’t fall for fake investments and scams.

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One of the advantages of using this application is the availability of easy-to-understand technical and basic services. In addition, there is a menu that displays various things, such as the economic calendar, economic data, educational materials, real-time prices, etc.

OJK’s trusted trading application that you can use next is Hanson Forex Investing. This app is already available for Android, iOS, PC. You can download Hanson Forex Investing depending on the operating system you are using.

Hanson Forex Investing was founded in 2018 and is used by many traders for quick and easy stock trading.

This application not only has comprehensive trading functions, but is also equipped with news information, convenient for traders who do not want to miss important news.

Application Managed Services

Some important features of Hanson Forex investing that you can maximize are open positions, stop loss and take profit. Of course, this application refers to the need for a trading application that is fast and easy to use, of course it is registered with the OJK.

This app is actually suitable for potential new traders who want to test their mettle in the trading sector. Why? HSB Trader is designed with a user interface that makes it easy for users to, for example, monitor market movements from time to time.

Moreover, you can also learn about trading analysis techniques, especially basic or fundamental techniques. It is suitable for beginners who have just started their career as a trader. With the right technique, it is not impossible to become a successful trader in the future.

Applications Monitored By Ojk

It also includes informative articles covering trading tips and tricks. Are you interested in using HSB Trader for your trading business?

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Finally, there’s Interceptor Trading, a trading app that lets you quickly find the best stocks. So you can buy it immediately and then sell it when the stock price goes up a lot.

Initially, this app could only be accessed via PC, but now it can work well on Android and iPhone. Even with a more minimalist screen, you can still easily follow the action of stocks on Inceptor Trading.

Interceptor Trading also has cloud support, you can use it to access analytics, trading data, price alerts. There are already built-in trading tools, ranging from trading simulators, economic calendars, intelligence reports and more.

Finally, there is MotionTrade, which is under the umbrella of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk. In order to create an account and perform trading activities on this application, you need to make an initial deposit of IDR 100,000.

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There will be a fee of 0.18% when you buy shares and 0.28% when you sell shares. Don’t worry, you can register with MotionTrade online, without having to show up in person.

Use a safe trading app to make money and don’t fall for fake trading investments. The apps mentioned above are very popular, but beginners can still use them easily.

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Applications Monitored By Ojk

The Ministry of Industry is helping 6 manufacturers in the digital electronics sector in Hong Kong, this is the goal

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When White Shoes & The Couples Company perform old songs in the series Irama: One Decade Of Irama Nusantara JAKARTA – The Investment Warning Task Force (SVI) of the Financial Services Authority continued its efforts to eliminate illegal online lending (pijol) by closing down 116 non-profit entities of legality .

Head of the Investment Alert Task Force, Tongam L. Tobing said his party will continue to monitor to shut down illegal loan applications and websites that are still operating.

“Illegal pins found in this cyber patrol continue to operate on the Internet and in mobile telecommunication network applications (WhatsApp),” he said in a statement quoted on Thursday, November 4.

According to Tongam, in addition to blocking operations through the Ministry of Communications and Information, his party also submitted a list of illegal loans to the police for legal action.

Advanced Managed Detection And Response Services

Tongam said that if EVERYONE supports the strong action of the Indonesian police, who have arrested numerous illegal moneylenders in various areas, because without arresting the perpetrators, illegal lending operations will always appear by changing names or creating new applications.

“Strong action must continue to be taken against those who commit this illegal crime in order to protect the community,” he said.

He also supported the statement of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD, who said that the operation’s illegal loan agreement was declared invalid and did not meet the requirements of a valid agreement.

Applications Monitored By Ojk

“For this reason, if people have become victims of illegal loans and receive threats and terror of violence, they are urged to report them to the police immediately,” he said.

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For your information, from 2018 to October 2021, the Investment Whistleblowing Task Force closed as many as 3,631 illegal loans that disturbed public opinion.

In addition to illegal lending activities, SVI also took measures against seven companies suspected of carrying out financial activities without the permission of the authorities. Meanwhile, the seven entities comprise six forex, cryptocurrency and trading robots, as well as investment management businesses.

“If a suspicious investment offer is found, the public can consult or report to OJK Consumer Service 157,” Tongam concluded.

Artificial intelligence automatically generates English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and French versions. So there may still be some translation errors, please always consider Indonesian as our main language. (system supported by

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The Ministry of Industry is helping 6 manufacturers in the digital electronics sector in Hong Kong, this is the goal

When White Shoes & The Couples Company perform old songs in the series Irama: One Decade Of Irama Nusantara Fadhil is a resident of Jakarta who first heard about Tanijo when he saw an ad on Instagram in 2019. The company introduced itself as peer-to-peer. a lending platform for agricultural projects, where lenders could choose to invest in dozens of ventures in Indonesia and profit after harvest.

“The application was convincing. Each project was described in detail, including the profile of the farmer group. Each project promised a profit of 5% to 13% in six to eight months,” said Fadhil.

Applications Monitored By Ojk

. Given the high interest rate offered by the platform, Fadhil felt that investing through the app would be a smarter move than a traditional bank deposit, which offers an interest rate of between 2.85% and 3% per annum.

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