Applications Used By Koreans

Applications Used By Koreans – In the previous section, we listed the most used apps in 14 categories. For those who might be overwhelmed by the amount and the Korean language, we’ve compiled a must-have app.

In this section, we have selected 16 must-download Korean apps that you will end up downloading while in Korea. Here, we won’t just list them, but give you detailed information on how to use and what each app is about. Check out the chart below and see what you’re missing!

Applications Used By Koreans

Applications Used By Koreans

Naver Map works in the same way as Google Map, but with accurate Korean data and information. If you are familiar with Google, you will have no problem using Naver map. Here’s what the interface looks like and how it works.

Apps That Monitor Kids’ Smartphone Use Popular In South Korea

Think of Kakao subway and bus as the “Citymapper” in Korea, everyone who uses public transportation uses this app here. Below is the interface and details on how to use it.

Traveling by taxi is not the best choice in Korea in general due to common scams such as detours, delayed journeys for short distances and often rude to passengers. To reduce this type of fraud, people prefer to use Kakao Taxi, its service is similar to Uber, but it is operated only by taxis. Uber, Lyft or any other type of car sharing platform is not allowed in Korea due to legal disputes.

As mentioned in the previous section, for traveling and finding good hotels, we use the same apps as others in the world. But here, we have special programs for certain types of accommodation such as motels or motels that look like hotels. People usually only occupy the rooms for a few hours, 4-5 hours at most.

Yanolja is the leader in motel booking. Although it doesn’t have an English version, you can use it just by knowing simple Korean words or phrases.

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For Yeogiotte, this is the second motel booking app and it has an English version. Since these two apps are almost the same, you only need to learn one of them to understand how it works. Here, we take Yanolja as a reference.

The most used food apps in Korea are delivery apps. There is hardly anyone who does not have a messaging app on their mobile phone these days. Fees are affordable, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 won ($0.8-1.7 USD) per delivery. Uber Eats is not widely used here, but the local apps listed below are often used.

The app that has the highest market share literally taking over 70% is ‘Baemin’ and the second is ‘Yogiyo’ if you know Hero Delivery that’s the name of that app.

Applications Used By Koreans

Here, we take “Baemin” as a reference, although it only has a Korean version, the UX/UI is very simple, you will get used to it soon!

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Korean is very different from other languages. The unique alphabet makes non-Koreans confused and lost if they don’t know it. Many locals speak English here, but if you go to the suburbs, you probably won’t find much. Sooner or later you will need a translator.

However, Google Translate is not the best choice. It often does not translate the sentences correctly, misleading the media and leading to even deeper confusion. It is better to use a local translator called “Papago”, developed by Korean Google, “Naver”. At least when it comes to Korean translations, Papago is always right.

The app has four different ways to translate; Just type words, speak, speak and translate the captured notes. See below how each works and in what order.

Koreans no longer immediately search for rentals or properties on the site, check the sites and application requirements and contact the real estate agent. That way you know what you’re looking for ahead of time and in good time, you’re not sure. You need to check out properties or rentals that don’t meet your standards.

The 7 Best Apps For Your Korea Travel In 2022

Although there is a possible risk of photo fraud, I have listed ways to avoid it, see Blow, here, I took Dabang as a reference, because the two apps are the same, knowing that one of them can help you. use both.

It has become a habit of many Koreans who don’t bother to carry not only cash but also wallets, wallets have become accessories instead of practical use. Smartphones have become very important and also play a role in the wallet. Check out the app that made this possible

“Tos” is known as a pioneer in making account transfers convenient. Before people had to go into their banking app and check it all the time or have to go to an ATM to withdraw money, which also involves fees depending on the bank you send it to. But Toss has made all this unnecessary, you only need to verify once when you register your card for the first time and then you just need to enter your password or fingerprint. when you need to make a transfer, where can you get 10 free transfers . each month. They also allow you to collect all your bank details when you check out.

Applications Used By Koreans

Now, let’s see how it works. Here, we only focus on how to send money and monitor your cash flow.

Top Apps In South Korea For Q1 2019 By Downloads

It’s also widely used because it’s connected to Kakao Talk, the Korean What’s app, which makes it especially convenient when transferring cash between accounts and connecting to all kinds of apps and websites.

It is only available for Samsung Galaxy users, like Apple Pay, we have Samsung Pay. While Apple Pay doesn’t have many associated stores, Samsung Pay is widely accepted almost everywhere. This is one of the reasons why people don’t carry their wallets. If you are one of the Galaxy users, why not try it, it’s a new level of convenience!

For something to be successful in Korea, it has to be fast and convenient, that’s what e-commerce is all about. While we have many e-commerce sites, there is one app that people rely on the most. Needless to say, life can be divided into two periods, life before “Kupang” and “after Kupang”. “Kupang” gave us a lot of comfort.

When you buy something from the “Rocket” section, the package will arrive the next day. Let’s say you buy ramen at 11:59 PM, it still arrives the next day. Also for the new food, if you order before 11pm, your package will arrive before 7. It’s crazy, some people are addicted. If you subscribe to “Rocket” for 2,900 won ($2.4) per month, you’ll get unlimited access to free shipping. If you’re interested, check out the details on how it works!

Learning Korean? Here Are 5 Apps I Use

When there is What’s App in all parts of the world, here we have Kakao Talk. Everyone has cocoa, it has become part of our life. If you plan to stay in Korea for a while, downloading the app is a must.

You can add friends with your friend’s Kakao ID, QR code, or phone number. In addition, you can create a room to chat with your friends, and you can also join a chat room, which allows you to to communicate with a group of people who share the same interests of any kind, because they are completely very low profile. Friends cannot see your profile or add you as a member and vice versa.

In addition, Kakao Talk allows you to buy and send gifts through the app. Since it is connected to Kakao Pay, you can also send money to banks or other accounts and make payments. However, these tasks can be simplified if you have a Korean bank account and phone number, otherwise you may have to settle for basic tasks.

Applications Used By Koreans

Another thing, emoticons based on cute characters also attract people, they even have online and offline stores for them. Take advantage of this app!

What Are The Most Popular South Korean Music Apps?

No matter where you speak Korean or not, now you have a complete idea of ​​how to use these 16 local Korean apps! One thing to note is that apart from the navigation app, apart from Kakao Taxi, you need a Korean mobile phone number to verify. Also, if any of these programs are related to bank account or card registration, they must be in Korean.

Thanks for reading this article and leave a comment if you have any questions. For more updates or tips about living in Korea, be sure to follow our ADAPKO or Facebook channel. We will regularly provide useful information and articles.

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