Bank Permata Application

Bank Permata Application – In 2022, Permata Bank launched a new campaign called #SemuaMakinBisa, which aims to simplify banking for all generations through PermataMobile X.

Many Permata Bank account holders receive their salaries through the bank, prompting them to install the PermataMobile X app on their smartphones. However, a large number of these users transfer their money to other bank accounts after receiving their salary, mostly using a different mobile banking app for transactions. see the daily.

Bank Permata Application

Bank Permata Application

Using my experience as a UI / UX designer and user of PermataMobile-X, I see an opportunity to improve the performance of the app, which will not only increase user performance but will also help Permata Bank to save its market.

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Scope: In-depth user research interviews, interpreting research findings, user flows, relevant downstream and upstream communications, prototyping and usability testing.

In this example, I use design thinking to approach the user. This user-centered approach helps identify their problems and needs, which are then incorporated into product design.

The first step is to talk to the customer. This means understanding the problems they face, the problems they face when using the program, and what it takes to solve those problems successfully. To achieve this, I conducted user research through various methods such as interviews, usability testing and surveys.

PermataMobile X app has been downloaded by more than 1 million users with 3+ ratings on Google Play. To understand areas for improvement, I analyzed user feedback to reveal common issues.

Upkkn Uns Build Collaboration With Bank Permata

Through user research, I aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the user experience of PermataMobile X. It is necessary to explain the following.

I conducted a consumer survey with 6 participants to gather more data and gain insight into consumer preferences.

In order to have a deeper understanding, I interviewed the participants face to face. During these interviews, I asked them to accompany me in their daily activities on the PermataMobile X app and share their problems.

Bank Permata Application

After learning about the challenges faced by the users, I conducted an intensive analysis to identify the usability weaknesses and potential design issues of the PermataMobile-X device. These findings are categorized by level of severity, with Level 3 indicating the most serious problems and Level 1 indicating the least serious problems.

Perbarui Aplikasi Mobile Banking, Bank Permata Targetkan Jumlah Pengguna Naik 30 Persen

I analyzed data and information gathered from surveys and heuristics to identify the most important customer concerns. Using a technique called proximity clustering, I grouped these findings based on their similarity. This process helped me find common themes, scope of user needs, and identify key problems to solve.

Based on my research, I created user personas to represent the target audience for the PermataMobile X app. This persona describes the customer’s characteristics, preferences and needs. It also highlights the problems faced while using the app.

This view helps identify how users interact with the product, pain points, opportunities for improvement, and areas to improve the overall user experience.

Based on the results of the data analysis, 3 main points need to be addressed.

Permata Bank Dukung Wanita Tampil Menarik Melalui

Then I create ideas as solutions to problems. What follows is a solution concept to be developed based on research and recommendations.

My research has shown many objections to the design of the PermataMobile app. These are design options that are often avoided in mobile banking because they can confuse and mislead users. To find the best solution, I reviewed popular mobile banking apps known for their user-friendly interface.

The clear layout of maps and sections as well as a stable navigation bar ensure that users flow smoothly and easily access the desired features in the app.

Bank Permata Application

The data structure of the PermataMobile X application is currently facing problems due to its complexity. Users may feel confused while using the app, which may be caused by hidden options and duplicate functions. To solve this, I propose a reorganization of the information architecture aimed at creating a clear and easy user flow.

Mangkir Di Meja Hijau Terkait Kasus Bbg, Bank Permata Dinilai Tak Hargai Proses Hukum

To highlight the biggest surfing challenges, I ranked the most problematic situations for users. This includes making bank transfers and checking transaction history.

People love to use their phones to bank! Since many users have accounts with different banks, it is important to make the app easy to use and intuitive. A sleek design keeps people coming back and helps keep the app popular and reaching its full potential.

This project helped me ask the right questions to understand what the customer needs. It also shows how important careful preparation is when designing experiments. To get good results we need to have specific steps and the right tools.

This is an initial idea, but I hope it provides valuable insight and inspiration for anyone interested in mobile banking app design.

Permatabank Records A Growth 28.4% Of Its Net Profit In 2023

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, including constructive criticism. Please visit my pages and leave your comments. In fact, the menu is very small, you have to go to the ATM or contact the merchant directly. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, we now pay different types of bills and make financial transactions with one hand.

At this time, there were many banks in Indonesia, including Bank Permata. Review of Berikut Selengkapnya:

Ketika kita berbikara menengei produk lyanan, hal yan wajib kita payatiya adalah fitur-fitur yan desediakan oleh lyanan tercebut. It is about developing technology designed to meet the needs of each customer, so you can manage and transfer data only. Here is a full review of the features available in Parmata

Bank Permata Application

The bank offers you the tools to transfer between users of the Internet, Bank of Parmata, to transfer to the network of members of ALTO, ATM Bersama and Prima, as well as to transfer to another bank with the LLG or RTGS system .

How To Purchase Using Virtual Account Atm Transfer

Tak perlu kawatir saath anda fell of pulsa, pitak bank permata telah compila permata mobile internet dengan fitur service ic ulang pulsa, bike untak pulsa prabayar, saldo go-pay dan saldo grab pay.

. In this list of services, you can find various types of information such as credit card usage and payment notifications.

Seline service yang telah keelah de atas, anda juga bisa menses service administration permata mobile banking. Mulai Dari Meruba

It has worked with Parmata Bank online payment system, electricity and air, credit cards and many more.

Permatabank’s Salimin: “banks Were Pushed Over The Technology Edge”

Banking Services Playstore and App Store. Next, all you need to do is register as a Parmata user

Adalah pembangunan anda untuk menarikan dana d atm bank permata tanpa perlu menggunakan kartu. Naman sebelum sebelum mengiti fitur ini, pasiktan and telah mektifkan permatamobile sms. Tercebut hall because it keeps coming out of your area so far we can get sms token message. I tried to redesign the UI of the mobile banking app of Bank Permata, one of the leading banks in Indonesia. The app is called PermataMobile X and I think it has limitations based on reviews that affect the experience of some users. Based on the App Store, PermataMobile X with version 1.17.2 on the iOS platform has an impressive score of 3.6/5 at the time of publication.

2. I think this home page is one of the most important things. On the home page of the app, the user rating is very visible on the home page, which is annoying for some. The reason for this is privacy and you don’t need to be shown on the main page.

Bank Permata Application

3. Next, in the PermataMobile X app, set the menu screen to slide mode, place the circle at the bottom as the slide mode indicator. Such a screen makes it difficult for the user to navigate to the list he wants, as the user has to move the slide until he finds the list he wants. Presentations on a slide-type screen are often clickable against a specific slide, but this tool may not create an unpleasant user experience. I tried to reorganize how I think the menu should be presented in the PermataMobile X device, which will keep all the menus on one page so that the user can see the list of this device and make it easier for the user to choose the menu. You need

Elite Plus Magazine

4. Placing the QR payment outside the main menu is not a good option as it is very dangerous from a security point of view. I tried to create a navigation bar at the bottom of the app and one of the options is QR payment.

5. So how can users see their balance? Relax, I tried to make a menu screen with information about this, this type of menu is completely visible with information such as card balance, account number and label “copy”. It makes it easy if the user wants to copy the card number. Then there is another panel with information about transaction history. This panel has two dropdowns that enable users to view transactions from a specific date.

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