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Barcode Scan Application Entry Mall – Hong Kong is reducing its diversity for incoming travelers – with shopping. It imports the Ubiquitous Code Health app from China

A LeaveHomeSafe QR code is displayed on a storefront on July 15, 2022 in Hong Kong, China.

Barcode Scan Application Entry Mall

Barcode Scan Application Entry Mall

On Monday, the Hong Kong government announced it would reduce the quarantine period in hotels from seven to three days for travelers entering the city starting Friday, the closest the city will come to opening its borders since the beginning of this disease. But as authorities eased some of the city’s strict COVID requirements, they introduced a new one: Hong Kong will issue Chinese-style medical kits to track potentially positive cases and the movement of people with serious illnesses. of COVID.

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Hong Kong’s new app is an update to an existing mobile vaccination certificate called LeaveHomeSafe, which is widely used in Hong Kong because people need it to eat at restaurants, enter at work and went to the cinema. The new app will use red, amber and blue codes – similar to China’s red, yellow, green system – which indicate people’s COVID risk for spreading the virus, blue indicates the lowest risk.

All travelers entering Hong Kong must visit a hotel for three days to undergo multiple PCR tests and rapid antigen tests every day. After checking out of the hotel, travelers will enter a four-day health check, in which their LeaveHomeSafe code will be amber. Code Amber prevents employees from entering bars and restaurants, but allows them to go to certain places such as offices.

Anyone in Hong Kong who tests positive for COVID will receive a red code and will be banned from almost everywhere except their home. In some cases, patients are sent to government-run facilities until they test negative.

“These new developments help us to see that we have risks affecting some people,” Sun Dong, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry said at a press conference on Monday.

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But some Hong Kong residents have been concerned that the government would use such tools to promote digital surveillance and track people’s daily movements. Hong Kongers need to look across the border to China to see what kind of usage there is.

The president’s color-coded mobile phone tracking system has become one of the government’s tools to support its zero-covid policy that does not allow the spread of the virus. Almost every Chinese citizen should download the Health Code app on their phone. The app contains their COVID health records, and people will use the app to scan a QR code to enter public areas. People can be coded yellow or red if they are in the same neighborhood as a found or suspected object, preventing them from entering the restaurant, to public transport or going to public places until they have completed one or more PCR tests.

The widespread use of this tool in mainland China has made the tool ripe for contamination. In late May, thousands of bank depositors in central China’s Henan province protested against local banks refusing to refund their deposits. The authorities turned the code of more than 1,300 protests red, making it almost impossible for protesters to ride public transport or walk around the city. The Chinese central government later fined five operators for violating the system.

Barcode Scan Application Entry Mall

At a press conference on Monday, Sun tried to convince the public that the Hong Kong authorities are not abusing their power and are handling people’s data fairly. “I assure you that you can use the device without any problems,” he said.

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Hong Kong is one of the last places in the world to implement hotel quarantine for incoming travelers. The travel ban has crippled the country’s economy and often angered local traders, whose leaders complain that it is almost impossible to host meetings or clients. in one transaction. It has been very slow since January when arriving passengers must go through 21 days of hotel restrictions.

Still, foreign investors do not believe the country’s new laws will increase business or leisure travel.

David Graham, president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, said, “It is unlikely to benefit the big business and tourism that wants to lift the controls.”

Hong Kong appears to be following China’s zero-covid-19 policy with a new health code system, as it slowly seeks to revive its economy. But the country can’t see the health benefits of zero COVID-Hong Kong recorded 3,807 cases on Monday, nearly five times the country’s total – or the practical benefits of reviving its economy as it pursues targets both at the same time.

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“To get Hong Kong back on the map for overseas actors, they need to be able to come and go like almost anywhere else – that is, without discrimination, immigration or immigration. is the concern of sending it separately can be central If they need a COVID agreement while they are here,” Johannes Hack, president of the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, told Bloomberg. Precisely. The first is the QR code, which is a small black and white space spread across the country as part of Saeentry’s contact tracing process in April and May.

Under SafeEntry, anyone entering public places – hotels, shops, supermarkets – must scan a code and register using their name, ID or passport number and phone number. If someone tests positive for Covid-19, contact tracing is used to trace people who may have been infected.

There is also TraceTogether, an app released in March 2020. It uses Bluetooth to ping nearby contacts; When two workers are in close proximity, their sales tools are hidden and the Ministry of Health’s hidden user identity can be compromised if someone tests positive for Covid-19.

Barcode Scan Application Entry Mall

For those who can’t or don’t want to use a smartphone app, the government also offers TraceTogether tokens, small digital fobs that serve the same purpose. And while TraceTogether is currently voluntary, the government has announced that it will combine the two systems, making it mandatory to download the app or collect signals.

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When these two measures were introduced, there was no chance for the public to discuss the fear: they were considered necessary to fight the disease, and the Singaporean government took action in a high-level way. But he tried to allay fears by repeatedly assuring Singaporeans that data collected with such technology would be used.

Earlier this month, it turned out that what the government said was a lie. The Home Office confirmed that the police could access the data for criminal investigations; A day after the authorization, the minister revealed that such data had already been used in a murder investigation. It quickly became clear that, despite what ministers had said earlier, Singapore law meant it was possible for law enforcement to use TraceTogether data anywhere.

The revelations sparked outrage and public criticism, not because Singaporeans like privacy – indeed, state investigations are being organized in the country – but because people feel they have been ostracized. ‘sleep and change. Many people had reservations about TraceTogether when it first launched, and only started using it in numbers after the government announced it would soon become law. (According to Kocher of the Task Force on Covid-19, nearly 80% of Singaporeans have taken TraceT together.)

The government has announced it will introduce new laws to prevent law enforcement from using contact tracing data on seven specific types of crime, including terrorism, murder, kidnapping and the most serious drug-trafficking cases. (The MIT Technology Review’s Covid Tracing Tracker, which tracks policies around exposure devices worldwide, has been updated to reflect the change.)

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The Smart Nation and Digital Governance Office said in a statement, “We admit our mistake in not saying that TraceTogether’s data is not exempt from the Criminal Procedure Code. The new law, he said, “will specify that the personal data collected With digital contact tracing. solutions … can be used only for the specific purpose of contacting contacts, unless there is a clear and urgent need for data for criminal investigations of serious investigations. Using research.

There is no timeline for when the proposed legislation will be brought before parliament, and details are scarce.

“In Singapore, where the law gives actors deep and legislative powers, I think any consent to accountability and detention is acceptable,” said digital rights activist Lee Yi Ting. – said. “But it remains to be seen whether the bill has a significant impact on the proposed limitations. For example, if the actors reject the law, which investigative bodies will come in, and what will -results for state actors?

Barcode Scan Application Entry Mall

Some doubt how useful such data can be

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