Best Front Camera Application

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Best selfie camera phone in 2023: S23 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, OnePlus 11

Best Front Camera Application

Best Front Camera Application

Let’s compare the four most popular flagship phones in 2023 to find out whether you like them or not, but selfie cameras have become more important than just random fun selfies to share with friends and family via video conferencing. , or who knows what else. In other words, selfies aren’t going anywhere!

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So, which phone is better for taking selfies? First, here’s a quick overview of the key camera specs we’ve covered…

We used to have phones with two selfie cameras, but lately phone manufacturers are just using a wider, cropped camera to give you a close-up when it’s just you.

S23 Ultra iPhone 14 Pro Pixel 7 Pro OnePlus 11 S23 Ultra iPhone 14 Pro Pixel 7 Pro OnePlus 11

Of course, when you take selfies with friends and family, or “groofy” as some may call it, you need a wider camera to make it easier to accommodate more people. The Google Pixel 7 Pro has a noticeably wider field of view than other phones. It doesn’t matter if you only have two or three people, but when you’re photographing a large group, as shown below, the Pixel clearly performs better.

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In the Pixel shots, you’ll notice darker exposure and a few issues that pop up in different scenarios, like muddled skin tones in the last shot.

In fact, when it comes to skin tones, we have to mention the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which seems to be more consistent than other phones.

In the photos above, all four phones handle dynamic range very well, as you can see the blue color of the sky in the background, which would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Best Front Camera Application

However, the darker exposure in the pixelated shots, especially the first one, stands out really badly. Another phone that we also think has done its job below par is the iPhone, which captured the very ghostly color of my skin in the first shot.

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Overall, we think the Galaxy and OnePlus do better with pleasing skin tones, dynamic range, exposure and overall colors.

In the second series of daytime selfies, the differences are not so great. The Pixel is again darker than the rest, but not so harsh, and in this series you can notice the excessive processing in OnePlus that raises the skin tones a little unnaturally. For us, this time the iPhone justifies itself and is very close to the Galaxy.

In low light, we see big differences in selfie quality. The iPhone and especially the Pixel fail spectacularly with skin tones. And again in the second shot we see a very strange and unnatural skin color on the iPhone, while the Pixel made my ghost in the face, and the Galaxy seems to have the most natural shot .

In this second set of photos, the iPhone and Pixel aren’t as bad as the first, but the iPhone in particular has white balance issues in the first shot, and looks too dark in the second, and it’s Galaxy again. which stands out for the best selfie quality.

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Images of iPhone 11 Pro vs 15 Pro and Note10+ vs S23 Ultra show company sleeping on design. He received two Gold Telly Awards for his video series Beta Test. Prior to her career at , she was a magazine editor, radio announcer and DJ. Lexi lives in San Francisco.

Editors, including yours truly, spend a lot of time comparing the flagship cameras on flagship phones like the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Because of this, selfie cameras often get second billing despite being used almost as much as rear cameras. So I wanted to know which smartphone takes the best selfies out of the four best phones: iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Google Pixel 4 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

Best Front Camera Application

To test what each front camera is capable of, I took selfies in different categories: indoor and outdoor, low light, studio light, and flash. It’s a little different from our usual camera comparisons where we post photos and tag each one with the corresponding phone. Instead, you will only see the photos in this article and in the video, numbered from 1 to 4, so you can compare the results without knowing which image is from which device.

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As with any camera comparison, the screen you are viewing the images on will make a difference, and please note that these images are slightly compressed when uploaded, which may affect image quality. Personal preference also plays the biggest role in deciding who you like best, especially if you’re looking at your photos!

All photos taken in this comparison were taken with beauty modes or filters off. For a more complete analysis and to see all the photos and videos I took, see the video uploaded on this page. Alternatively, read the shortened version of my analysis.

Here is a setup shot to show the differences in framing because every phone has a slightly different field of view than a selfie lens.

In general, in this scenario, all phones take photos with good exposure and good colors. I like the look of phone 1 the most, it’s nice and clear. As you can see, the phone 3 is immediately wider than any other, so it includes more of the bottom in the frame. To get the same perspective as on other phones, I had to bring the phone closer to my face for later shots. That said, my face looked a bit more distorted when taking handheld selfies because of the wider lens.

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This is another photo taken with the self-timer on a tripod under outdoor lighting to see how each phone renders color. I prefer the phone 2 and 4 shots in general because they are nicer. The wider lens of the phone 3 shows a little flare because it captures a wider perspective.

In this photo above with flat outdoor lighting, you can see how each phone maintains detail and dynamic range, especially in the area behind my head where the sky meets the building. Some phones capture architectural details well, while others miss the highlights. The Phone 3 has the most contrast of all these selfies, which I didn’t find as flattering as the others.

All these phones have a photo mode on the selfie camera that blurs the background for a shallow depth of field. While you can adjust the intensity of the blur before or after taking the photo, I left the blur at default. (And FYI, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera app calls this live mode by default, not photo mode.)

Best Front Camera Application

The phone 1 is nice and crisp, with nice background blur and accurate white balance. The Phone 2 has a slightly more yellow tint than any of the others, but I think the blur looks the most natural and its edge definition is sharp. The wider perspective of the phone 3 helps highlight this shot because I took it from a lower angle, but the blur isn’t quite right. Finally, the Phone 4 looks nice and flattering overall, although its edge detection didn’t blur the areas around my arm and hair well.

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While there is a version of Night Mode for low-light photography in all four phones, only two of them have the same feature on their selfie cameras: Phones 1 and 3 take a balanced photo, as you can see in the image below.

As for the flash, they all use the screen to illuminate your face in the dark rather than the LED flash used in the rear camera. I don’t think some photos are particularly good (broke the rule that I never use flash!), but overall the phone 4 provides the most even and flattering light.

Only two phones can shoot 4K video with the front camera. Again, I’m not surprised that these were the same phones that also provided the highest overall video performance: phones 1 and 2. They did the best job of stabilizing video while walking, it -both had good exposure.

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