Best Image Editing Application

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“The best camera is the one you have with you” is an old saying in photography and there is a lot of truth in it. Even as someone who has at least five cameras at home, I take more pictures with my smartphone than anything else. And smartphone cameras are so good now that it doesn’t even seem like a compromise.

Best Image Editing Application

Best Image Editing Application

But taking pictures is only the first half of creating a good image. To make great photos, you also need to edit them. Fortunately, over the past few years, software has evolved so that the best photo editing equipment is often the one you have with you. There are a number of great photo editing apps for iPhone and Android that are just as powerful and efficient as any desktop or web app.

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I’ve been taking pictures for almost half my life and writing about photography (and teaching) for over a decade. Even as someone who enjoys the slow, deliberate work of shooting a movie or walking somewhere to capture a landscape at sunrise, I use my phone most of the time. For this article, I tested more than 30 of the best iPhone and Android photo editors—and here are the top six.

Although making basic changes to a photo can have a transformative effect, it is neither a difficult nor a complex problem for developers to solve. That’s why there are so many photo editing apps that all work relatively well. Even the most ad-laden app can be used to make a photo look a little brighter and clearer (although the user experience will be terrible and you’ll probably be left with a large watermark over the photo).

While truly terrible apps are easy to avoid, the biggest problem in this situation is that there are many mediocre photo editing apps that rely more on aggressive marketing and high monthly fees to stay in business. not because religious education is the best. tool for work. If you use one of these apps, you’ll almost certainly be happy with it because your photos will look better, but you’ll be paying a lot for tools that you can get for free from apps that are nicer to use. was used.

The good news for me, though, is that I’ve managed to set the bar pretty high for the apps I’m including on this list. To be featured, each mobile editing app had to:

Top 10) Best Popular Photo Editing Apps For Mobile

For this list, I only considered photo editors. That means design apps like Canva, any of the millions of collage makers, or even image organizers aren’t included. While some of them allow you to edit images, it’s generally more inconvenient than using a specific photo editor and then importing the edited image into your design app of choice.

To test any of the apps that seemed to meet the criteria, I did the obvious: I imported some images and went into editing. I’ve been using apps like this since the iPhone 3GS, so in many cases it quickly became clear that some apps weren’t up to par. If I saw a SHEIN ad in full screen, I didn’t touch it again. Of the 30 apps I considered, these six were the clear winners. If you’re into photography at all, the names probably won’t surprise you.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the gold standard photo editing app on all platforms – including iOS and Android. Although it is aimed at professional photographers and hobbyists, it is suitable for editing any type of image you take on your smartphone.

Best Image Editing Application

Lightroom packs a lot into one surprisingly usable app. It’s one of the best photo catalog apps out there, so you can use it to sort and organize your images (or even back them up to Adobe cloud storage), but it’s the image editing features for which I am here to talk about.

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All the basic image editing tools you need are free, including things like curves and the ability to save your own presets. You can change the exposure, color, contrast, crop and everything else. The auto-adjust feature is powerful and accurate – I often use it as a base when editing my images.

Lightroom Premium adds features like local adjustments and masking, a powerful healing tool, and more presets. It’s available as part of several different Creative Cloud plans that also include Adobe Photoshop, desktop versions of Lightroom, and various amounts of cloud storage. The cheapest option is to upgrade via smartphone for $4.99/month: this gives you Lightroom Premium on your smartphone and 100GB of cloud storage. For $9.99, the Lightroom 1TB plan adds Lightroom on the web and desktop, as well as 1TB of cloud storage.

The biggest downside is that Lightroom assumes you’re familiar with photography. If terms like “exposure” are meaningless to you, there will be a learning curve. The guides are solid and the app is legitimately good to use, but be prepared to spend a few minutes working on things.

If you use Lightroom, you can automate your photo editing workflows with Lightroom integration and connect it to all the other apps you use. You can be automatically identified as a gift or with auto-tone, convert files to different formats or check the status of jobs. Here are some pre-made workflows to get you started.

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Snapseed was one of the first really great mobile photo editing apps. It was so good that Google bought it to get a development and technical team behind it. And while Snapseed is clearly not a priority for Google, it’s still an incredibly powerful and completely free photo editing app for mobile devices.

Snapseed includes all the basic tools, plus some good filters and a great selective adjustment system. Called U points, they allow you to adjust the brightness level and color of different parts of the image with a few quick taps. These types of local adjustments are usually locked behind paid plans, so even if Snapseed hasn’t seen a UI overhaul in a few years, it’s still a compelling choice that has a little less of a learning curve than Lightroom.

The biggest area where Snapseed fails is repeatability. You can reapply your last set of edits to a new photo, but you can’t create presets or group images. If you’re worried about having a distinct view of all the photos on your social media accounts, this is probably not the best app to use. But if you want a free, powerful and easy-to-use image editor for mobile devices, you can’t go wrong.

Best Image Editing Application

Although the popularity of heavily filtered images fueled by Instagram has faded somewhat since its peak in the mid-2010s, filters are still a powerful way to give your images a consistently cohesive look. And the best filter app is VSCO.

The 2 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And Ios Of 2024

The company behind VSCO started out creating Lightroom presets that mimic film footage and eventually took the same insights and created an incredibly powerful photo editor with a filter preset. Unlike many filter-based apps, each of VSCO’s hundreds of presets is considered, and you can find the thought process behind them on the company’s blog. Filters are also neatly grouped into related preset packs, each with similar names. For example, the eight preset color levels are named CG1 through CG8, while KP1 through KP9 are different emulations of Kodak Portrait, a popular film strip.

Not every preset will work for every image, but it’s easy to find (and keep) a few favorites or work from the suggestions provided by VSCO.

In addition to the ability to add filters, VSCO has all the usual image editing tools you’d want, and some professional touches like dodging and burning (selectively darkening or brightening parts of your image) and split toning (where you

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