Best Quran Application For Pc

Best Quran Application For Pc – We invite you to the Koran, We invite you to the Koran, We invite you to the Koran, We invite you to the Koran.

The program can automatically download subtitles for each verse the first time you listen. Or you can download subtitles and translated audio files of your choice.

Best Quran Application For Pc

Best Quran Application For Pc

Download; Extract the files to a new folder and run the proQuran executable file from your PC or laptop.

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You can choose to download subtitles. Translated audio files Additional language packs and Tajweed Mushafs are also available. Place all files in the same local folder.

On some versions of Windows, you may need to download and install it. AccessDatabaseEngine (link below) This program uses the OleDb provider and .NET framework 4.0 (or higher).

If you’re using a high-resolution monitor and want to download a DPI-enabled app, you can get the QURAN database for Windows from the Microsoft Store:

In his farewell sermon, Sayyidina Muhammad Mustafa صلى الله عليه و سلم said: “I will entrust you to the Book of Allah. (the Qur’an) and the Sunnah (my example)… and if you follow these things , you will not go astray.” Swthlge Quran Speaker, Quran Night Light With Remote & App Control,azan Speaker Quran Lamp Fm Mp3 Recitation Translation Hajj Gifts

We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be combined with all other user data. After searching for Al-Quran apps for Android phones, we have compiled a list of 15 best Al-Quran apps for computers and laptops. This application is very suitable for those of you who want to read the Quran digitally without using a smartphone. This Al Quran app for PC can be used offline or online. Apart from this, our app also recommends interpretations and translations to enhance your worship experience. Below is a list of the most complete Al-Quran apps recommended by the team. 1. Quran Pro: Muslim Quran Pro: Muslim is a complete Quran application, here you can read Quran with translations in many languages. Including Indonesia and France. There are also digital mushafs from various countries. is used as a reference. The team would like to thank Quran Pro for providing the audio reading of the Quran. One of the team’s favorite readers, Fatih Seferagic, is also here. For some readers there is an option to synchronize audio and Quran verses. Apart from digital mushafs and translated Qurans, Quran Pro: Muslim also has a collection of daily prayers and ruqyah prayers. Get this app from the app. Store 2. Ayat KSU (King Saud University) – Electronic Mosshaf Project Ayat is a useful Quran application for PC. Designed for Muslims who want to read the Quran digitally. The team recommends this Al Quran software for laptops. Because there are 20 languages ​​installed including Indonesian. This application provides a copy of Mosshaf Al-Madina, a color copy of Tajweed called Mosshaf Al-Tajweed and a copy of Mosshaf Warsh. You can choose from more than 20 world famous Qaris by listening to them in pictures. MP3 Format This application is available in two options, both offline and online. Visit Ayat official website to access if you want to read online. You can read the Qur’an directly or download it by clicking the arrow icon on the left Simple and easy 3. Qur’an The Qur’an is available for Windows users, it has several features. There are many things that make it easier for Muslims to worship and read the Qur’an. Unlike Ayat, this app is only translated to English, but still useful for you. Especially Muslims who want to read the Quran digitally. This application can be downloaded for free. Because permission is not required 4. Visual impairment of the Koran. This Quran application is specially designed for visually impaired users. The deteriorating view of the Qur’an allows for adjustments. Including changing the color and font size. This app has three different modes: read, listen and learn. Reading mode is only for those who want to read the Quran. While listening mode plays audio of Quran verses. The study mode is designed for users who want to learn the translation of the verses of the Quran word by word. Related Articles: 10 Best Video Player Apps for PCs and Laptops 15 Best Webcam Apps for PCs and Laptops for the Visually Impaired Al-Quran has a simple and minimalistic design with intuitive controls Use the square bar on the right side of the screen to access the app’s features. This Al-Quran uses Malay and English translations. Download the app from Microsoft Store 5. My Quran Indonesia 1.2.2 Next on our list is My Quran Indonesia 1.2.2 app. Apart from the design, My Quran Indonesia 1.2.2 also has a touch screen, colors and translation. in several languages, including Indonesian. You can also set a time to read the Quran. And the app will remind you when it’s time to read. Apart from this, Facebook users can directly update their status by reading Al-Quran available on My Quran Indonesia to spread the verses of Al-Quran. 6. Quran Hafs by KFGQPC Quran. Hafs by KFGQPC is a Quran application developed by Medina developers. This application helps users to read the Holy Quran easily on their computer. It offers great features like verse and surah search feature. Application window resizing and theme/night mode This application offers a high resolution screen. This makes it possible to clearly read the verses of the Quran on the screen. This Quran has no translation. However, there is a digital Quran with the juz names written in Arabic. Get the free app from the Microsoft Store before using this app. Make sure your computer or laptop has Windows 10 or higher operating system 7. Quran Windows Quran Windows is one of the Quran apps for computers and laptops that you can try. Like other Al Quran apps, Quran Windows offers features such as audio reading of the Quran by a reciter. Poems and bookmarks and translations in many languages ​​The appearance of the PC Quran application is very similar to the printed Quran, Windows Quran is available for free. Download the app from Microsoft Store 8. Lanter Quran Lanter Quran is a practical Quran application that is suitable for those who memorize the Quran. Because there is a memorization function called library. This application is based on Surah and is available in two languages. Indonesian and English. The Indonesian translation is in accordance with the publication of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. To ensure the quality of the application, the simple appearance of the application may be a drawback for some people. But for other users Make the application easy to use 9. Quran Reader Quran Reader is a Quran application for PC and Laptop which provides complete Surahs of Al-Quran. When you have finished reading the Quran, the application automatically saves the last page read. You can save specific juz to your bookmarks page and edit the list as you like. Al-Qur’an Reader app has an automatic notification that invites users to read Surah Al-Kahf every Friday. You can also create notifications about yourself to promote continuous reading of the Quran, download Quran Reader from Microsoft Store 10. Quran Indonesia Quran Indonesia by Chronos13 offers many useful features to facilitate worship. There is also an Indonesian translation and Tafsir Jalalain, as well as a word-by-word meaning feature. Al-Quran audio with reciter and more. You can easily add notes to recite surahs and copy texts from Al-Quran. Get the app from Microsoft Store 11. Quran All-in-One This app gives you everything you need in one place. The Quran All-in-One app helps users to read all the Surahs of the Quran and access translations in more than 30 languages. The app also has tafsir such as Jalalayn, Saddi, Tanweer and many more including recitations by many world famous reciters including Sheikh Mishary. Rashid Alafasy. This application has a simple interface and controls. So it is suitable for everyone 12. IQRA Quran If you are looking for a simple yet feature-rich Quran app, IQRA Quran is the right choice for you. This application provides complete Surahs with translations in 35 languages. In addition, you can search for verses from the Qur’an related to specific topics such as patience, family, or knowledge. This app also has audio recitations of the Quran by various reciters. The navigation of this application is simple and easy to use. Make your worship activities easier Download IQRA Quran App from Microsoft Store 13. Simple Quran Simple Quran, as the name suggests, is a Quran app available for iOS and Macintosh platforms. This application only offers the digital Quran, without any translation or Latin text. Instead, it only shows verses of the Quran in Arabic. The developers of Simple Quran make it easy for users by providing various features such as a search bar for specific surahs and verses. There is also a bookmark feature, which is useful for marking the part you are currently reading. Please note that this application is in English. There is no option to switch to Indonesian. Download Simple Quran from App Store 14. Al Quran (Tafsir and Tafsir) App Offer Al Quran (Tafsir and Tafsir)

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