Bianglala Aeon

Bianglala Aeon – Indonesia’s tallest Ferris wheel vehicle is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the AEON Mall in East Jakarta. This carousel is over 69 meters high. This is another way to appreciate the beauty of Jakarta from above.

J-Sky Ferris Wheel presents the concept of a short ride that is quite challenging and a little different for everyone. In addition, the existence of the Ferris wheel, dominated by the bright pink color on each gondola, is able to create a romantic atmosphere for those who visit the J-Sky Ferris wheel with their partner.

Bianglala Aeon

Bianglala Aeon

Furthermore, once on the gondola, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jakarta, but also enjoy an exciting dinner in a vibrant environment with multicolored lights from Jakarta’s skyscrapers, especially at night, which is unforgettable. You can let this elapsed moment act as an instagrammable background.

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The J-Sky ferris wheel was specially designed by PT. Momozen Amusement Indonesia which has been operating effectively since 2017 on the 3rd floor of AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City. The ferris wheel, at 69 meters high, is also the tallest in Indonesia.

The existence of a Ferris wheel measuring 50 meters in diameter is also particularly significant not only for Jakarta people, but also for other tourists from other regions, as an alternative to short walks to enjoy the beauties of the city of Jakarta in a unique way. was made in,

Located in the center of the city and considered to be the tallest Ferris wheel in Indonesia, the J-Sky Ferris wheel immediately received a special award from the Museum of Record Indonesia (MURI) in the category of the tallest Ferris wheel in Indonesia.

Since its appearance five years ago, the J-Sky Ferris Wheel has immediately caught the attention of Jakarta residents, especially millennials, as the J-Sky Ferris Wheel offers a different concept to tourism in Jakarta.

Bianglala Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Several contemporary photo spots with varied settings can be found on this ferris wheel, including enjoying a varied gourmet menu served in the gondola with capacity for 6 passengers.

The J-Sky ferris wheel is specially designed not only for the capital city sightseeing needs, but also includes lifestyle elements that are different from general ferris wheels.

On behalf of J-Sky Ferris Wheel Safety, PT. Momozen Amusement Indonesia has also ensured that the construction of this ferris wheel is safe for everyone, including children, the elderly and people with special needs, by providing a special gondola.

Bianglala Aeon

The construction of the J-Sky ferris wheel was also specially designed with reference to international safety standards against the possibility of earthquakes, thanks to which, in the event of heavy rain, visitors also do not have to worry about the possibility of lightning strikes. . it is made with anti-lightning technology.

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This version is implemented by PT. Momozen Amusement Indonesia manufactures a similar ferris wheel for the Philippines and Japan.

To ensure the safety and comfort of its visitors, each user of the J-Sky Ferris Wheel is automatically equipped with protection in the form of life insurance when purchasing a ticket.

So that visitors can always feel comfortable and enjoy the beauties of the city of Jakarta on a Ferris wheel that guarantees safety.

In this ferris wheel there are 32 gondolas with a maximum capacity of 6 people, so the total number of visitors transported by this ferris wheel is also quite large, with capacity for up to 192 visitors and a maximum of 480 kilograms.

Menemukan Japanese Hidden Gem Di J Sky Ferris Wheel

To ensure the comfort of visitors in this vehicle, each gondola is equipped with refrigerated air conditioning so that visitors do not have to worry about overheating on board.

There are many attractions offered by the J-Sky ferris wheel, in addition to being able to enjoy the emotion of being above height, the manager also offers many other attractions for couples who visit the J-Sky ferris wheel, here are some of the attractions included:

The different menu proposals for a romantic dinner for two are supported by a gondola setting with a distinct pink tone, which contributes to the solemn atmosphere of a romantic dinner, enhancing the grandeur of this gondola as a place to celebrate an anniversary. blow out the candles just above. The height of the capital Jakarta.

Bianglala Aeon

The mansion also features an iron balustrade for couples to hang love locks on, a symbol of their eternal love bond, like the one in Tower N of Seoul, South Korea.

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From the top of this slowly rotating ferris wheel, visitors will have a view of the capital’s landscape, especially at night, which comes alive with the twinkling lights of the many skyscrapers that surround it.

In addition to providing beautiful views at night, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the streets of the capital and the heavy traffic during normal days, especially appreciating the beauty of Situ Lembang Park, clearly visible from the ferris wheel.

Ferris wheel director J-Sky also designed two special gondola cabins for visitors to enjoy the karaoke experience from above. Even if the volume is low, visitors don’t have to worry about their voice being heard by others, as each gondola is equipped with soundproofing technology.

The instagrammable ferris wheel design can also be used as the most exotic location that could not be found anywhere else for a pre wedding photo shoot with a spectacular view of Jakarta city as a backdrop.

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So, in addition to being an attractive pre-wedding location, the J-Sky ferris wheel also offers several spots for recent Instagram photos with modern technological concepts.

Also, from the top of this ferris wheel, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sunset over the capital Jakarta, with the lights slowly rising to the top. The time to enjoy the sunset is the most sought after by millennials, so at certain times, especially in the afternoon, the J-Sky ferris wheel is very crowded.

In addition to being able to enjoy the Ferris wheel, J-Sky Ferris wheel managers also often hold various creative events to increase the excitement to attract visitors, such as J-Sky Community, J-Sky Birthday Party -Sky and other contemporary programs.

Bianglala Aeon

There are also attractive promotions for visitors, such as discounts on J-Sky subscriptions, in addition to special discounts for students.

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The J-Sky Ferris Wheel facilities are also quite complete, with special gondolas for the disabled, as well as for children and the elderly. In addition, each gondola also has air conditioning equipped with plush sofas and Wi-Fi, even when you are at altitude.

The J-Sky ferris wheel has visiting hours from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm WIB daily with three types of tickets; Normal ticket for one person BRL 55 thousand (weekdays) and BRL 66 thousand (weekends).

In addition, for a double ticket for two people, a ticket of BRL 165 thousand (weekdays and weekends). While VIP tickets for 6 people cost Rp 1,000,330,000 on weekdays and weekends.

For exclusive Dinner in the Sky fares on the J-Sky ferris wheel, advance reservations are required with two types of package options: Sky Packages and Star Packages whose prices start at BRL 250,000 for two people.

J Sky Aeon Mall Jgc Cakung Bianglala Tertinggi Dan Terbesar

The J-Sky Ferris Wheel is located on the 3rd floor of AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, Kakung Timur Village, Kakung District, East Jakarta.

There are several transport options that can be used to reach the J-Sky Ferris wheel, such as using the Trans Jakarta bus or other public transport, as the location of AEON Mall is strategically in the middle of the city center. East Jakarta K.

This website uses cookies so that we can offer you the best experience on the website. By clicking on “I accept”, you accept the use of cookies as well as our privacy policy and our conditions of use. No wonder the header image of this blog contains an image of a ferris wheel. Yes, Bubu Dita loved the ferris wheel from the very beginning when she was a child. 😀 Just looking at the ferris wheel from afar makes me happy, especially when I can ride it. Well, some time ago, Yaya Indro and I invited Boo and Mika to ride the tallest ferris wheel in Indonesia!

Bianglala Aeon

The name of the ferris wheel is J-Sky Ferris Wheel and it is located at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City. At first Bubu Dita was confused, I actually thought AEON only existed in Sarpong. Turns out there’s also an AEON in Kakung, East Jakarta, and also Indonesia’s biggest and tallest ferris wheel at the top! Thanks to the bloggers who rated this space. Bubu Dita discovered the J-Sky ferris wheel for the first time thanks to articles from various blogger friends. ,

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In fact, this is not the first experience of riding a ferris wheel for our family. I’ve ridden the Dufan ferris wheel before! 😀 Our family and I also ride the ferris wheel at Trance Studio Makassar and World of Wonders Tangerang. I was actually alone with Mika on the Ferris Wheel of the Taman Legend Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Yes, only two and I’m very nervous! 😀

All of our Ferris wheel rides were during the day. Then, for the first time, we rode the J-Sky ferris wheel after sunset. As the light starts flashing in the distance below. It’s very different from my Ferris wheel experience during the day.

Before boarding the gondola, Yaya waited in line to purchase an introductory ticket. Ticket price is IDR 50,000/person. It turns out that Mika was not charged because he was less than 90 cm tall. Hehehe… no bad savings. Bubu felt that Mika should also pay the price. Yes, the remaining budget of IDR 50,000 can be used to purchase additional sushi from AEON! Muahaha… *Mom accounts… 😀

The queue wasn’t very big when buying tickets, but then we had to queue again to get on the gondola. But the lines weren’t long either, and Boo and Mika weren’t grumpy. Queue space is quite large with circular wooden partitions.

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There’s also a VIP line that doesn’t require a queue anymore, so you can get on the gondola right away. The VIP fee is IDR 350,000 for 6 guests per gondola. And if Rumika’s friends are going by cart, there’s a place to drop her off before getting on the gondola.


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