Blu Bca Application

Blu Bca Application – Since its initial launch on July 22, 2021 and July 15, 2022, BCA Digital users have completed approximately 806,000 blues daily in various types of financial transactions with a total transaction value of IDR 36 trillion. On the blu platform, according to BCA Digital, the number of financial transactions includes purchases, payments and QRIS invoices worth IDR 161 billion.

BCA Digital President and CEO Lanny Budiati revealed that BCA Digital’s strategy, currently focused on improving customer quality and building a digital ecosystem through banking as a service, or BaaS, is showing good results. Our customers’ trust in us is demonstrated by our Third Party Funds (DPKs) that have successfully raised over IDR 4.4 trillion. Not only for downloading, but it seems that our customers are more actively using it for various financial transactions.

Blu Bca Application

Blu Bca Application

“It is our effort to continue to grow blu by meeting the needs and opinions of our customers,” Lanni said in a press release on Friday (2022-07-23).

Review Jujur Aplikasi Blu By Bca Digital

From all the funds raised by third parties, BCA Digital distributed loans of IDR 1.75 trillion to customers through distribution, co-financing and direct distribution.

BaaS (Bank-as-a-Service) pioneer blu BCA Digital’s efforts to build Indonesia’s digital ecosystem have also shown significant progress. As of July 2022, BCA Digital has successfully integrated blu with at least two digital partner programs, including Blibli and Telkomsel Redi.

In the near future, BCA Digital will reunite blu with one of the largest private campus platforms in Indonesia, which will make it easier for its students financially. Especially by the university administration.

The head of BCA Digital PT Bank Digital, Edwin Tirta, said that BCA Digital intends to continue building the digital ecosystem that is part of the blu BCA Digital platform. Successfully building a digital ecosystem through banking as a service allows banks to simplify transactions for customers without having to log in and out of multiple applications, expand access to financial services, and reduce acquisition costs more efficiently.

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Edwin added that the future development of blu functionality will focus on improving the quality of service that meets the needs of customers. Examples are physical and virtual ATM cards, then an additional flazz feature and an investment feature that will work with Moduit’s wealth management platform, which will be upgraded for use in the near future.

Marketing and Communications Manager of PT Bank Digital BCA Duardi Prihandico added that as a digital bank that is only one year old, BCA Digital not only focuses on business development, but also actively implements a number of financial sustainability activities that contribute to the advancement of services. . Authority (MAK) No. 51 on sustainable finance. Through the #blubuatbaik campaign launched in 2021, for example, blu together with BCA Digital and the Greeneration Foundation succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 338,000 kilos.

“The result of the training of 262 household heads is that they can better manage waste. As a result, out of 284 tons of treated and sorted waste, 202 tons were recycled and avoided. “We were able to reduce the amount of residual waste by 11% from 36.1% in 2021 to 26.1% this year,” said PT Bank Digital BCA Marketing and Communications Manager Duardi Prihandico.

Blu Bca Application

In addition, BCA Digital also organizes financial education programs for its clients. The program called bluAcademy was born because they saw many problems in financial management that many people face. BluAcademy’s mission is to teach the basics of finance, which are very important in everyone’s financial life.

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“In cooperation with Finansialku, we have developed a training program that is specially designed to understand. We have tested this training on all employees of BCA Digital, hoping that each employee will be a true witness and an inspiring individual of society, with a healthy financial situation. .. quality of life,” said Duardi.

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Andy Kurniawan’s test for about three months was enough to bring him to Puruk Kahu Hospital, Murung Raya, Kalimantan Te… JAKARTA, – BCA Blu Mobile Banking Digital Blu BCA is designed and developed to provide the convenience of its customers through perform financial and non-financial transactions on a mobile phone.

With this service, customers can perform financial activities anywhere and at any time. Because all these activities can be done using a mobile phone.

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However, Blu BCA does not have branches like most traditional banks. However, all services are accessible from your mobile phone.

What’s even more interesting is that you don’t need to be a BCA subscriber to enjoy this service. All Indonesian citizens (WNI) who are at least 17 years old, E-KTP and have no tax liability in other countries can enjoy this service.

BluAccount is the main account for transactions such as receiving transfers, transfers to other blu accounts or other banks, ATM withdrawals and payments and purchases.

Blu Bca Application

BluSaving is a savings account that can be named according to the required components. bluSaving can be without a goal, like regular savings, or with a goal, like buying a bike or going on vacation. You can also use direct debit to make it easy to save to bluSaving.

Perluas Jaringan, Blu Bca Digital Kolaborasi Emaskita Untuk Investasi Emas

BluGether is a single account savings account that can be used as a cashier’s account. Customers who create a bluGether account are called creators, and invited bluGether customers are called members. Creators can invite up to 24 friends to become members and participate in bluGether account balance and transaction monitoring. When a Creator leaves bluGether, blu sends a notification to all members, making it more transparent.

BluDeposit is a non-ARO deposit (no automatic renewal). Upon completion, principal and interest will be transferred to the blu account. blu Minimum deposit IDR 10 million with a term of 1-12 months. The bluDeposit extension appears in the application 7 days before the deadline.

If you have any problems or questions about the blu app, please contact the call center at 1500668. Alternatively, you can send your complaint or questions to

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Perkuat Ekosistem Digital, Bca Integrasikan Aplikasi Blu & Blibli

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We use your information to monitor your account if you need help or if we notice unusual activity on your account. JAKARTA – PT BCA Digital customers can use BI-Fast Payment or BI-Fast transaction service on blu mobile banking application. BCA Digital introduced this service from April 27, 2022.

Blu Bca Application

The presence of BI-Fast as another transaction service allows blu customers to enjoy transferring money in a variety of ways at an effective cost of IDR 2,500. On the other hand, blu customers can still enjoy free online shipping fees or 0 IDR with bluRewards.

Bank Digital Bca, Blu Sasar Kalangan

President and CEO of PT Bank Digital BCA, Lanny Budiati, said that the BI-Fast service is part of the product and technology development roadmap of the blu mobile banking application.

“Our main goal is to meet the needs of customers as much as possible so that blu can be an everyday financial friend to help customers achieve their financial goals,” Lanny said in a statement to the media on Tuesday, May 10.

Lanni said blu customers can use BI-Fast services with a minimum transaction of IDR 5,000 and a maximum of IDR 250 million. To use BI-Fast, customers only need to have a phone number or email address in the BCA Digital blu app.

The mobile phone number or email address is then registered as a proxy address, replacing the BI-Fast account number function. A proxy address can only be used in one account.

Bayar Pake Blu By Bca Digital, Pasti Ada Bonus!

“But if blu customers have registered their phone number or email with another bank, they can still update their proxy address on blu,” Lanni said.

Here’s how to register or set a proxy address on blu with BCA Digital:

4. If a notification appears that the proxy address is already registered in another program, click the “Transfer proxy address to blu or” button.

Blu Bca Application

In addition to BI-Fast, blu also offers other money transfer services with rates and transaction limits subject to terms, including; online transfers, LLG transfers and RTGS transfers to meet various customer needs.

Mengenal Fitur Blurewards Pada Aplikasi Blu By Bca Digital

For your information, Bank Indonesia launched BI-Fast service at the end of 2021. BI-Fast works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and payment settlement time is only 25 seconds.

Referring to BI’s online press release, they explained that BI-Fast service transactions are increasing month by month. Since March 2022, BI-Fast transactions have grown significantly, increasing by 43% every month.

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Transfer Online Antar Bank Dari Blu Bca, Uang Terpotong Tapi Dana Tidak Diterima

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