Bpjs Health Online Queue Application

Bpjs Health Online Queue Application – UI/UX Case Study: How to get users to access a fully integrated public health system through the JKN mobile app?

Mobile JKN (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional) is an application launched by BPJS (Badan Penyelengaran Jaminan Sosial) Kesehatan. This app was created to make it easier for people to access healthcare anytime and anywhere simply through the internet. With the advancement of modern technology, almost all government services are exclusively based on online methods from home. Of course, only people with an Indonesian Health Card or JKN KIS (Kartu Indonesia Sehat) can use this app.

Bpjs Health Online Queue Application

Bpjs Health Online Queue Application

Currently, many people want to register as BPJS participants. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, BPJS Kesehatan has been optimizing non-face-to-face services with Pandawa. Pandawa is a service on Whatsapp provided by JKN-KIS registration services for new entrants to add family members, register newborn children, change membership types, change personal details, change group and salary information, change primary health facilities, deactivation of deceased person. participants, correction of duplicate data and reactivation of JKN-KIS.

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We want to improve the interface and user experience of the current Mobile JKN app, which should make it easier for users.

To further understand the issue, we also conducted a survey through the app store to find out what users are currently complaining about.

We collected data using the in-depth interview method with 5 participants. Our participant criteria are Indonesian citizens aged 18-35 who use the Mobile JKN app. We conducted this interview to find out:

A business model canvas is a visual way to define the key elements of a business and their relationships. This tool helps determine the relevance of the problems to be solved from a business perspective.

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Based on the results of the interviews with 5 people, we came to the conclusion that the user persona of Mobile JKN is an active and technology-loving young woman living in an urban city. You need fast and efficient health care services because you tend to get things done quickly and because of the fast-paced nature of everyday life, you don’t like to wait.

We use this matrix to determine which problems to solve in this assignment. We select issues in the DO (Urgent and Important) quadrant based on the most frequently reported issues by participants, as well as our ability to resolve issues during the call.

We got the initial idea for the solution through this quick sketch session called Crazy 8s. The ideas that emerged were different, but in a way complementary.

Bpjs Health Online Queue Application

Most of Mobile JKN’s features are concentrated on the home page. But as mentioned in the pain point, the features are hard to find because apart from the 8 main features, the other features can only be accessed from the “Lainnya menu”. We’ve made adjustments by moving some features to a new category, moving some to the navigation bar, and removing less relevant ones like articles.

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To find out if the design improvements made helped the users, we conducted a moderate usability test with 5 participants, the criteria of which were Indonesian citizens aged 18-35 and mobile JKN users.

The average score for the ideal usage scale system is 68. At the same time, we continue to score below average. We conducted an extensive team evaluation to refine the design, navigate the system through the maze, and create a more structured plan for future usability testing.

This pattern creation process must be completed in one iteration of the design. However, we had two options: accept the existing usability test results or take the risk of re-doing the usability tests at very short notice. Since we were not satisfied with the result of the previous usability test, we decided in favor of the second option.

Given the limited time and availability of usability testers, we decided to do unsupervised usability testing, which is something new for us. Unlike a moderated usability test that uses a qualitative approach, an unmoderated usability test that uses a quantitative approach should include a larger number of participants. We managed to recruit 30 participants who tested the usability for 3 days with a wider participant criterion, BPJS Kesehatan users, to get information from a wider perspective.

Pdf) The Role Model Of Health Trust In Improving Bpjs Service Utilization: Meta Analysis

We obtained information from 30 practice test respondents with extensive work experience of BPJS health users. Most of the ideas we receive are related to improving the visual design.

We learned a lot from this design process. Empathy with users, critical thinking, leadership, communication and teamwork are the skills we used to develop this case study. We really enjoy and value all design processes in this UI/UX design and research studio. We thank Kak Lara as a mentor and friends who supported our learning process. We continue to improve and develop the skills and lessons learned.

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Bpjs Health Online Queue Application

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16 Little UI Design Rules That Have a Big Impact UI Design Case Study for a sample UI redesign using logical rules or guidelines. In January 2014, BPJS Kesehatan suddenly transformed from a state-owned company (PT Askes) with 16 million members to a service responsible for 121 million people. BPJS Kesehatan has more than 7,000 employees, but this is still not enough to serve the large number of people who need its services. This led to the innovation of creating a mobile app.

The National Health Insurance Program (called JKN) is managed by BPJS Kesehatan established by Law No. 24/2011. It aims to provide health insurance to all Indonesian residents. As of September 1, 2018, 201.6 million people have already registered as JKN participants. According to the National Social Security System Law 40/2004, BPJS Kesehatan must achieve universal health coverage by 2019; it is only effective for five years. In 2014, 121 million Indonesians already had health insurance through the scheme, with the goal of reaching 250 million participants by 2019. Initially, most participants came from similar backgrounds (civil servants, police, armed forces), but now they are more diverse.

When BPJS Kesehatan was launched, the Indonesian population was very enthusiastic and quickly started registering for the program, updating their information, insurance history and submitting comments/complaints. This has resulted in long queues at many BPJS Kesehatan offices, with an average of less than 300,000 people visiting these offices every day. This raised concerns among participants and resulted in lower user satisfaction survey scores, particularly on indicators such as responsiveness, speed and complaint handling. In the three years since 2014, the user satisfaction survey fell short of its target, falling from 81% in 2014 to 78.9% in 2015 and 78.6% in 2016.

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This led BPJS Kesehatan to develop a mobile application based on its Mobil JKN web service that users can use anywhere, anytime. Mobile JKN makes access to services much easier: participants can register, update personal information, obtain insurance information, look up premiums due, book appointments at health centers, ask questions and file complaints about the program.

Mobile JKN also affects BPJS Kesehatan itself. Increased efficiency, as there is no need to create new offices or hire additional employees; reducing the amount of paper and electricity used; and reducing transportation costs. The results of the app usage evaluation showed that at the end of 2017, the number of participants visiting BPJS Kesehatan offices decreased by 68.5% and user satisfaction increased by 0.9%.

Since the establishment of the National Health Insurance System (TAI) in 2014, the number of participants has increased significantly. However, this growth was not accompanied by a similar increase in human resources or facilities. BPJS Kesehatan offices are only open eight hours a day from Monday to Friday and lack adequate customer service and service kiosks, resulting in less than optimal services. In addition, some health professionals do not understand the JKN and its administrative requirements, which means that users find the bureaucracy too complicated and too much work for them.

Bpjs Health Online Queue Application

With the JKN mobile app, online management services can now be accessed anytime, anywhere. JKN users can access medical services at health facilities by showing their digital card in the app; they no longer need to carry a physical card. Therefore, the entire process from insurance registration to usage is now digital.

Ui/ux Case Study: How To Make Users Get A Fully Integrated Government Health Service System Through Mobile Jkn App?

With the reorganization of the limited company PT Askes

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