Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application – Mobile JKN Faskes is a free Android application developed by BPJS Kesehatan to provide a convenient platform for members to interact with doctors. The application is intended for doctors who cooperate with BPJS Kesehatan in First Level Facilitán, and allows to monitor the health of patients and provide education about their health status.

With more than 222 million members, BPJS Kesehatan continues to innovate to improve services and Mobile JKN Faskes is one such innovation. The application is a patient-doctor communication system that provides direct communication between patients and doctors, making it easier to communicate and manage their health.

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

The app is easy to use and provides a convenient interface for doctors to manage their patients’ health. With JKN Faskes mobile, doctors can easily monitor their patients’ health and provide the insights they need to improve health outcomes.

Pdf) The Usability Testing Of The Integrated Electronic Healthcare Services For Diabetes Mellitus Patients During The Pandemic In Indonesia

Laws regarding the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not endorse or support the use of this program if it violates the law.

At Softonic, we scan all files hosted on our platform to evaluate and prevent potential harm to your device. Our team checks every time a new file is uploaded and checks the file periodically to confirm or update its status. This complete process allows you to set the download status as follows:

We have scanned the files and URLs associated with this software in more than 50 of the world’s leading antivirus services; no potential hazards were identified.

This means that harmless programs are mistaken for malicious ones due to the signatures or detection algorithms used by antivirus programs. Health is a priority for everyone and BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial) is one of them. Health insurance is widely used by Indonesians. Since the pandemic, BPJS offices have been managed through the Mobile JKN application (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional – Asuransi Kesehatan Nasional), which is a clear illustration of BPJS Kesehatan’s commitment to providing easy access and optimal service to policyholders.

Pdf) Claim Analysis Of Cost Reimbursement Covid 19 Patient Service To Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (bpjs) In Health By Hospital

It is clear that high telemedicine convenience equals high user experience that makes good telemedicine that can improve the quality of public health.

However, it doesn’t seem to exceed expectations due to its unpleasant usage and user experience.

Usability is not the best. Administrative difficulties, too many menus lead to user overload, and there is also no convenient online payment option.

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

Instead of these conditions, this study aims to redesign the application using the design thinking process together with deep research to understand the importance of empathy with the needs and goals of users. In addition, this study aims to identify important variables that BPJS and JKN Seluler can support by creating more efficient telemedicine to help users obtain the most appropriate health services.

Healthcare It Solutions Market In Bandung Archives

Disclaimer: This case study is not related to BPJS Kesehatan and is only an initiative and agreement with the team.

Design thinking is the process of solving problems by identifying user needs. It is based on observation, empathizing with users, understanding how users interact with their environment, and using an iterative approach to create innovative solutions based on problems, goals, and motivations.

First, monitoring is done to understand user behavior and interaction with the environment by performing sentiment analysis based on user reviews on Google Playstore (provided by some JKN Mobile users to better understand hospitality). applications), SWOT analysis and competitive analysis with similar applications.

From the review, we can conclude that the biggest problem lies in the registration process. Also, the functionality of the application may seem incomplete or uncomfortable, for example, there are no well-designed user tips.

Ijphcs: Referral System In Indonesia, Has It Been Implemented Correctly?

This is a key competitor research strategy to better understand your products, sales, and marketing tactics.

JKN mobile is not in the top 10 of this data, which raises a red flag. Most people don’t even know this app exists.

I want to highlight the savings statement. Users think they can save on transportation and consultation costs by using the health app (only Rp. 25,000 for a consultation, and maybe Rp. 300,000 for a hospital consultation, which is a lot).

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

However, in Mobile JKN has a plan with a monthly bill, so users can consult a doctor at any time with a monthly fee. It’s really a big benefit but people don’t know because the government never informs them about it.

Pdf) Social Media Health Interventions To Improve Diabetes Mellitus Patient Outcome: A Systematic Review

Mobile JKN really has all these features (except online home lab, because this is a unique feature of Halodoc), but it causes fewer users due to an inconvenient user experience.

To sum up all the results, we conducted an initial user study to get the user’s pain points.

The method focuses on finding new ideas for redesign, as well as finding opportunities and results on common weaknesses (

I conducted a user survey to get quantitative data about who the users are. 100 users participated in a user survey conducted by the Journal of the University of Malang.

The Usability Testing Of The Integrated Electronic Healthcare Services For Diabetes Mellitus Patients During The Pandemic In Indonesia

Interviews with users at the beginning of the redesign process aim to test hypotheses and understand the problems encountered by users based on the number of errors made (error count).

5 users were interviewed, I wish there were more participants, but I learned a lot about the Mobile JKN user experience.

From all the healing pains, it’s time to create a “How we can be” section to help generate ideas and increase knowledge.

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

The second step in the design process is to create a persona, an empathy map, a customer journey map, and finally a problem statement.

District‐level Impacts Of Health System Decentralization In Indonesia: A Systematic Review

Creating personas is a way to visualize who your users are talking to. This is a list of goals and needs, motivations, fears and frustrations.

The reason “Factory Workers” was chosen is because it is a minority user and JKN Mobile can be a useful platform for them.

Meet Budi. He lives in Bandung and is a factory worker who wants to use a health app.

Users who say little about it, who don’t have the opportunity to express themselves, but who need our help.

Bpjs Kesehatan Paparkan Strategi Kendali Mutu Di Forum Internasional

Factory workers are usually people who can’t afford insurance (yes, insurance is expensive), so they like to work for companies or factories that cover it.

But what if they can’t get it? What’s the point if they can’t get the medical care they need?

Also, we usually target people in big cities, so the persona of this user is outside the big city, because we have to consider the user as well.

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

Marital status, financial situation and even lack of technology speak for minorities who rarely have the opportunity to share their problems.

The Future Of Healthcare

Budi wants easy and quick access to government health services without having to travel far.

For me, “Feelings” is really scary when I try to imagine that his assurances are just not reliable and he doesn’t know where to go. This needs to be fixed.

If Budi Mobile uses JKN, what will it look like and how will it achieve its goals in treating pain? User flow is a visual story of how users interact with Mobile JKN.

In this thread, Budi wants to make health apps easy to use. The photo above shows Budi meeting Mobile JKN as he shows the way to his destination.

Drug Shortages Hits Four Cities In Indonesia, Healthcare Agency Warns Of Fraud

After the research period, it can be concluded that users need help to access government health facilities online easily and quickly.

In this creative phase of the design process, it is time to find solutions and build an information architecture. At this stage, it is mandatory to create sketches, medium fidelity wireframes, usability tests and user interface kits.

Along with information architecture, I sketch ideas in a sketchbook, all manually, keeping in mind the user’s weaknesses.

Bpjs Online Pharmacy Application

From the sketch to the mid-fidelity screen, it all starts with laying out all the pages that are necessary for the design in four trips.

Market Access And Reimbursement Landscape Of Pharmaceutical Products In Indonesia

What do users expect when using JKN Mobile? The blue and green colors are associated with the Mobile JKN brand. These two are the main colors used.

I use the Lato font to make it readable. Roboto also creates a simple yet professional environment.

Remote usability testing is conducted to discover potential improvements in the product selection process. 5 participants participated in the user trial and most of the participants knew how to use the product.

With the feedback you provide, it will be used to fill the void between me as a designer

Mobile Jkn Faskes For Android

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