C360 Camera Application

C360 Camera Application – Live from Super Bowl LI: C360 technology brings a new perspective to the local camera enabling 6K photography with 2x zoom without loss of resolution

Fox Sports uses a camera from C360 Technologies that has a panoramic lens that captures 6K images and allows the production team to zoom into four independent areas with up to 2x zoom without resolution. The latest software server prototype from EVS is also available for download.

C360 Camera Application

C360 Camera Application

From left: C360’s Evan Wilmer, EVS’s Michael Bastings and C360’s Joe Tomko on the scene of Super Bowl LI

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An image taken by a camera is distorted like something taken by a fisheye lens. But this technology allows the operator to virtually enter the image with pan/tilt/zoom and output a lighter and more accurate image.

“You can have four independent views of a lock from the same camera,” said Joe Tomko, Co-Founder/VP/COO, C360. “And the camera only weighs 5.5 pounds and doesn’t have to be moved.”

“You can put it in valuable places and see everything at the same time,” said Tomko. “So with the robot camera you can look to the right, but you’ll miss something to the left. With this camera and EVS, you can go back and see something you might have missed.”

Zoom can be extended beyond 2x, but this has a negative effect on resolution. But placed in the right place and close to the action (or in an event with less space like an NFL game), the 2X zoom can capture much of the action effectively.

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“The EVS server can capture high-resolution images and work very quickly in real time,” Tomko said.

In addition, the camera can be streamed at the same time, so that viewers across the Internet can see the same image and everyone can create a personal viewing experience.

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C360 Camera Application

, the No. 1 prime-time television show for an unprecedented nine years, will give viewers a different perspective this time with the innovative C360 camera, which is expected to provide advice to everything from line-of-sight instructions along the line of scrimmage. from the games. along the edges.

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It begins with the NFL premiere on Wednesday, September 10 at 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC and continues across NBC

During the season, the camera will provide an immersive replay experience for the first time on an NFL broadcast.

The C360 camera will fly below the SkyCam to provide detail and replay of the game inside the arsenal, highlighting the talent of stars like Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald and Dallas Cowboys guard Zach Martin in a way that cannot be done. saw previously seen on NFL broadcasts. In addition, because the camera captures in 8K resolution and records in an immersive 180-degree field of view, the production can go back in time and replay the gameplay to better provide a clearer view from the C360.

If there’s a question about a receiver catching a pass on the sideline, the technology can capture the entire frame, zoom in and focus on the player’s hands to confirm the possession, before moving to the player’s feet. singing and burning to confirm that both of them touched the ground. before going abroad.

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“We are proud to deliver some of the most beloved football fans have ever seen and look forward to working with C360 Technologies on this presentation,” said Fred Gaudelli, executive producer, NBC.

“We are excited to partner with NBC Sports to deliver this new immersive capability. As the second camera on SkyCam, we hope to get a new perspective on the game from across the trenches,” said Evan Wimer, co-founder of C360 Technologies.

The C360 camera technology has already been used in NASCAR cars on NBC broadcasts and was nominated for a 2019 Sports Emmy Award for its use when it was written into the poles and main signs last season.

C360 Camera Application

C360® personalizes the entertainment experience. Working with the largest sports broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies around the world, we have entertained millions of viewers around the world. Our platform integrates the smallest, newest cameras and proprietary software with v-commerce, sports betting and audio player/tracking. C360 is leading the revolution in personalized viewing across all streaming channels, devices and social media services, giving unlimited viewers to fully control their own viewing experience.

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