Cctv Check Application

Cctv Check Application – Watch this video to see live CCTV footage using iDVR-PRO CCTV Android app. This Android app allows users to remotely connect to the iDVR-PRO security video recorder and view live video streaming from their security cameras. In addition to live feeds from CCTV cameras, users can also view and play back CCTV footage recorded on the DVR’s hard drive. This application works on Android mobile phones and tablets.

2022 Update: CCTV Camera Pros for Android. Our Viewtron CCTV Camera App comes free with all Viewtron CCTV Camera NVRs, IP Camera NVRs and IP Network Cameras, highly recommended.

Cctv Check Application

Cctv Check Application

The images in this photo gallery demonstrate the ability to remotely view the camera in real time using the Android DVR Viewer app for iDVR-PRO. The application supports single, four camera, nine camera and sixteen camera viewing modes. When viewing in single camera mode, users can swipe left and right to view other cameras.

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This remote live camera view is done in single channel mode using a Nexus Android phone. This is an HD CCTV camera that can be monitored from afar. If an HD security camera is detected in the app, the live video is displayed in high definition (single camera view only).

Here is a screenshot of the 4th camera network in the app. To save the bandwidth required to display live video from 4 cameras on one screen, the video is displayed at a lower resolution. Users can click on one of the cameras to switch to the view from one HD camera.

Here’s a live view of camera 16. We have a mixture of analog CCTV cameras, AHD cameras and HD-TVI cameras connected to our AHD Hybrid DVR.

Apart from excellent support for live viewing of CCTV cameras, users can also view and play surveillance videos recorded using the iDVR-PRO Android app.

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Users can search for recorded videos in the app using the date and time search feature to select where they want the video to start playing.

Users also have the ability to play back video recorded in the app by searching for motion detection and other types of alarm events in the log viewer. You can learn more about setting up motion detection recording and alarm log recording here.

Here is the game screen. The user is taken to this screen after selecting the time/date of a strike or event from the log. The game supports forward and reverse video playback. Users can also speed up or slow down playback.

Cctv Check Application

The Android app supports advanced zoom control for PTZ cameras. The virtual joystick in the lower right corner is used to move the camera up/down/left/right. The plus and minus buttons in the lower left corner control zoom and zoom. Users can also go to a preset location configured using the preset button.

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Want to log into the DVR using the Android app and try it yourself? Please click here to request a demo login. You will receive instructions to download the latest Android app and log into our demo DVR. Please note that the application only works with the iDVR-PRO DVR from CCTV Camera Pros.

Mike Haldas is the co-founder and managing partner of CCTV Camera Pros. Mike is involved in research and product development for the company. Before founding Good CCTV Cameras, Mike worked as a software engineer in the web hosting industry. CCTV Camera Pros is a veteran owned company as Mike proudly served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from 1993 to 1997. For questions about this article and anything related to CCTV, Mike can be contacted at You are here: Home > iDVR-PRO DVR Support > Remote Viewing Apps and Software > Camera Search Security from Android App

View CCTV cameras from Android applications. Live surveillance cameras and recorded CCTV streams using the iDVR-PRO Viewer Android app.

The iDVR-PRO Viewer Android app allows users to view live CCTV images as well as play CCTV videos recorded on the iDVR-PRO hard drive. iDVR-PRO Viewer works on all Android devices of phone and tablet size. The application connects to any iDVR-PRO DVR model and is easy to configure on a local network. You can view your surveillance system from Android via WIFI and mobile/cellular network. Users can access their CCTV cameras through the local area network (LAN) where the DVR is located, as well as remotely via the Internet.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE! CCTV Camera Pro now recommends Viewtron DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras as the top choice for residential, commercial and government installation projects. Absolutely the best app for Android.

Watch the video above to see how the Viewtron security camera app connects to your home security camera system. Viewtron Hybrid DVRs, Viewtron NVR IP Cameras, and Viewtron IP Network Cameras can be accessed using the Android Remote Camera Viewer app. This is Android DVR app, Android NVR app and Android IP camera app. And you can connect to all three types of devices at the same time!

In addition to providing live streaming of your camera, the Android app also supports viewing and playback of recorded video footage, PTZ control, audio monitoring, and push notifications. You can view your monitoring system via WIFI and mobile/cellular network. Users can access CCTV cameras on the local area network (LAN) where the DVR is located, as well as remotely via the Internet. You can learn more about the Security Camera app for Android here.

Cctv Check Application

CCTV Camera Pros offers a video demo of the Viewtron CCTV Camera Mobile App for iPhone and Android here.

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Important note. Once playback begins, click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video player and select 720p or 1080p resolution to view the video in the highest resolution available.

This video shows how to remotely view a CCTV camera in real time over the Internet using the iDVR-PRO Viewer Android app. You can also see what the recorded video game looks like in the app.

If you’re watching from a desktop computer, be sure to click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video and select 1080p resolution.

This article is written to help users become familiar with the graphical user interface, features, and controls available in the application.

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The screenshot above shows a live security camera view (4 camera grid view) using a Samsung Galaxy phone. The main user interface controls are shown in orange and red boxes.

If you connect an audio monitoring microphone to iDVR-PRO, you can listen to live audio and recordings from your DVR remotely.

To turn on the sound, click the sound icon in the top right corner, then select the channel you want to stream live.

Cctv Check Application

Clicking the LogView icon opens the DVR event log search screen. This screen allows users to search for events such as sensor alarms (such as magnetic door sensors and PIR motion sensors), video motion detection, video recording and other events that have occurred on their DVR.

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Clicking the Search icon opens the Timer Search screen. This view allows the user to select a specific time and date to play the recorded video. Here you can see how easy it is to find videos and play them directly on your DVR.

Update! As of version 1.6.1, iDVR-PRO Viewer for Android app now supports remote audio monitoring. Users can listen to real-time audio from a microphone connected to the iDVR-PRO. Audio recorded on the dash cam can also be played back in the app. You can learn more about remote voice transfer from Android here.

The latest version of the Android app supports push notifications. Users can configure their system to send push notifications when motion is detected by CCTV cameras. Click here to learn more about Android app push notifications.

Users can combine different camera technologies. This is an ideal solution for customers who have existing CCTV cameras and want to upgrade to a high definition system over time. Hybrid iDVR-PRO works with the following types and solutions of CCTV cameras.

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If you do not currently have an iDVR-PRO and would like to log into a demo unit at our office, please request a demo login below. You will be able to log in from iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. You can also log in from Macintosh and Windows computers. Please click here to request a demo login.

Did you know that CCTV Camera Advantage can provide a complete surveillance system including any iDVR-PRO model with cameras, cables, connectors, power supplies and monitors? We can also combine SD and HD CCTV cameras as the latest version of iDVR-PRO is a hybrid. Works with CCTV cameras, AHD and HD-TVI. As you saw on our website, we have surveillance systems for 2, 4, 8 and 16 cameras in ready-made packages. However, we cannot pack all combinations and quantities of all camera models.

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