Centralized Meter Reading Application

Centralized Meter Reading Application – Both consumers and utilities can benefit from short range technology that is already universally available in our pockets.

Smart meters play an important role in the digital transformation of cities. Without smart meters, it is hard to imagine many of the smart features and services that promise to make the cities of tomorrow so attractive: improved resource efficiency, increased capacity for renewable energy sources, better management of public facilities and better access to urban environments. Increase in overall stability. level. If you want to learn more, watch our webinar:

Centralized Meter Reading Application

Centralized Meter Reading Application

Smart meters are already in use in buildings around the world. Once installed, they automatically measure electricity, gas, heat and water consumption, enable automated billing, consumption tracking and reduce fraud. For consumers, smart meters can mean improved user comfort and possibly savings. For power companies, the payoff comes in the form of better infrastructure awareness, less waste and more precise control of grid distribution.

Dn15 Dn40 Remote Reading Ultrasonic Heat Meter With Centralized Monitoring System

The manual measurement reading is printed. In some places it is already locked, so you may not even remember the last time you opened the meter reader door. This is mainly because utility companies have adopted a wide range of wired and radio frequency communication technologies to access data without physical entry.

Recently, mobile technologies including 2G and 3G have become more common. Quick to set up and easy to maintain and use, they seamlessly transmit mileage readings using normal mobile phone networks. The introduction of 5G-ready low-power wide-area technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT will drive this speed, with longer battery life, wider geographic coverage, lower cost hardware and lower cost data plans. , Proposal.

When developing and implementing a smart metering solution, the choice of communication technology must be made with care. Technologies need to be adapted to the specific use case and settings in which they are used, so that they can work reliably without causing congestion on cellular networks. Mobile communication technologies are ideal for enabling point-to-point communication. In dense layouts, such as in residential apartment buildings, network technologies have their advantages. When it comes to wireless communication with individual meters, whether for monitoring or configuration, short-range technologies are the obvious choice.

Bluetooth® technology has established itself as an attractive short-range technology option for these types of use cases. A Bluetooth network, which works with Bluetooth 4.0 or later, enables data transfer between devices via the network, transferring data from sensor to sensor to a centralized smart meter throughout the building . Alternatively, the mesh network can be linked to a mobile phone gateway – either a separate unit or the smart meter itself – allowing meter readings to be sent to the cloud. The combination of mobile and short-range technologies in this way enables interesting new use cases, such as smart heat cost allocators.

Pilot Ego700 Iot Multifunction Power Meter

Installing a mobile gateway in a residential building also provides new opportunities for service providers to expand their service offerings. For example, they may allow tenants to use a reliably maintained mobile phone connection to connect smart home sensors, appliances and devices to the cloud, and enable additional services, such as users To be alerted about internal leaks. Apart from creating new revenue streams, it also provides institutions with an opportunity to deepen their relationship with customers.

We’ve come to expect that there’s an app for everything, so why should smart meters be any different? As almost all of our modern connected devices – especially our smartphones – have Bluetooth connectivity built in, this gives metering companies the opportunity to provide their consumers with an easy-to-use graphical user interface for monitoring water, gas, heat or energy consumption Is. , Similarly, utility providers can use this opportunity to wirelessly configure smart meters from short distances and develop tools to collect data from outside (rather than inside) the home.

To learn more about the trends affecting smart metering and why adopting a mobile and short-range approach may be the way to go, watch our comprehensive on-demand webinar hosted by two of our in-house smart metering experts. , The webinar focused on the following topics: Traditional meter reading usually requires workers to go to the work site to record meter readings manually. Such methods of meter reading inevitably create a number of problems. For example, manual meter reading requires large amounts of work, low efficiency, and long working hours. It is inevitable that there will be such things as copying, and the labor cost is relatively high. Real-time meter data cannot be obtained from manual meter reading, and network quality and energy consumption cannot be statistically analyzed.

Centralized Meter Reading Application

In response to market demand, Zhejiang Yongtailong (YTL) launched an automatic AMR meter reading system. YTL has independently developed a series of AMR system measurement boxes equipped with centralized meter reading, with many years of experience in the research and development of electricity meters and related communication technology and tamper protection requirements, in implementing the functions Skilled and capable. Remote electricity meter reading. User energy consumption. information, load management and energy consumption analysis. It can also realize multi-user centralized power consumption data management and transmission to connected devices in the user’s indoor space, so that users can search for power consumption data at any time and achieve the goal of saving energy and emissions. For better management of power load. Shortage. The meter box may be mounted on an elevated location, such as an outdoor telephone pole, and locked so that it cannot be easily changed; Effectively achieved the target of checking power theft; With the supported internal display, users can view their power consumption data at any time.

Pdf) Challenges Of Advance Metering Infrastructure Implementation In Pakistan

The system uses a combination of the control center’s active controls and the hub’s weights. The centralizer sends the collected data to the control center at specified intervals. The system reacts quickly to the downloaded data in real time and sends it to the control center. Downlink mainly implements the control and adjustment of some data collection, hub, collector and monitor in real time. The control center can implement remote control for one user, and it can also implement total gate control for the whole meter box at the same time. The control center executes all processes automatically, and only personnel are required to query the software. In this way, apart from improving the accuracy of the data, the labor cost is also reduced significantly.

As a manufacturer of energy meters and a provider of power system solutions, YTL has developed this AMR system in response to market demand, which can effectively solve the problems caused by traditional manual meter reading and payment Can effectively improve the situation of outstanding and power breakdown. It can also accelerate capital return cycle, deliver direct financial benefits to customers and improve customer satisfaction. Automatic Balancing and Centralized Reading System techniques are applied to reduce/eliminate unbalance in multi-phase networks, reducing unbalance in multi-phase networks. -phase network etc. can solve the increasing line loss, three-phase load imbalance, social and economic harm etc.

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The voltage and current sampling circuit is used to collect real-time power data at the user’s end, send it to the CPU measurement and central control module for analysis and measurement, analyze three-phase loads, and calculate power consumption Is. Average control module and processor can display output results of output module and upload data through power network broadband communication module to realize centralized reading and status summary, convenient for large-scale detection and control Is.

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The voltage and current sampling circuit is used to collect real-time power data from the user end and send it to the measurement and central control module of the CPU for analysis and measurement, and calculate energy consumption. Measure…

The invention relates to a centralized electric meter reading system that can automatically balance three-phase loads and a selective switch and relates to the field of power system monitoring and measuring equipment. The system is characterized by the fact that the supply line of the electrical network consists of the connection end of the electrical network and the user’s access end, and mutual backup parallel lines are arranged between the connection end of the electrical network and the user interface. where a line at the end is the main line. , and the second row is an auxiliary row; The quick connector electronic module is placed in the three-phase line of the main line, and the voltage and current sampling circuit is arranged in the three-phase line of the user’s access end; The data end of the broadband communication module of the transmission line is connected to the data communication end of the measurement and central control module of the CPU, and the broadband communication module of the power network acts as the communication device of the hub; And the communication end of the network broadband communication module is connected to the server. Has balance been achieved?

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