Cheapest Electric Token Application

Cheapest Electric Token Application – Many of us have seen and interacted with these devices, but have you ever wondered how Kenya’s prepaid electricity system works to measure your electricity usage and alert you when you forget to recharge? is it disconnected In this review, we will learn more about the system, how to understand its function, examine some of its weaknesses, compare it to other measurement systems, and explore its strengths and weaknesses.

I’m sure some of us might be wondering why the CIU needs to be plugged into a wall outlet, even if the machine is powered. The answer is that it communicates with the meter using electrical wires inside the house, a technique that allows PLC (Power Line Communication) communication to upload signals and other sources.

Cheapest Electric Token Application

Cheapest Electric Token Application

Signals are generated specifically for the metro. Do you remember the account number you provided when you purchased your mortgage? It should generate a signal and thus make a certain measurement.

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We are in a situation where our CIU is not working and we are contacting customer service, hoping they can help. Kenyan power workers often advise you to change the CIU battery, plug it in and try again. This makes one wonder why the signal cannot fully load on your meter.

The reason the signal is not fully loaded is because the CIU and meter are completely separate from Kenya Power.

You wonder how the meter will tell if your input signal is valid if it is completely disconnected from Power Kenya. To answer that, let’s take a closer look at what the sign is. A signal is your meter number and associated electrical signal, encoded in a 20-digit numeric code. This code is then decrypted by the meter, allowing you to verify the code even if it is completely removed.

The meter tracks the number of units used by the family. For example, when 10 units of electricity are purchased, the meter will count up to 10 units. When they get really tired, they cut the power to the house until another signal is loaded.

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By looking at these questions and their answers, we have gained some insight into Kenya’s electricity supply system. Or it can be said that this technology is really innovative! Now that we understand how the Kenya Power One Meter works, let’s look at other meter systems and compare them.

There are other meter systems that often measure water. This system is slightly different from Powers Kenya’s implementation as they communicate directly with their companies.

This meter is used to record the reading of the instrument used, e.g. water and transfer it to the community. This reading transfer occurs periodically. When the utility detects that the customer has depleted his unit from the transmitted reading, it sends a signal to the meter to instruct it to close the valve.

Cheapest Electric Token Application

Another communication that occurs between the meter and the company is when the customer acquires the unit. After a good purchase, the company sends a signal to the meter instructing it to open the valve/break. Pick/pass is open until the units purchased are sold out.

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However, this and other forms of communication are taken for granted. This is to extend the life of the meter, as it is battery operated. That’s why you find it every day after the lesson.

We have gone a long way to explore and understand the Kenya Power system. Now look at the payment infrastructure for the standard. There are various ways to buy tokens, some of them are through M-Pesa, Airtel Money, buying through banks and buying tokens directly from Kenya Power.

To continue this review, we will look at M-Pesa’s infrastructure, as M-Pesa is the most common way to trade tokens. We will also investigate specific vulnerabilities in these infrastructure solutions.

Buying these signs is the easiest. Kenya Power integrates with M-Pesa through Daraja. When customers buy tokens through M-Pesa, Daraja notifies Kenyan authorities. And Power Kenya sends buy signals to customers via SMS. C2B workflow is used in this particular configuration.

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Customers start paying signal amounts through Kenya Power prepaid numbers to buy prices. Enter the account number as the meter number.

M-pesa verifies that the PIN entered by the customer is correct to ensure that this person actually initiated the transaction. After successful authentication, it allows the customer to proceed to the next step.

For M-pesa to process a transaction, it must verify that the account number entered is valid. Since M-pesa does not have any record of the number of electricity meters in Kenya, Daraja demanded that he can verify this with Kenya Power.

Cheapest Electric Token Application

Power Kenya will then respond to determine if the account number is valid. If the account number is correct, the transaction will be completed. If the meter number is incorrect, the payment process will stop.

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Daraja then passes the response to M-pesa, which in turn continues the process or terminates the second response.

On the second verification of the meter number, M-pesa will return the customer’s M-pesa balance and charge it to Kenya Power. Then he sent confirmation that Daraia’s payment had been made.

M-pesa goes ahead and sends a confirmation SMS to the customer with the corresponding transaction ID and M-pesa after the transaction is complete.

Daraja then sent a notification to the Kenyan Authorities that the stated amount had been paid by the buyer.

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Power Kenya generates a signal through the meter number and a number of connections which is equivalent to the amount to be paid in a 20-digit numerical code. Then it sends a code to the customer to use when entering.

At the end of this study, you will understand how the entire payment process through M-pesa works. It’s amazing that all this happened in such a short time. Very interesting technology!

Now, for your sharp eyes, you have found a way to receive news about Kenya Power without paying Thochen. If you haven’t already, go to live chat and try to figure out how this can be done.

Cheapest Electric Token Application

In step 10 there is a vulnerability verification solution. For all the students out there studying, you might want to consider submitting a Daraja fake notification to the Kenyan authorities. This is absolutely possible. With enough research, one can send a fake payment confirmation notification to Kenya Power and receive a free ksh 5000+ code.

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Before you even think of leaving this page, stop and investigate how this could happen!!! Safaricom has already thought about this vulnerability and implemented a security patch in the hope that Kenya Power will fix it in time.

Safaricom encourages companies expecting payment notifications to whitelist only their IP addresses. This prevents bad actors like us from sending fake payment notifications. A list of these IP addresses is available in the Daraja documentation.

Congratulations on successfully completing this study. I hope you are familiar with how Kenya’s electricity meter system works and the M-Pesa payment infrastructure. If you find it useful, like this post and share it with your friends so they can benefit from it too. Installation of KPLC prepaid meters started in 2009 and later. The system allows customers to check their electricity recharge by using a scratch code similar to playing cards. With a prepaid meter, multiple payments and reconnection charges are never a concern as reconnection is usually instant and immediate after recharging. How can you install this type of meter on your site?

Whether it’s your first connection or you want to replace an existing meter, KPLC prepaid meters require easy meter installation. You do not need any technical skills to install a KPLC Cape meter on your premises.

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Follow the steps below when connecting a new electricity meter. There are four steps in this process. Depending on your preference, you can use the face-to-face method or make an online application.

Here, you need to apply to the nearest KPLC branch or Huduma center. If you choose to go later, visit the Kenya Electric Desk.

Once your application is approved, Kenya’s power technicians will conduct an on-site inspection to ensure you meet their standards. Also the estimated amount you have to pay for the installation. This step takes place within eight days of receiving your request.

Cheapest Electric Token Application

According to what the technician has provided, you must act now and pay the dues. Everything is accepted

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