Cheerful Application On Iphone

Cheerful Application On Iphone – Our team of designers enjoy working on self-development projects that develop their skills, expand their understanding of design technologies, provide additional experience, and expand their knowledge of creative use of design tools.

The Healthy Freelancer app is a tribute to the idea of ​​creating a clear, user-friendly and intuitive app design for those who work from home and neglect or simply forget about regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Cheerful Application On Iphone

Cheerful Application On Iphone

During the research phase, we found that fitness apps for freelancers are either very complex or very simple solutions. In the first case, the user is often faced with a difficult application structure, many textual explanations and videos, which are difficult to adapt to the home environment, or for a serious athlete or well-prepared for physical training. In the second case, the applications provide a very primitive and limited experience, and programs that can provide strong motivation for a healthy lifestyle are missing.

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To better understand our target audience, we used an empathy map and thought about the likes, dislikes and fears of typical freelancers.

For Healthy Freelancer, our goal is to reach the golden mean where the user doesn’t need to read more text and video instructions (because the freelancer is busy with work and doesn’t have time to read the app). On the other hand, the interface design and training programs fit perfectly into a busy schedule of a freelancer, they don’t take too much time to implement, but at the same time they are intuitive and motivating.

I have been working as a freelancer for many years and I have become a real computer scientist. But with all my brain work and hours spent sitting in front of the laptop, I completely neglected my lifestyle and exercise. Then I realized… I need to change my routine and find a way to be better.

Every day I look for apps and watch workouts that help me plan how to live healthy and exercise regularly.

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After many attempts, I came up with my own fitness app to help freelancers like me stay active, strong, fit and happy. Say it, healthy freelancer!

This is an app that contains short and fun exercises that will increase your energy and motivate you to exercise every day. The app helps freelancers with everyday health issues such as back pain, wrist pain, eye strain, weight gain, and lack of energy and motivation.

How did we decide on the logo design for the app? We had three options in mind: creating a logo with letters, homework or our freelance character.

Cheerful Application On Iphone

Our goal was to create a strong emotional response for potential app users. That’s why we rejected the idea of ​​using letters. It is also not a good choice to show your character at full height during training. It can be hard to identify what this character is doing because he seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Also, since the app’s fitness programs are unconventional and don’t involve weight or barbell exercises, we ended up focusing on making the character’s face look younger and healthier.

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The workouts in the app are specifically designed to help you build good daily habits and build good physical and emotional health. Select the most important pain points in your daily routine and the app will provide a personalized training plan for your needs.

Look at me I am a young, independent and attractive person who is always ready to help.

In the character design, our task was to create an image of a smart male programmer for a programmer of a certain age (around 25-35) and look like a typical programmer. Here are the different facial expressions we came up with.

We didn’t want to make it boring or too hipster. Our freelance developer is young and energetic. Mike is smart, so he wears glasses and has sleek, wavy hair. And yes, please listen! She wears slippers, not some fancy and shiny sneakers or shoes, because she works at home. That’s why he wears a t-shirt and shorts. His clothes provide him with complete comfort. For the cherry on the bag in Mike’s portrait, we added a soul patch under his lower lip. Iphone 7 Plus/8 Plus Christian Quote Saying God Loves A Cheerful Giver Bible Case

As soon as the notification arrives on your device, you can start using Healthy Freelancer’s personalized plan. You decide if you want to use this app now or if you are ready a little later.

Creating a wireframe helps you quickly visualize an idea and test its feasibility. Editing and fixing errors at this stage is very easy. We built a prototype for the app to test how reasonable our solutions are for the app idea.

Switching between all exercises is automated to make it easier to interact with the app. All exercises have audio with short instructions. You can also choose to display text notifications.

Cheerful Application On Iphone

In the settings, you can specify the number of repetitions, adjust the sound volume or mute the music. You can switch between exercises by sliding or pressing a button.

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For the design of the application, we chose a flat style, clean and bright colors and good contrast, as well as images that are the basis for the appearance and navigation of the application. So users don’t have to waste time reading long instructions, and the app can intuitively see information and set functions.

The app concept provides an animated screen to bring the app to life, creating interactions with the user and quickly engaging them in activities. For example, interaction with the user is supported by animated features such as slightly moving the microphone arm or pressing an active button.

For Healthy Freelancer, we use very clear color coding that reduces the time it takes to process information. This means you don’t have to read the text and guess what to do based on the color you see.

Our team used natural color associations for the application. For example, healthy food can be easily identified by its green color, water is turquoise because it is important for maintaining health, work is blue because it is related to sustainability and well-planned activities. The sidebar uses a dark shade of purple to contrast with the rest of the app’s screen.

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The orange color represented movement, while the red color represented high energy, so it was used in the exercises category. We used light violet to start the eye relaxation exercise. Unlike other natural dyes, it works as a less pigmented solution for training.

We’ve chosen fonts that fit the mindset of a healthy freelancer. That is why they are moderate and refined. Most of the app’s screens have headers, so the typography was chosen to make the information easy and quick to use. You will not see large texts in the application.

The side menu provides additional options within the application. A smart alarm clock that initiates a healthy night’s sleep so you wake up on time. The workplace organization function ensures a healthy environment and better performance at the workplace. If you’re looking for something a little more special, you have the option to create a customized plan for yourself.

Cheerful Application On Iphone

The application carefully collects data about your activities (daily, weekly and monthly). You can check your water intake balance, the number of exercises you’ve done, and how long you’ve been active. Each parameter is calculated separately, so the user can view all of them as needed.

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For each type of functionality provided by the app, we’ve chosen elements that very quickly explain what to do next. For example, the working time code can naturally be identified with the programmer’s basic work tool, the laptop.

Following healthy eating habits means planning more snacks throughout the day. To differentiate these small but important foods, we created various snack icons.

This application solves one of the most important problems of freelancers. It gradually distracts them from the lazy daily routine. Due to the nature of the app, this transition is a simple process, so freelancers don’t have to do anything crazy and difficult. Game elements, emotional images and fun exercises help solve the problem of a sedentary lifestyle.

With few features, Healthy Freelancer is an easy-to-use app. His composition is emotional, but not overly so. Iphone 11 Pro Cheerful Baby Lollipop With Cute Googly Eyes Case

It has a friendly tone, so the user is constantly engaged and motivated. The training exercises are simple and unusual at the same time, so users can enjoy them.

Also, the app is flexible and you can easily add more features. You can create multiple challenges, such as competitions, and share your progress with yourself

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