Connecting Ig Feed Application

Connecting Ig Feed Application – The horizontal Instagram feed works great on desktops and tablets. However, if you think “mobile first”, you should display your Instagram feed in a vertical orientation. In this article, you’ll learn how to design a mobile-first Instagram feed for your website using Spotlight and Spotlight PRO.

With so many people around the world using mobile phones to navigate and buy products online, it makes sense to prioritize mobile design first. Also, since Google is mobile friendly, it’s important to keep that in mind when designing your website, don’t you think?

Connecting Ig Feed Application

Connecting Ig Feed Application

The same phrase applies when you want to embed your Instagram feed into your website. Note that horizontal Instagram feeds work best on desktops and tablets. However, if you think “mobile first”, you should display your Instagram feed in a vertical orientation.

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In this article, I’ll show you how to use Spotlight and Spotlight PRO to fully customize the way your feed looks on mobile devices for your website How to Design Your First Instagram Feed

A mobile-first approach is exactly what it sounds like: design for the smallest screen and work your way across tablets and desktops. The reason for going for a mobile-first design is that you should prioritize only the most important elements to present to users.

In this context, it is easy to move from a simpler outline and function to a more complex desktop solution.

How to design a mobile-first Instagram feed for your website 1. Install and activate Spotlight or Spotlight PRO

How To Embed An Instagram Feed On A Website

Note: Before going to Spotlight, make sure you’re logged into your Instagram account on your desktop.

The first step is to install the Spotlight plugin. You can find the free version in the WordPress Plugins Store. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Spotlight in the search bar.

After activating the plugin, proceed to create your new feed. First, select the feed you’re creating.

Connecting Ig Feed Application

Check out the beautiful Instagram feed that took you so long to create and optimize, and let’s continue to design your mobile-first feed to feature your best photos while navigating your site from a mobile device and to give!

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Tabs to customize your Instagram feed. Note that Spotlight is not only fully responsive, but it is also one of the only plugins that allows you to create a feed that matches your device.

To start designing a mobile-first Instagram feed, select the phone device at the top of the sidebar. Your feed will soon appear in vertical order:

In addition, there is a wide range of customization options: you can order your photos by date and popularity and decide whether messages open in a new or existing tab or a popup.

I chose the highlights setting to create a collection of big and small Instagram posts on this feed. I also went for a 3 column, 9 post layout for my first mobile design.

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Top tip: Having too many columns results in smaller images on any mobile device. For this reason, when designing an Instagram feed for your phone, go for a 3-column layout similar to the original design of the Instagram app.

Another way to prioritize beautiful photos for your Instagram feed is to remove elements that might distract visitors from your feed. I recommend you go.

Additionally, if you really want to focus on mobile design first, we also recommend removing the follow button. To do this go to the Follow Buttons section in the sidebar and uncheck the box:

Connecting Ig Feed Application

You can upload more photos with this option button. We all know that Instagram is designed to be an “endless” feed, so if you want to give users that possibility, go for it.

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This plugin is packed with features and customization options, so if you want to further enhance your design, you

Department. In this menu you will find options to adjust the width and height of your feed. You can also change the image position and text size of your Instagram handle and buttons.

In addition, you can choose the background color of your feed and decide if you want to show the number of likes and comments.

Pro Tip: After designing your Instagram feed for mobile devices, tweak each setting to ensure your feed looks best on desktop and tablet devices. By clicking on each device, you can switch between them and adjust your settings. Make sure your Instagram photos look perfect on any device, and don’t forget to save any settings you make!

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Upgrading to Spotlight PRO also gives you two more ways to curate your Instagram feed through filtering and moderation.

These options are ideal if you want to hide or highlight messages with specific words or phrases. Likewise, you can manually select the specific messages you want to hide or show only your selected images.

At the top of the screen, you can add links to promote your blog posts, landing pages, WooCommerce products and more through your Instagram feed.

Connecting Ig Feed Application

Now that your Instagram feed is ready, all you have to do is embed it on your website.

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To display your feed in a blog post, go to the Article and Add Spotlight block in Gutenberg and select the feed you want to display.

If you’re using a page builder like Elementor or displaying your Instagram feed as a widget, you’ll need to copy and paste the shortcode to add your feed to each section. You can also use the Spotlight Eliminator block.

Ignoring mobile design in this day and age is a UX design sin. In this regard, providing the best user experience on mobile devices or across all devices should be at the heart of your website design strategy. Use Spotlight and Spotlight PRO to improve the experience you provide to your website visitors.

By embedding an optimized Instagram feed on your page, users will not only be attracted to learn more about your account, but will also seek to learn more about what you have to offer. We promise they’ll appreciate it!

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Designing a mobile-first feed in WordPress with Spotlight PRO takes minutes. We are currently adding more features to this well-designed and easy-to-install plugin, available to all social media lovers or Instagram users who are at the heart of any strategy business.

Have you used Spotlight to design a mobile-first Instagram feed for your website? Let us know in the comments section below.

Can Spotlight help you and your team redesign your website? We are happy to help you find out. Why not try Spotlight?

Connecting Ig Feed Application

We are committed to your privacy. By downloading this resource, you are signing up to receive emails from Spotlight. You can unsubscribe at any time. Improve your website engagement with a curated, filtered and moderated Instagram feed. Spotlight gives you the tools to maintain a flow of high-quality content, keeping it relevant and engaging for your audience. Learn more about getting the most out of your Instagram feed with Spotlight.

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Content creation is an essential skill for marketers and business owners. While there are many benefits to displaying Instagram feeds, if you accidentally display content that misses the mark, it can reduce the overall impact.

There’s a sweet spot to aim for, to keep your content engaging, relevant and attractive to your audience. Avoid overloading with content and focus on filtering and moderating your Instagram feed. Think of it as curating your content, keeping only the pieces that really resonate with your audience.

In this article, we’ll see how Spotlight can help you embed beautifully designed Instagram feeds into your WordPress pages.

While Instagram feeds are a great source of visual content for your website, it’s important to display relevant content that matches your audience’s expectations. By doing this, you create an engaging user experience for your visitors and effectively filter out any content that doesn’t fit the bill.

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This becomes especially important if you display user generated content (UGC) on your website. UGC can be a great tool to show appreciation, influencer collaborations, and brand partnerships. However, sometimes it can pull in some Instagram posts that are best left in the shadows.

The same principle applies to Instagram post titles. Maintaining a stream of “clean” content can have a positive impact on your business, so filtering profanity and inappropriate language ensures that your content is always appropriate for the audience.

Enter Spotlight, your answer to these challenges. It offers three curation techniques that allow you to maintain a high-quality Instagram feed:

Connecting Ig Feed Application

Once you have installed and activated Spotlight, go to Instagram Feeds > Feed in your WordPress dashboard. Choose between your Instagram posts, tagged posts, hashtag feed, or shared feed and move on to the next step where we will choose a template.

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For this tutorial, I’ll be using the Brick template – a great way to fully display Instagram content, regardless of aspect ratio. This will be useful when I display my landscape photography on my e-commerce site to showcase my portfolio and sell my prints.

For this tutorial I will be using a personal account. Spotlight lets you connect as many personal or business accounts as you need.

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