Covid Airport Application

Covid Airport Application – Providing a fun and hassle-free experience to every passenger who walks through the doors has always been a key focus for Changi Airport. With the development of border security requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Changi Airport’s Airport Management Group (CAG) is looking at how to make travel to Singapore easier and seamless for passengers.

Developed by Changi Airport’s Digital, Innovation, Ventures and Analytics (DIVA) team, Secure Travel Concierge (STC) is a practical tool for passengers. What was the first place for travelers to book and pay for a Covid-19 vaccination test at the start of the pandemic is now a one-stop portal that acts as a personal travel companion for travellers. With STC, travelers no longer need to visit multiple websites to search and complete their travel requests in advance. Passenger Arrivals not only allows booking and pre-payment for Covid-19 testing, but also guides users through a personalized list of pre-trip requests based on the user’s profile and details.

Covid Airport Application

Covid Airport Application

The prototype was first developed and tested with support from the Singapore Tourism Board at a pilot hybrid trade show in Singapore in November 2020 – TravelRevive. This helps ensure that participants have completed all necessary travel requirements before flying to Singapore so that they can travel safely to the event.

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When asked how the idea for STC came about, Lucas Lee, president of Changi Airport Development Services Group, said, “As countries require different languages, many travelers find it challenging and confusing to search for information online. for today Similarly. We want to make it easier for inbound travelers to meet Singapore’s travel needs.”

After the success of the STC trial at TravelRevive, the team continued to work on the design for several months, integrating more features. Arrival of STC can cancel documents for swap test. After that, several rounds of user testing are done with different user profiles to ensure that the design of the portal is intuitive and user-friendly.

Since the inception of STC, the acceptance rate has been high. “We’re seeing more than 1,000 registrations a day, and we expect that number to increase as we launch,” Lucas said. “We are working with local and foreign travel agencies to further promote the use of the portal.”

He said the group would like to add more services to the portal to better meet the needs of passengers, such as a group check-in feature and providing Wi-Fi access to users at Changi Airport. “We welcome feedback and will continue to improve the portal to ensure STC is accurate and compliant with government regulations and new ideas.”

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STC is another step taken by CAG to improve passenger experience as Changi prepares to resume tourism by opening international borders. Passengers bound for Singapore are encouraged to use the gateway for express check-in at Changi Airport.

CAG has partnered with Rainbow to provide ONE Changi CARE agent training and skills to help guests and travelers better work at receptions for the Changi experience.

In 2020, CAG conducted a survey titled “Dream Destinations,” inviting participants to share the destinations they would like to visit when travel resumes. Learn about some key concepts.

Covid Airport Application

For consecutive years since 1981, Changi Airport has been rated impeccable by IFALPA, confirming that Changi Airport is one of the safest airports in the world for landing and take-off. The new service can be used to confirm travelers’ immunity to Covid-19 conditions. Photo: Ong Ye Kung/Facebook

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SINGAPORE – Singapore Airlines (SIA) has begun trials of a new service that will allow rapid verification of Covid-19 test results, paving the way for the introduction of vaccination passports.

Instead of manually checking the authenticity of health certificates, the immigration officer can scan the QR code using an app developed by connected technology firm Temasek.

This will reduce the time it takes to clear passenger immigration and improve the travel experience amid the pandemic, which will go live on Thursday (December 23).

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The new service can also be used to confirm passengers’ Covid-19 vaccination status and act as a sort of vaccination passport ahead of the introduction of vaccination-related travel laws by international airline operators.

SIA worked with the International Air Transport Association (Iata) on the new service as part of a push to introduce industry standards for open borders.

Joanne Tan, the airline’s senior vice president of marketing planning, said: “Covid-19 testing and vaccinations will be an important part of air travel in the future.

Covid Airport Application

“We provide a digital solution that allows for easy and secure verification of this information and supports the company’s security and smooth recovery from this pandemic.”

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In a Facebook post, Tourism Minister Ong Ye Kung said a traveler’s Covid-19 test result and vaccination status would “become very useful information” for cross-border travel.

Regarding SIA’s partnership with IATA on the digital certification system, Mr Ong said the Transport and Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will support the initiative to help make this a regional or international practice.

Currently, most passengers flying to Singapore must be tested for Covid-19 within 72 hours of their departure.

The test result must be obtained from an authorized agency, and confirmation of this result, including the test date and accuracy of the result, is done manually by Changi Airport staff.

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Under SIA’s trial, which began on Thursday, passengers traveling on their flights from Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur can take advantage of the new service before entering designated hospitals in the cities for a Covid-19 test.

Hospitals will issue a digital or paper health certificate to travelers with negative results displaying a QR code confirming the certificate’s validity. The codes can be checked by local airport and immigration authorities using a mobile app developed by Temasek-based technology company Affinidi.

SIA is involved in the inspections in collaboration with various organizations such as Ministry of Transport, CAAS, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Changi Airport Group (CAG).

Covid Airport Application

If the trials are successful, the certification service will be offered to SIA airlines from other cities. SIA plans to integrate the pass into its mobile app from June next year.

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SIA is the first airline in the world to establish such a certification process based on the IATA Travel Policy Framework.

Still in development, the Iata platform is designed to be a global digital health passport that proves travelers have been tested or vaccinated for Covid-19.

Nick Careen, IATA’s senior vice president of airport, passenger, cargo and security, said on Wednesday that the partnership with SIA shows that people can start traveling with confidence in meeting the country’s Covid-19 accessibility requirements.

“This will help ensure that SIA customers are the first to benefit when governments reopen their borders with testing or vaccination requirements,” he added.

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Covid-19 testing lab at Changi Airport to open in Q1 2021: Ong Ye Kung

Margaret Tan, CAAS director of airport operations and aviation security, said the checks were an important step to ease the return of flights. He said the authority would work with its partners to bring such solutions to help revive air travel.

“This is an innovative way to ensure hassle-free travel while ensuring that health and border agencies have the necessary health certificates on travelers to protect public health,” he added.

Covid Airport Application

Brendan Sobie, independent aviation analyst at Sobie Aviation, said SIA’s introduction of a digital confirmation system would help passengers cope with higher demands, but it would not help passengers get refunds on their transport.

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“In order for this technology to help the recovery, governments on both ends of any flight must agree to an air travel bubble or full opening on a bilateral basis, and require the industry to identify Covid-19 tests and vaccines.” He said. Sophie.

SIA tests new tool to confirm passengers’ Covid-19 test results; Passport Receive company policy for maximum immunity and all Nippon Airways Co. workers. (Right) A CommonPass app checks a passenger’s COVID-19 status at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport during testing. | Kyoto

All Nippon Airways Co. Japan’s CommonPass on Monday conducted the first test of an app that indicates a passenger’s COVID-19 status at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, part of the global travel agency’s efforts to make cross-border travel easier and safer.

The app, which is one of the digital health passports being piloted around the world to allow airlines and authorities to speed up immigration procedures at airports, is supported by the World Economic Forum. It checks both coronavirus test results and vaccination status.

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The Commons Project Foundation, the developer of CommonPass, said it aims to launch the digital platform in countries around the world.

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