Digital Pegadaian Application

Digital Pegadaian Application – JAKARTA, – Pegadaian can be a gold savings option for those of you who want to invest in gold. In addition, you can now buy gold in Pegadaian online.

As for how to buy Pegadaian Gold Online, you can access Pegadaian Digital App. This application provides several Pegadaian services such as Gold Savings, Online Mortgage, Payment and Recharge, Gold Premium and Multipurpose Financing and Hajj Financing.

Digital Pegadaian Application

Digital Pegadaian Application

One of the investment products of pawnshops is gold made from precious metals. People can buy and sell through Pegadaian gold saving feature.

Review Pegadaian Digital 2021: Nabung Emas Mulai 50 Ribu

Taken from the official website, Pegadaian Gold Savings is a gold custodian service that makes it easy for people to invest in gold.

Pegadaian’s Gold Savings product enables users to invest in gold in a simple, economical, safe and reliable way. By opening a Pegadaian Gold Savings Account, users can pay in installments to invest in 24 carat gold bars.

Simply put, Pegadaian Gold Savings Scheme means that customers can deposit money to save any amount. Then the collected amount is converted into grams of gold bars as per the prevailing price of 24 karat gold at that time.

Then the gold balance accumulated in the customer’s account can be converted into cash. Customers can cash out the savings into physical gold bullion based on prevailing bullion gold prices.

Pegadaian Syariah Digital Apk For Android

Customers can save gold and start recharge through Pegadaian digital app which includes gold saving services. Customers can purchase gold savings from 0.01 grams to 100 grams per day.

Before buying gold, users must open a gold savings account. Here’s what Pegadaian Digital App reported:

It is understood that the purchase and sale of gold through Gold Savings is based on the purchase and sale prices established by Pegadaian and not on any other reference price. The daily buying and selling price of gold can also be seen on Pegadaian digital application.

Digital Pegadaian Application

This is information on how to buy Pegadaian Gold Online through Pegadaian Digital App. You can buy gold online with this app using Pegadaian gold savings and gold premium features.

Pegadaian Digital Revamp By Ichsan Ramadhani On Dribbble

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Tags gold investinggold stovebuy antam goldbuy antam gold on pegadaianpegadaian gold savingsPegadaian How to buy gold on Pegadaian?Pegadaian is a more than 100-year-old state-owned enterprise (BUMN), Indonesia’s leading pawnbroker of items such as jewelry. , dealing with motor vehicles or electronic equipment.

┬áThe Pegadaian team approached us to support their in-house design team in their digital transformation efforts. We have been working with Pegadaian since 2019 working on a mobile application – Pegadaian Digital, where we worked to realize their vision to become the most valuable financial company in Indonesia.

Create a more modern and usable interface for Pegadaian Digital. Restructure the application’s interface to improve its usability with minimal effort spent on a major overhaul of the back-end technology.

Pegadaian Syariah Digital Mobile Revamp Ui/ux Case Study

We believe that any design improvement starts with understanding the user. We started by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes by creating a user persona and a user journey map. This process also helped us deepen Pegadaian’s core value.

We tested designs for new and existing user flows to see how we could improve usability with minimal backend effort. We also conducted a heuristic assessment to identify key usability gaps and address them on the Pegadaian digital platform.

As we began to define the new look and feel of Pegadaian Digital, we created a comprehensive design style guide, component library, and set of illustrations to maintain a consistent user interface and visual design style throughout the product.

Digital Pegadaian Application

To stay ahead of other competitors, we conducted competitive studies to provide the Pegadaian team with insights and guidance for designing and developing new features.

Dorong Transformasi Digital Di Sektor Mikro, Pegadaian Raih Penghargaan Prominent Award 2023

Existing and potential Pegadaian users are looking for ways to get safe money as soon as possible. The biggest frustrations in the process include lengthy application processes to receive funds and finding a reliable and trustworthy platform to do so online.

Designing for usability is key to making any product easy to use. And a detailed UX audit helps us uncover any opportunities to improve the product and experience. Implementing simple solutions to key issues identified during the audit process will move the app from 0 to 10 in terms of ease of use.

Since digital transformation is at the heart of all of Pegadaian’s new digital product efforts, the app had to transform visually as well. We’ve updated the outdated design of the Pegadaian app to give it a completely modern and fresh look while maintaining the strong Pegadaian brand identity. Many design iterations led us to a new user interface for the mobile app. At the same time, we created a design system to maintain consistency across all products and make this new interface easy to fit within the Pegadaian design and development team.

To maintain a consistent visual design style across platforms and facilitate collaboration between Pegadaian’s internal teams, we’ve created a scalable design system as the number of products or platforms in the Pegadaian ecosystem continues to grow.

Jual Baju Kaos Pria Distro Sablon Dtf Pegadaian Digital Bumn Perusahaan Lengan Panjang Bisa Custom

We worked on custom illustrations that support information throughout the product and make it easier for the user to understand in context.

A comparative study between multiple features of different competitors helped us understand how Pegadaian stands out among its competitors thanks to its key strengths.

We conducted a simple audit of several competing products and analyzed each user flow to find potential pain points and identify elements of happiness, learning how to improve Pegadaian’s experience.

Digital Pegadaian Application

After in-depth analysis and detailed benchmarking, we’ve come up with a set of best practices that make Pegadaian’s features easier to use and highlight the value Pegadaian offers its users.

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