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E-pupns Application – It’s a readme value, which is customized. In addition to her role as a recruiter, ensuring that every Readme candidate has the best possible experience, she is also the internal champion of employee experience and DEIB (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Participation). ). Additionally, Shinae’s influence and efforts can be found throughout the company—from the fun things she writes to surprise and delight new team members in their first month, to the positive collaborative conversations she facilitates to encourage collaborative learning.

Did we mention that Shinae is also the creator, writer and director behind the first ReadMe video, Values, a six-part dive into each of ReadMe’s six values? As a new member of the readme group, I hadn’t joined yet when Shinae recorded the content. So I sat down with her to get a behind-the-scenes look at what sparked the idea, her creative process, and what she learned about ReadMe herself along the way.

E-pupns Application

E-pupns Application

To learn more about what ReadMe does, well, ReadMe, and what the team has to say about ReadMe’s most important values.

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Before we start talking about the podcast, let’s talk a little bit about the ReadMe journey. As someone who leads the candidate experience in ReadMe, I’m curious – what is your candidate? How did you first hear about ReadMe?

After college I want to be a journalist and live in the Bay Area. I am looking for jobs at the end of 2019 and I am looking for office manager or office assistant jobs. I saw the ReadMe and thought, wow, maybe this is a publishing company where I can get my foot in the door, and I quickly realized that it wasn’t! However, I really liked the job description and decided to work. I thought the scope of the role matched my college experience and what I enjoyed doing.

I applied and received a friendly message from Mary, the Public Works Manager at the time. He invited me to meet for coffee for our first interview. Meeting in person gave us a chance to chat and I felt like it was a breath of fresh air. In all the phone calls I’ve made up until this point I didn’t feel like I could say what I could bring to the role and Mary listened to us as we were excited about things like that. I met more people in chat on the site who were amazing. I got an offer, in person, which was also unexpected and nice.

One of the main reasons I decided to join is because the whole philosophy surrounding working at ReadMe is in line with what I value personally – it focuses on being a person and you as a person comes first . I really appreciate that and it’s not something you see every day, especially for jobs available to recent college graduates.

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As someone who had no background in APIs before joining ReadMe, how did you connect the purpose of ReadMe to what we do?

Greg [our founder] likes to say that there are two main things that define ReadMe: (1) the product and (2) the people and expertise of our staff. That’s important to me – that our CEO values ​​our team and the overall experience of our employees as much as the product we’re building.

As a member of the People Ops team, this speaks volumes to me. I can enjoy working at ReadMe because I’ve had the opportunity over the years to talk to engineers and other people who work directly with our products, and our customers, and I really enjoy what we do. . ReadMe at its heart is a company that wants to make people’s lives easier, and I think that’s really interesting. Especially talking to Kanad [Redme development consultant], he is interested in the power of APIs to launch the code so it is easier and easier for people to build new things. I think that’s a really cool thing – APIs that allow communities to grow.

E-pupns Application

So, at some point during your academic journey, you transitioned from Office Manager to Staff. Can you talk about your evolution? What are some of the highlights?

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I started as our Office Manager and did a variety of things because there were only two people on the People Ops team and we didn’t have recruiters. I was responsible for designing the field questions and I really enjoyed it. Over time, I have more influence on the candidate’s experience with the ReadMe interview process. I also saw an opportunity in the ReadMe to improve recruiting in general. Since we don’t have anyone to officially hire, this is something that hiring managers pick up and often use in their spare time. This is not the best experience for candidates or managers, so be on the side of the change you are looking for

One of the advantages of working at ReadMe is that I have the freedom to look at a lot of different things – I was curious about , dipped my toes in some design projects, started working on events, and In the end, I realized that recruiting is what I do. he was interested in more. I’m very interested in diversity and inclusion, especially in the creative industry, an industry that’s full of money, and the biggest motivation for me to get more recruiting is [and until now] I have opened up opportunities in this industry and that. A company for many people.

Let’s talk about values ​​first: How did the team come up with the idea for a podcast around our values? It’s not easy to start a podcast from scratch – how did you make the idea a reality?

Honestly, it’s a combination of the lockdown during the height of the COVID pandemic and the idea that Greg [our founder] has had for years. As the ReadMe Office Manager, I’m used to doing all kinds of random projects, and Greg has talked to me several times about his podcast idea, focusing on our culture and how it’s done. work in ReadMe.

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Once the lockout happened and I was the office manager without an office to work in, I volunteered to take on the podcast idea and help Greg. Greg was very excited to lead this project and for me to figure out how to get our reading ideas out into the world in a fun and exciting way.

In many ways, you as an office manager never once thought about job security during the disaster – and you were encouraged to take on new jobs that interested you at the time – a sign of ReadMe’s value, especially our value about and being human. Since the rating started as a lock-in project – how did you figure out how to record a podcast via Zoom? And how did you come up with the idea to produce it as a serial?

We wanted to make this podcast something that would be fun to listen to. We don’t want to just talk about our ratings or just talk too much about ReadMe ratings that would be up to down. We wanted to share Weisey’s side, if you will, and do something interesting to reach something that people will want to hear. And we know that we want to make a short podcast format – not many events, short, with a clear beginning and end of the series.

E-pupns Application

Greg came up with the idea of ​​a parody serial and I thought it would be really fun to do an in-depth parody of what it’s like to work on ReadMe. In addition, I came from the field of journalism, I am very happy to bring my experience as a journalist in everyday life.

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We decided to do one episode at any price, and I planned the process in the style of how I would write a news article. I started with questions and found people in the company who I thought would be best suited to answer those questions. For the interviews, I spoke to a diverse group of people and let what the team members said about our values ​​inform the rest of the text and the overall structure of the sections. I had a lot of editing help from Angela, our producer, who was invaluable in concept editing, text editing and lending skills, in addition to all the technical support she provided.

What’s one thing you hope listeners take away from this podcast, whether they’re readme team members, interested contestants, or even people who happen to be on the podcast?

My main goal with this podcast is to create something that people will actually want to listen to. I’d like to get more information about what it’s like to work at ReadMe, what our values ​​are, and delve into the meaning of ReadMe’s values ​​- which have little value at face value.

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