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To promote personal excellence and career readiness, SMK SMTI Pontianak organizes Achievement Motivation Training (AMT). These measures aim at shaping and maximizing individual goals related to personal life. The event, which was held over 5 days from June 27 to July 1, 2022, was attended by 160 participants who graduated from SMK SMTI Pontianak in 2022.

E Smk Smti Pontianak Application

E Smk Smti Pontianak Application

AMT events are usually held once a year. 2022 was the first year that AMT began operating after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this AMT activity, Pontianak SMTI Vocational School introduced 10 facilitators inside and outside the school. The presenter gives several tests and games that the participants complete.

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Moreover, the tests and games explained the content and purpose of what the participants did. Marwandi, as Head of SMTI Pontianak Vocational School, also said in his opening remarks that AMT training, if properly followed and interpreted, can increase self-motivation, raise a person or individual’s awareness to know the potential within themselves, and inculcate learning values. throughout life.

“The AMT exam conducted by SMK SMTI Pontianak has brought new experiences to me and my other friends. In addition to the experience, my horizons have opened up more and I can also apply the meaning of the game given to my life,” impressed participants Christophros Dimas.

SMK-SMTI Pontianak is one of the nine SMKs in Indonesia under the auspices of the Human Resources Industrial Development Agency (BPSDMI) of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. You must prepare yourself to face the harsh world of work as soon as possible, and one of the best ways is to study in an industrial school. What is an industrial vocational high school? Here you will find a brief explanation about vocational schools and the vocational school enrollment process.

SMK Industri is a secondary vocational and technical school (SMK) under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Kemenperin). In industrial vocational schools, students must hone business skills and competencies in a specific field that they can use immediately after graduation. Alternatively, students can also continue their education at an industrial polytechnic that corresponds to the subject they have studied and which is also regulated by the Ministry of Business.

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This is the main reason why industrial vocational education and training is the right choice for improving job skills from the start. Moreover, the competence of industrial vocational high school graduates is more assured, as they learn directly from experts in their field.

An example of an industrial vocational school under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry is SMTI Banda Aceh Vocational School. Banda Aceh SMTI Vocational School is the only industrial vocational school in Aceh. This single school has many proofs of its quality, from an A-rating for accreditation, a certificate from the Institute for Professional Certificates (LSP) to international cooperation with the Dutch industrial company VAPRO.

SMK SMTI Banda Aceh has three proficiency-related skills or majors that you can choose from. The first direction is industrial chemistry, the second is laboratory research analysis, and the third is industrial engineering.

E Smk Smti Pontianak Application

SMTI Banda Aceh Vocational School is certainly not the only industrial vocational school under the Ministry of Industry. There are a total of 9 SMK factories under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Here is the list:

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Of course, the presence of 9 industrial vocational schools can open up opportunities for many potential students in different cities throughout Indonesia. In the same way, different fields of study can provide opportunities for prospective students with special interests.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that these nine vocational schools have so many enthusiasts. Especially with regard to the quality of work of the 9 industrial vocational schools and what they can offer students. If you are one of the enthusiasts, see the Vocational Technical High School admission procedure below.

In short, JARVIS is an entry program for enrollment in vocational education throughout Indonesia. Jarvis was developed by the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency of the Ministry of Industry (BPSDMI) and launched in 2020.

JARVIS operates in vocational education under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, including 9 industrial vocational schools. In addition, JARVIS also hosts 10 industrial technical institutes and 2 community academies, which are also under the auspices of the Ministry of Business.

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JARVIS 2022 has three channels namely JARVIS Shared, JARVIS Standalone and JARVIS Achievement. JARVIS Bersama is a path with more general concurrent tests. Jarvis Mandiri is a route organized and run by each Ministry of Industry academy. Meanwhile, JARVIS Achievement is a special track where enrollment is based on participants’ academic and non-academic achievements.

To register a professional activity in the industry through JARVIS Bersama 2022, you must complete five steps. Here are the five steps:

2. Fill in your information on the proposed page. The required data starts from personal identity, parental identity, school identity, to choosing the academy and majors

E Smk Smti Pontianak Application

3. Upload the necessary documents such as physical requirements or other documents required by the academy you wish to attend

Firman Sahat Martua Sitompul

5. Print the test card that appears. When you take the test at the appointed time and place, you must have the test card with you.

How to Enroll in JARVIS Joint Track Vocational Education and Training 2022. To pass the 2022 JARVIS Mandiri and 2022 JARVIS Achievement, you need some prerequisites, such as the JARVIS Certificate of Achievement. You can easily check these requirements on the official website of each industrial vocational high school. In general, the steps you go through are similar to JARVIS Bersama 2022.

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