Father And Mother Application

Father And Mother Application – Letter to Dad for Money: In this article, you will learn how to write a letter to your dad asking for money. Here we have included 8 posts on this topic. The letters are helpful for students in grades 5-12. So, let’s start with the characters.

I’m good enough. How are you? I got your love letter yesterday. Our book list has just been released. Many new books. The price is around five hundred rupees. So, please send me the money as soon as possible. I really hope so. You know that our new meeting will be in full swing in the second week of May. And I am writing to you for the fifth time.

Father And Mother Application

Father And Mother Application

I love it here and I hope you do too. You will be happy to hear that I have secured the highest marks in the mid-semester examination. My teachers are very happy for me. I was advised to read some important books if I wanted to crack the board exam. I managed to get some books from the library. Some books are not available in the library. So, I have to buy these books. The cost of the books is about Rs. I really want to buy this book. It will be very helpful if you send money in a week.

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A long time has passed since then. I hope you are well. I’m fine here. You may have received my progress report from school. You will be happy that I have secured first position in the mid-term examination. I assure you that I will maintain my position in the annual examination as well. As you know my dues for the next quarter, kindly send Rs.2000 by post as soon as possible.

Our final review is complete. I did well in all the papers. I hope to pass. Our school is closed on Christmas Eve from 24.12.2021. I will go home on 25/12/2021.

I have to pay tuition for November and December by 12/12/10. Apart from this, some money is also required to meet my travel expenses. Send minimum Rs. 500/- on your previous application.

I am fine in the hostel. My studies are also going well. I need to buy test papers to prepare for the final exam. The price of the book is around five hundred rupees. I don’t have money to buy books. Please send me the money in one week. Hope you understand well. As soon as I pass the exam, I will go home for vacation.

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I am doing well here and I hope all our family members are doing well too. I want to tell you that the price is high in this city. I am short of money right now. I am having a very difficult time. I need some money for daily expenses. I hope you understand my situation. I request you to transfer the monthly allowance to me early this month.

My school is having a picnic. It is also an educational journey. For this every student has to pay Rs. 1500 but I don’t have the required amount. Please send me the mentioned amount as soon as possible. I assure you that I will do well in the exam.

I’m doing great here. Hope everyone is at home. Dad, our school is organizing a field trip. S.S.L.C students must go for this tour. Therefore, I request you to send Rs. 500 as soon as possible by money order. Leave a sample request for my father’s hospitalization. Application for leave due to father’s illness or application for school leave due to father’s illness is related to the application below. But if you need a new letter, let us know in the comments.

Father And Mother Application

My father is in the hospital and I want to stay with him for a few days. Therefore, I request five days leave (say necessary days) from office. Please accept and approve my leave. I will be grateful to you.

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I want to inform you that my father is not well and I want to get him medically examined. So allow me to leave for today. I will be grateful to you.

My father is sick for a few days and I want to take him to the hospital. Unfortunately, during a previous checkup, the doctor had recommended hospitalization for surgery and he could be in the hospital for four or five days. Therefore, I request you to grant me five days leave (from date) for this emergency. I will be grateful to you.

My father has a stroke on his right side and I want to take him to the hospital for a checkup. So I requested two days leave from the office. I will be grateful to you.

My father is in the hospital with a heart attack and I want to visit him now because he is not feeling well. I want to take care of it myself. Please allow me to return to my country and issue my passport. So I can order tickets immediately.

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I hope that in view of my problems and circumstances you will allow me to leave immediately. Please give me at least one month leave (from date to date) so that I can take care of my father. I will be grateful to you.

“My father had a heart attack this morning and we took him to the hospital,” he said. The doctor told me that my father is very ill and needs immediate treatment. There is no one to take care of father except me. I have to be with him in his fierce attack. I am very worried about her condition and all you have to do is understand my condition and accept my request. I need prayers for my father and God’s miracles.

I can’t come to work because of this problem. So, please accept my apologies and let me go. I will go back to work when dad is better. I will be grateful to you.

Father And Mother Application

My father had a car accident while traveling last night. In the process, he was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital. He was in the intensive care unit for the last 24 hours. His condition is critical now. Although effective first aid and swift movement to the hospital prevented the problem from worsening, I had to live with him 24/7.

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I am requesting a week off from (date to date). please let me go I can have the peace of mind to continue. We look forward to your kindness.

I am writing this request to inform you about my father’s health, he is in the hospital and I am the only one taking care of him in the hospital. At (date) he underwent surgery.

With respect, I am writing to inform you of my father’s health condition. My father has a toothache. The doctors advised him to stay in the hospital for a few days, where they would extract the damaged tooth and treat it. My dad’s face is very swollen due to pain and tooth infection. The doctor said that he could not operate until the swelling in his face subsided. So he will be hospitalized till then.

As you know, I am father’s only child, so I have to stay with him to take care of him in the hospital until he recovers. Therefore, I would like to request leave for 4 days (January 18 – January 22 (date)) as my father is ill. I will be very grateful to you.

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After posting a question, please open the same page within 24 hours and we will post the answer or provide the suggestion you requested. Coping with a mother’s illness can be a challenge for students. Balancing academic and personal responsibilities requires proper communication with the school. “Application for Student Leave Due to Mother’s Illness” provides sample suggestions to help you present your situation effectively.

Father And Mother Application

This template is designed to reduce your stress and ensure that your leave application is professionally prepared. Use them as a guide so you don’t miss important information when submitting your application.

Leave Application For Father Admitted In Hospital Or Hospitalized

I would like to mention that you can also download the PDF containing all the patterns at the end of this post.

Here are 5 examples of different applications for “Student Leave Application Due to Parental Illness” that you will surely find useful.


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