Food Menu Design Application

Food Menu Design Application – Food is very important for our life. And for some of us, eating is more than just a way to stave off hunger. It’s fun. Being self-made, I only focus on food-related topics. So when choosing my first UX design certification program from Google, I had to jump on this one.

This tutorial shows how I went about creating a restaurant food delivery app from concept to final design.

Food Menu Design Application

Food Menu Design Application

In today’s busy environment, people hardly find time to cook at home. Some people don’t have time to visit a restaurant. The biggest challenge is finding ways for these people to order and get the food they want.

Restaurant Menu Images

My goal was to design a mobile app that would allow users to quickly and easily order food from Yummies – an imaginary restaurant.

For this project I decided to use a minimal UX Design framework. By letting my work be driven by proof of concept, I can ensure that I’m creating a product that truly meets people’s needs.

The best way to really understand the needs and motivations of the people I’m designing for is to listen to them. So I interviewed five (5) adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who had experience ordering food online.

Before I started building my own solution, I checked out some popular food delivery apps. I contacted the media and read their customer reviews. This helped me identify some current issues and solutions and opportunities for a better user experience.

Food Menu Template For Your Business

Based on the information obtained from the original research, I created a persona that represents the characteristics of the population, motivations, goals and problems that represent the needs of the users.

Mapping Ejira’s journey revealed areas where we could improve its journey for a better user experience.

In my research, I learned that people can use the board to order food when they need to satisfy their hunger quickly.

Food Menu Design Application

When we are hungry, our concentration decreases. Even small tasks can seem difficult. The goal is therefore to create a design that is simple – users can complete their desired tasks without having to make any mental effort.

Create Restaurant App: Features, Cost & Tech Details

To achieve my goal of creating a clear design, I created a user flow map that focused on understanding and memorization. This is achieved by creating a common path for users.

After mapping out the user flow, I started writing the phone calls. Several iterations of each screen were drawn on paper to ensure that the elements created in the digital phone frames met the user’s pain points.

On the home screen, I focused on ease of use and a fast ordering system, creating a fast and stress-free experience for users.

There are many additions on the home page written on paper. Asterisks were used to indicate what to use in the bezels of digital phones

Food App Menu Screen Design By Appinnovation 32446

As the design progressed into digital form, I made sure my design was informed by feedback from my research. I created a digital version of phone calls in Figma and continued to test it with users.

In order to get a first-hand understanding of app usage before sourcing, I recruited 5 participants to test a low-fidelity sample.

By watching participants interact with the app and listening to their opinions, I was able to identify problem areas in the app’s design. The results were tabulated and a correlation diagram was used to identify patterns.

Food Menu Design Application

Observations were recorded and a correlation diagram was drawn to group similar observations to form a theme

Designing A Food Application (a Ux Case Study)

Based on feedback from the usability survey, I made some digital changes to improve usability.

After solving the problems of the first use, I continue to create mockups and realistic prototype designs.

Another part of the usability test was performed using a more realistic model. By testing the design in this part, I see a very close connection with the live link and the final product.

A simple menu screen. The information screen contains information about the food, price, quantity, recommended pages (in anticipation of the user’s needs), ratings and reviews.

How To Design A Restaurant Menu? (step By Step Guide)

My goal is to create designs that take into account the full diversity of people in terms of ability, age, language and other types of people. Most importantly, I wanted the user experience to be the same for every user, no matter who they are. Here are some of the choices I made to illustrate this:

Even though I’ve only written two user studies, I’m still testing the design with users and updating it based on the feedback I get. It took about 10 iterations to arrive at the final design.

I tested the final design with two (2) people with little technical knowledge and was able to complete the required tasks without assistance.

Food Menu Design Application

Testing a product with real users helps give a new perspective on things: Through my usage studies, I realized that everyone is different. So the best way to know the effectiveness of a product is to test it on different people.

Free Menu , Designs & Documents Template

The next step is to conduct another phase of hands-on research with a wide range of participants to see if the current solution is effective in addressing user pain points.

Thank you for reaching the end of this case study🤗. Please leave your comments and suggestions.

Five months ago, I decided to pursue a career in user experience design. This decision was motivated by the need to create an easy-to-use design that solves complex problems. I believe that good design should be useful and accessible to all users regardless of mental ability.

I did this project to meet Google’s UX design certification requirements. I am happy to say that I passed 5 out of 7 subjects in this series with an average of 99.7% marks.

Best Food & Drink Menu Templates 2023

I think the program is good for beginners who want to start a career in UX design. The lessons are well explained and easy to follow. I recommend 100%!

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Food Menu Design Application

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I did a survey asking them to share why they would want to order food if they used it.

Sarah likes to ask her husband to take her to work. He wants a reliable restaurant where he can pay online, schedule delivery dates and have access to a variety of dining options. Her husband is a bad person and will eat anything.

Sarah plans to stick to one restaurant and shop for the rest of the week so she can focus on work. Sarah doesn’t like these apps: they aren’t easy to navigate, apps that don’t have access to social media, apps that don’t save your information for easy ordering, and apps that don’t save your previous orders for ordering quickly. .

Food Menu Design Application

While a great user interface is important, researching user pain points should be a priority. The visual experience is important, but so is the action. Customize the online menu (e-menu) app for Android and iOS with mobile ordering, online payments and table reservations.

Restaurant Menu By Elfsight

Log in to your free budgeting tool and fill in the necessary information for your business.

Create your own digital menu app and create your own. Choose your favorite color scheme and menu layout design,

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