Form Of Technology Application That Provides

Form Of Technology Application That Provides – According to a McKinsey study, the majority of companies worldwide (87%) either already have a skills shortage or know that there will be in the next few years. In practice, lack of talent and skills undermines business goals, slows growth and reduces competitiveness.

Fortunately, the advent of ed-tech and the emergence of corporate e-learning software is helping enterprises overcome this challenge. Specifically, organizations may consider implementing corporate learning software to help their employees learn more effectively, consistently, and faster.

Form Of Technology Application That Provides

Form Of Technology Application That Provides

This article covers seven types of eLearning software that businesses can create and use to deliver more effective training. However, to ensure the highest growth return on investment (ROI), it is recommended to work with an eLearning technology provider prior to implementation.

Quality Management Solutions & Data Collection Software

Learning management systems (LMS) are multifunctional digital platforms that allow organizations to configure, customize, and manage the entire learning process. For example, an LMS provides training programs, dashboard creation features, and a user interface to track employee progress and results.

Implementing an LMS can be considered a natural step for enterprises looking to improve and simplify employee training. With an LMS, an enterprise can rapidly expand its educational technology stack by integrating new software solutions into the LMS. Therefore, LMS is the foundation of a more promising and effective learning ecosystem.

Typically, an e-learning portal acts as a one-stop shop for employees to receive online training. Depending on the business goals and requirements of the organization, the portal can provide the following functions.

Additionally, the portal can be integrated with other systems to further improve training management. For example, integration with an LMS allows instructors to schedule and edit course content through the portal interface. Alternatively, when the portal is linked to a human resource management (HRM) system, teachers can use information about staff roles and interests to improve lessons.

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Unlike an LMS, whose purpose is to manage learning and track employee progress, the primary purpose of a learning content management system (CMS) is to provide tools for collecting, editing, and storing content. Organizations can then use the CMS to publish content and deliver it to employees in a more convenient format (HTML, Word Doc, PDF, etc.).

Like e-learning portals, learning CMS can be integrated with LMS, HRM platforms or other existing business systems. Therefore, the organization can further expand the capabilities of its digital educational ecosystem.

Unlike previous types of software, Learning Experience Platform (LXP) focuses on improving and personalizing the learning experience, increasing learning effectiveness, and increasing employee commitment.

Form Of Technology Application That Provides

At one level, LXP can use artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to analyze and index all content in the e-learning ecosystem. Additionally, LXP can analyze employee data, such as skills and job roles, to identify and deliver the most relevant content to each employee.

Example Of App‑to‑app Communication

Finally, if LXP provides the necessary functionality, AI-based recommendations can be delivered to teachers. Later, these recommendations can be used to develop a training plan and tailor the training to the needs of the employees.

Organizations can develop e-learning tools for iOS and Android platforms and integrate them with other elements of the educational ecosystem as needed. Mobile-specific features like gamification, microlearning, or notifications can make educational content more accessible and improve learning.

A global enterprise cannot create an effective learning process without providing the right collaboration tools for geographically dispersed employees and teachers. In such a situation, the concept of virtual classroom comes in handy.

A virtual classroom serves as a virtual educational environment, allowing employees and their teachers to conduct individual and group sessions in real time. Equipped with virtual conferencing, document and screen sharing capabilities, virtual classrooms enable continuous learning regardless of location or distance.

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In general, proctoring solutions represent web-based platforms that allow organizations to create and manage tests and exams online. They help organizations maintain the highest level of transparency in the learning process by identifying employees and enabling real-time audio, video and browser tracking.

Without the right skills, employees cannot contribute to the business goals of the organization, leading to reduced competitiveness and slower business growth. Implementing the right learning technology, whether it’s an LMS, e-learning portal, LXP or virtual classroom, is one of the best ways to bridge the skills gap and create a more effective and continuous learning environment for everyone.

Mary Dorogokupets is a technology supervisor at eTransition, a software development company based in Denver. Mary has over four years of experience working with information technology (IT) professionals, tracking and analyzing vertical digital transformation trends, and business process management.

Form Of Technology Application That Provides

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Form Of Technology Application That Provides

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