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60 Free Mobile Mockup Templates to Download and Top Tips for Designing Your Own Mobile App Mockup

Free Mockup Application

Free Mockup Application

Designing a mobile app is a great way to visualize how your app will look and feel when finished. It allows you to test visual ranges and information and gives you the opportunity to test any gestures like swiping and tapping. This is a great way to score partner buy-in and give you an actual MVP that you can test with your users.

Free Phone App Presentation Mockup

However, if you’re new to the game or don’t have time to start from scratch, fear not! We have many templates available. Working with templates is a walk in the park because:

If you want to design your own mobile app from scratch or you want template help, this post is for you. Read on for the dos and don’ts of mobile app design and discover sixty great templates that can be used in mockup tools.

Your primary concern throughout the mobile design process should be your users. Users must know how to operate your app, because if they get lost, they may close the app and never come back.

That’s why designers create working prototypes with built-in mobile gestures that can interact with target users. After completing the first iteration of a mobile app mockup, users can test and provide feedback on the app’s navigation flow and touch UI elements. 

Perspective App Screen Free Mockup

It goes without saying that the site and app should be used. But when designing mobile apps, you should also consider accommodating smaller screens by adjusting your UI colors, white space, and use of touch elements.

Determining and testing your target audience’s mobile gestures is a great way to keep them in the loop. But what if users need more guidance?

Whether they’re waiting for a page to load, refreshing their email inbox, or filling out a form, your mobile app mockup should give users feedback on their interaction. how with subtle interactions.

Free Mockup Application

These small interactions occur during the user’s interaction with the app and deliver future visual and action notifications. While engaging users only momentarily, micro-interactions provide a complete picture of user needs.

Mockup Web App Free Purchase Cheapest

Every user touchpoint in your mobile app depends on your mobile UI pattern or navigation pattern. Incorrect form can make it difficult for your users to get from point A to B, causing them frustration and reducing the user experience.

“People aren’t aware of an app’s navigation until it meets their expectations.” Human Interface Guidelines for iOS –

When mocking up mobile apps, it’s important to use mobile standards that users feel comfortable with. This helps ensure their experience is as smooth as possible.

Also, make sure your mobile pattern is synced with your operating system (Android or iOS). For example, Android and iOS use a tabbed bar. But while Android uses an overflow menu for additional settings, Apple and iOS use a more options menu.

Free App Mockup Psd Template

No matter what kind of mobile app you are designing, a good designer doesn’t deviate from design patterns or principles. Here are some bad design practices to avoid when approaching the mockup stage:

Every mobile app should provide an onboarding experience for its new users. App setup helps introduce new users to the app, guide them through features, and set up their online accounts.

Keep onboarding short, focused and interactive to avoid cognitive overload. Successful engagement helps increase user retention and engagement.

Free Mockup Application

Apps with good UX are apps that save users time and effort. Mobile users are always on the go and don’t have the time or patience to ask for the same information twice. Default values ​​and placeholders – such as suggestions in registration form input fields and new areas in map applications – can be a big help.

Minimal Flat App Presentation Mockup

But what is more important than design pitfalls? Use the right tools to mock up your app! Allows you to mock up the visual and functional aspects of your mobile app and then test it with real users. So it’s a strong contender for the title of best mockup.

Have an idea in mind to give things you no longer use a second life? This mobile template is the perfect starting point for creating a marketplace app for buying and selling all kinds of used goods. With a simple and easy-to-use design, this layout has enough screens to showcase the look and feel of your final app. All you have to do is match the details with your brand identity! Search filter, Favorites screen and messaging features are some of the screens you will find in this template.

This mobile app store mockup is the perfect starting point for any shopping app that sells items. This app template is focused on selling fitness apparel, however, it can be easily adapted to fit any online shopping project. The design includes all the screens you need for a complete shopping experience, from login and registration screens to order completion and order tracking screens, this modern app also has a basic interaction design.

You can click buttons, type in an input field, and use the navigation bar. Additionally, you can easily edit and style entire templates to suit your branding and project goals.

Free Perspective App Mockup By Xeib On Deviantart

This mobile app design is designed with usability in mind. What stands out from this design is the simple yet effective structure and flow, which makes crypto easy to use. Complete with 10 ready-to-use screens, this template includes several screens for brief product onboarding, a trade screen with the most popular cryptocurrencies, and a buy/sell page for completing transactions. This free app mockup can easily host a cryptocurrency app or crypto wallet, as well as any type of business product.

Explore the design and functionality of this mobile magazine app, designed for modern readers interested in a variety of topics, from cultural insights to scientific discoveries. This free template is perfect for developers looking for a sophisticated and user-friendly interface with features like categorized content display and visually appealing design. Encourage users with this attractive and free mobile app mockup.

This mobile app mockup represents a sleek and modern music player app. The dark theme gives it a stylish look. A “Recently Played” section displays album art, making it easy to find favorite tracks.

Free Mockup Application

The “Followed Artists” section displays a circular layout of artist images, and the “Made for You” section categorizes music into genres such as metal and classical according to user preferences.

Free Iphone 15 Pro Mockups Psd

This tablet app template showcases a modern streaming service with a sleek, dark-themed interface. The home screen contains featured movies, complete with ratings, descriptions and options to play or add to a watch list.

Users can easily continue watching their favorite shows in the “Continue Watching” section and discover new content through personalized recommendations. Intuitive design and visually appealing design make it an excellent example of a user-friendly streaming service app.

This native iOS flight booking app mockup has a date picker and several interactive dialogs that allow users to easily book their travel plans. Easy-to-follow steps guide the user through the flight search and booking process, until the boarding pass is displayed, including the flight information and passenger information entered by the user.

Check out the smooth transition animation when you move between different screens: it’s subtle but still noticeable. These types of conversions help users understand what they are in the process of. An error message will appear as a floating layer if one or more required fields are left blank.

App Screen Front View Mockup

This web form mockup represents a clean and intuitive event registration process. The form is organized into clear sections, step by step, starting with “Your Name” and continuing with participants, event theme, date and location.

The layout is minimal and user-friendly, with a progress indicator on the left guiding the user through each step. The design ensures a smooth and easy registration experience.

Our Store App Mobile Template is ideal for use in eCommerce applications. This mockup’s screen is very complete, showing a large image of each product (in this case headphones) that the user can change by browsing the product image carousel. Forward and backward buttons along with relevant content interactions adorn each side of the carousel.

Free Mockup Application

If you try to add more products to the shopping cart at the top right, you will notice that an overlaid number appears on the icon showing the amount of product you have added.

Iphone Mockup With App Icon — Mockup Zone

Clicking “More Info” next to each product allows you to view the product from different angles, just like Amazon. There are also several color selection radio buttons that allow the user to view

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