Global M Global Application

Global M Global Application – As the world’s population and agricultural needs grow, so does the demand for water, putting pressure on the world’s water supply.

A century ago, fresh water consumption was six times less than today. This increase in demand and use leads to increased pressure on freshwater resources and further depletion of reservoirs.

Global M Global Application

Global M Global Application

This chart by Chesca Kirkland uses data from Our World Data to break down water supply and spending per capita. It measures the amount of water withdrawn from groundwater and freshwater sources for agricultural, industrial or domestic use.

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Most people know that more than 70% of the earth’s surface is water. That’s 326 million trillion gallons of water, but humanity still has a limited supply. why is that?

This is because 97% of this water is salty and not suitable for consumption. About two-thirds of the remaining 3% of fresh water is stored as snow, glaciers and ice caps. Meanwhile, almost a third of fresh water can be found in rapidly depleting groundwater resources.

This leaves only 1% of the world’s freshwater as a source that is “readily” available from precipitation, such as freshwater bodies that include rivers and lakes.

Any look at the world map of rivers and lakes shows that the distribution of fresh water in different regions of the world is very uneven.

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However, both developed and developing countries need a lot of water for both commercial and personal use. About 70% of the available fresh water in the world is used only for agriculture.

Below we see how water consumption per capita has grown over the past decade with the latest data for each.

Many of the countries with the highest water extraction per capita are located in the arid deserts of Central Asia, with Turkmenistan the best with 5,753 cubic meters of water per capita per year in 2005.

Global M Global Application

For developing countries with high water consumption, from Turkmenistan to Guyana, most of the water is used for agriculture. For example, about 95 percent of the available water in Turkmenistan is used for agriculture.

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Developed countries such as Finland, New Zealand, and the United States also draw more than 1,000 cubic meters of water per person per year, but their use is very different. For example, in the USA in 2015, 41% of the water was used for generating thermoelectric energy, 37% for irrigation and livestock. On the other hand, for Finland, 80% of the water was used for industrial production.

At the same time, most of the countries with a low water consumption per capita are concentrated in Africa. They also include densely populated countries such as Nigeria and Kenya, which withdrew 75 cubic meters of water per capita in 2015 and 2010 respectively.

Efforts include promoting water conservation practices, investing in efficient irrigation systems, and improving water infrastructure in areas most affected by shortages.

Some countries surrounded by arid climates also convert sea salt water into fresh water through desalination plants.

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This article was published as part of Visual Capitalist’s Creator Program, which includes visual features based on data from our favorite creators around the world.

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Environment shows the world’s population by level of water security This graph shows the number of people with water security problems in different countries and around the world.

Global M Global Application

Addressing issues such as declining freshwater supplies, increasing population demands, inadequate infrastructure, or poor water management can affect how easily a country’s population has access to water. A combination of factors is rapidly making water security a reality.

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A recent United Nations University report on global water security assessed water security in various countries around the world.

This study assesses countries’ water security by examining 10 different key components, access to water quality and sanitation, resource sustainability and climate-related risks.

Each component is scored out of 10 and the total score is calculated for national water security. Water safety levels are determined based on the total score:

Water insecurity remains a problem around the world, but is particularly acute in regions such as the Middle East and Africa, where 13 of the 23 countries are in the extremely vulnerable category.

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A total of 113 countries have water shortages, including India and China, the world’s two most populous countries. Another 24 countries are water insecure, with the most populous countries being Pakistan and Ethiopia.

Countries with water security problems account for 72% of the world’s population, and another 8% of the world’s population have serious water supply problems.

This includes 4.3 billion people in the Asia-Pacific region alone and another 1.3 billion across Africa. Most of these countries are grappling with problems such as rapid population growth and drought faster than they can build the necessary infrastructure to address them.

Global M Global Application

Only 12% of the world’s population lives in countries with access to water, including almost all Western countries, with Norway topping the list with an overall score of 90. Brazil and Russia.

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Even in these safer countries, water availability is not perfect. For example, US states that depend on the Colorado River for irrigation and drinking water are facing ongoing drought and limited consumption, and another crisis is on the horizon.

As countries around the world face increasing water challenges, governments and international agencies are working together to promote sustainable water management practices. Indeed, clean water and sanitation for all is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Many regions have already started implementing these procedures. For example, cities in California have begun recycling wastewater and collecting rainwater to address water shortages. Areas dependent on agriculture are also pursuing smart agriculture to reduce consumption of limited freshwater resources.

Such initiatives to improve irrigation systems, improve water infrastructure and conserve depleted freshwater supplies can help countries overcome water scarcity and preserve this precious resource for future generations.

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I like that the M+ Global app is perfect for beginners to invest in the US and Hong Kong stock market. The features offered are small and not many, such as the implementation of Sharia screening, which is useful for Muslim investors.

Global M Global Application

, 24 hour customer service is hit or miss. There are no fractional promotions (yet) and the fee is not the cheapest compared to competitors like Rakuten Trade.

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In short, M+ Global shines with an easy-to-use app, but it has some work to do to improve its payment structure and customer service.

🎁 Meanwhile, use the M+ Global link (via the button below) to open your M+ Global account and get a guaranteed free shopping voucher or 1x promotion (up to RM1,200) when you open and fund your account. !

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Malaysians can now find and invest in big names like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nvidia and more.

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M+ Global is Malaysia’s first digital trading platform to offer Shariah screening for the US and Hong Kong markets. This allows Muslim investors to search for Shariah compliant stocks to invest in.

In my opinion, M+ Global is the most practical implementation of what a stock trading app should be: Simple and easy to understand.

For a business app, I prefer an interface that isn’t packed with features that don’t fit on a small screen, so M+ Global gets high marks here in terms of app cleanliness.

Global M Global Application

Unlike its competitor Rakuten Trade, which only offers a “limit order”, M+ Global also offers both limit and market orders, making it more versatile for different investors and traders:

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Price charts, analyst ratings and price targets, foundations and funds (for ETFs) are all conveniently organized in the app so I don’t have to worry about making investment decisions.

It should be noted that M+ Global also provides market news 24/7

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