Harlah Nu Application

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– Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) will also celebrate its 95th birthday on January 31, 2021 AD. In 2021, the birthday (harla) theme proposed by Khidma NU, the largest religious organization in Indonesia, is: Spreading Peace, Strengthening National Commitment.

Harlah Nu Application

Harlah Nu Application

This larger theme is also reflected in the NU 95th Harlah logo visualization According to NU Online, Dian Nur Rafita Ardani Rahmansia, designer of the 95th Harla NU logo, explained that the Harla logo has a philosophical meaning and took about four days Time is done.

Selamat Harlah Nu Ke 95, 31 Januari 2021

In the logo design, there are two circles in the middle connecting the numbers nine and five. The two circles in the figure eight are drawn with lines, implying stability or stability.

In a statement to NU Online, Diane said: “This is in keeping with its theme, which is the continuity of NU’s service of spreading peace and strengthening the country’s commitment, and the continuity of the introduction of Islam, namely Rahman Lil al- Alamein (Rahman lil Alamein). Nu online. . , Sunday (17/1).

In addition to the two circles resembling the number 8, the Harley logo with the NU logo attached to it, and the date and year of NU’s birth below, there are two main colors of gold and green. The logo colors green and gold are not for nothing. These two colors perfectly create a logo that looks stunning. “Gold is for pride and green is for peace,” Diane explains.

While finalizing the design of the 95th Harley NU logo, Diane reveals the many steps and complexities involved in realizing the design. According to Diane, one of the challenges for logo designers is finding ideas and visualizing themes. He said the idea was generally accepted but was not relevant to the topic.

Link Twibbon Harlah Nu 2022, Desain Keren Dan Unik Cocok Diunggah Di Media Sosial

However, with integrity and experience in the field of design, he finally succeeded in realizing the 2021 NU 95th Anniversary logo. The logo will then be realized through various mediums such as banners, flags and various souvenirs

Participating in making NU’s biggest festival also helps to emphasize the theme carried by the designers. The 95th Harla NU logo is available for download on this page. Not only that, there are also 95th NU Harla background templates for friends.

Download Harla NU 2021 Cover Template “target=”_self” bg_color=”#02915c” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-download” icon_type=”fa” nofollow=”1″]

Harlah Nu Application

To add a photo to the template circle, make sure the downloaded file has a PNG extension You don’t need a PC to use an image editing app, you can use Android apps like Pixelabs, Pixart, etc.

Harlah 1 Abad Nu 2023: Sejarah, Tema, Logo, Mars, Dan Peringatannya

The Yogyakarta Special Youth (PI) Special Zone is in charge of managing the agenda for the G20 Declaration to be held in Bento Kopi Sorobhajan on October 25, 2022.

Dr. Gamlama passed away on Wednesday (16 February 2022). It is understood that the news that Dors Gamalma tested positive for COVID-19 was directly confirmed by his next of kin, Hetty Sonjaya.

Dr. Gamlama passed away on Wednesday (16 February 2022). The sad news of Dorse Gamalma’s passing has been confirmed by her next of kin, Hetty Soendjaya.

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Harlah Nu 2023

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Donating to an orphanage will definitely help disadvantaged children. Your donation gives them a chance to be better. It also helps to make our community happy and meaningful. Nahdlatul Ulama, or NU for short, is the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. Founded on January 31, 1926, the organization works in the religious, educational, social and economic fields.

One of the existences of NU is the foundational institution of the long-followed religious tradition, the Ahlusuna Wal Jama’a understanding.

Harlah Nu Application

NU adheres to the ideology of Ahlussunna wal Jama, a state of mind between rationalism and biblicalism.

Selamat Harlah Nu Ke 96

Therefore, NU’s sources of Islamic law are not only the Qur’an and the Sunnah, but also use the ability to reason with reality. Early thinkers of this idea, such as Abu al-Hasan al-Asari and Abu Mansur al-Maturidi, proposed in the field of monotheism been.

Then in the field of jurisprudence, they followed the example of Imam Safifi and recognized three other schools of thought, namely Imam Hanafi, Imam Maliki and Imam Hambri. Below are the four stars shown in the NU symbol

Qualified fasting can be achieved by protecting the organs from sins Imam al-Ghazali called quality fasting Shaw Mul Khush this attribute is fast p

Israel’s Miraj festival is an important event in Islamic history commemorating Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and his ascension to heaven. this journey

Harapan Muhammadiyah Di Harlah Nu Ke 95

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb We ask Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW to also thank the friends who were present for the gifts…  

How to register, activate and access learning. Twibon Harla NU 2023 for the anniversary on January 31 According to the NU Online website, NU was founded by Hadratusikh KH Hashim Asari and other clerics in Surabaya, East Java.

NU Institute was established on January 31, 1926 in Surabaya, East Java, 16 Rajab 1344 H. NU is now entering its 100th anniversary or 1st century according to the Hijri calendar

Harlah Nu Application

You can upload Twibbon Harla NU 2023 on social media Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also Harla NU 2023 twibbon Whatsapp profile photo. 30 Harlah NU 2023 See twibbon link

Undang Kiai Said Aqil, Pkb Gelar Peringatan Harlah Nu Ke 95 Malam Ini

Twibon Harla NU 2023 marks 31 January NU has now entered its 100th anniversary, or first century, according to the NU Online website (Photo: Twinbonize)

If the Harla NU 2023 tween is already downloaded, all that is left is to insert the photo into the tween. how? Here are the steps

On the occasion of NU’s centenary, the Executive Board of Nahdaltul Ulama (PBNU) raised the issue of “Empowering Nahdaltul Ulama, ushering in the second century, towards a new awakening”. This theme is based on the hadith of Rasulullah SA about the birth of a reformer every 100 years or every century.

2023 Twiban Harla Nu 97th Twiban Nahdalatul Nu Harla Nu 2023 theme.

Link Twibbon Resmi Harlah 1 Abad Nu, Yuk Sambut 100 Tahun Nahdlatul Ulama

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