Hot Film Application

Hot Film Application – Jinsui Hot Stamping Material Co., Ltd. Jinsui Hot Stamping Material Co., LTD is located in the third industrial area near Longjin Avenue, this factory was established in 2003, specializing in China’s overseas high-tech aluminum company. Our factory has international top-level 19 sets of coating machines, 10 sets of holographic forming machines, 2 sets of vacuum aluminum coating machines and other processing equipment with an annual capacity of 4 million rolls.

Hot stamping foil is universally applied to a wide range of surfaces and surfaces. Heat the mold to activate the adhesive layer. The foil is fixed to the substrate surface by pressure. Suitable for various materials. Paper, plastic, glass, fabric, wood, metal, leather etc. Hot stamping foil has the following advantages:

Hot Film Application

Hot Film Application

•High gloss •Good coverage •Excellent edge definition •Used on a wide range of surfaces •Suitable for very rough surfaces •Available in gloss, satin gloss and matte finishes •Holographic and transparent designs available •Suitable for foil effect

Hot Slip Pof Shrink Film

1) Name: Hot Stamping Foil 2) Normal Size: 0.64*120m(W*L)/Roll 3) Normal Carton: 10 Rolls/Carton, Size=65*34*14cm, Weight=16.5kg, Y .B. 16 kg 4) Thickness : 12 µm 5) Normal Width : 640 mm, 1280 mm 6) Special Width : 1050 mm, 1320 mm (660+660 mm or 600+720 mm and g .d. can be cut) 7) Length : 120m, 180m, 240m, 360m, 480m, 3000m, etc. 8) Core: one inch for 120m-600m, three inches for 800m-5000m 9) Color: gold, silver, red; Checkmate category; Holographic category; white pearls and so on 10) It is divided into three types: general use type, large area type and hair type. 11) Application: paper, plastic, leather, wood, fabric and etc. 12) Delivery time: 15-20 days 13) Storage: protected from moisture, heat, sunlight

Markets and Applications Hot stamping foil has been used for many years in many applications. Hot foil finishing can be used in the following (and more) to add value to their products: • Food & Beverage • Confectionery • Alcohol & Wine • Cosmetics • Pharmaceuticals • Tobacco • Toys • Electronics • Security • Banking Card, VIP Card, Greeting Card

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