Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga – I had the opportunity to stay at Pullman Bandung Grand Center during my trip to Bandung and Jakarta. Pullman Bandung Centra is Accor’s premium brand and will be its newest hotel in Bandung.

Pullman Bandung Center is similar to the Ibis Styles Center near Bandung International Convention Center and Gedong Plaza.

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

If you come from the Pasteur toll gate, you can see this hotel when passing the Pasupati flight, but to enter the hotel you have to turn before the boarding of Gedong.

Ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central Harga Promo 2023

Entering the lobby area, the first thing you see is a row of chairs, which is also the lobby of the bar on the right.

The receptionist is located behind the chair you met earlier. Ms. Febiant and Denasha assisted me during the investigation. When I checked into the room, they thanked me for all my gold memberships and confirmed that I had been upgraded from a category 1 room to an executive room.

Accor Plus upgrade gift certificate (2 gift certificates; 1 gift certificate/night) After checking into the suite, I went to the management to check before I received the gift certificate,

My room is on the 10th floor, number 1018 to be precise. The room was a corner room overlooking Pasupati and Lembang flights.

The 11 Best 5 Star Hotels In Bandung, Indonesia

The first thing that catches the eye upon entering the room is the partition that separates the work area. Although called a suite, there is usually no room separate from the bed.

. I like office style chairs like other hotels, but this one has more than enough.

In the room there was a coffee maker and plenty of drinkware in the hallway between the cupboard and the bed.

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

As an indoor lobby, the minibar is also stocked with refreshments and soft drinks, but is replenished at regular intervals.

Selalu Diperbarui! Menu The Back Room

One thing I didn’t like about this room (but my family did) was the bed.

While the room itself looks spacious with several partitions, I think the ultimate definition of a suite is a separate living room, so it can’t really be called a suite.

Upon entering the spacious bathroom, the first thing that catches the eye is a freestanding vanity topped with a Passupati flower.

The master bathroom also features 2 sinks and a mirrored shower. Forgot to take a picture of the bathroom, but the shower and sink had hotel brand soap and shampoo and the water pressure was good.

Pullman Bandung Grand Central Hadirkan Aneka Hidangan Berbuka Dari Belahan Dunia

Considering that not all hotels have suites, one of the main advantages of staying in a suite at this hotel is the bathroom.

The services provided by Pullman Bandung Grand Center are quite different from other members. In a nutshell, that’s it

The breakfast concept of this restaurant is a buffet assisted by staff. This means that while the food itself is immediately visible, the restaurant staff in that section will help you get what you want off the menu.

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

There is quite a selection of eggs cooked on site so I opted for fog eggs and a few others. Unfortunately the food was stale and even cold except for the eggs.

Pullman Bandung Grand Central, Hotel Bintang 5 Dengan Fasilitas Eksklusif

Main courses include chicken and beef, all grilled live. The chicken stew itself was mediocre, but the beef stew was quite unpalatable.

Drinks are available at the bar, located at the same location as the welcome drink. Unfortunately, the juice displayed was not fresh juice.

Overall, the quality of breakfast needs to be improved, and the variety is not bad for a hotel of this level.

Since my bedroom has an entrance, the entrance to the room complements the type of room. Free entry to rooms at this hotel:

Rekomendasi Hotel Dekat Gedung Sate, Bandung

The hall is a living room layout with several sofas. There are also some high chairs and tables, although I didn’t use them throughout my stay.

The second part of the Pasupati runway is designed with a restaurant concept, with tables and chairs more like a cafe. There is also a wine cabinet that can be used to store wine

The breakfast menu served in the lounge is different from the breakfast served in the restaurant, more like a cafe or restaurant style breakfast. Here you can see the breakfast menu served in the hall.

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

The first night I only had the chance to try breakfast in the lounge, and an alternative to lunch as I was working from home all day.

Ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central, Bandung

Since I had eaten in the restaurant before, I just ordered a fresh fruit and egg sandwich with a cup of coffee and fresh orange juice.

There were a few hiccups, like the hollandaise sauce being a bit sticky, but overall the quality on offer was even a bit better than restaurants.

When breakfast was no longer served in the hotel, I took another basket of bread and butter.

But I still ate a little, because the bread was rough and not fresh enough, and I was still full after breakfast.

Inilah Menu Buka Puasa Di Hotel Pullman Bandung Grand Central, Berikut Harga Paketnya

At work, when it was time for afternoon tea, the nursing staff took the initiative to serve afternoon tea. I accepted the offer and ordered a cup of tea.

It is salty. On the other hand, the desserts offered are nothing special and can be boring as they focus too much on the cream. Of course, I wish there was a new kind of candy.

Every night from 18:00 to 20:00, there is a half hour difference from the above letters.

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

It comes with 1 coin bowl and 1 plate per person, and you basically can’t ask for extra seating. The daily menu varies and includes Indonesian specialities.

Pullman Bandung Grand Central, Hotel Mewah, Fasilitas Wah!

The food served on both nights of my stay was fresh and tasty. So, in my opinion, the hotel’s cocktail dinner menu is not a substitute for a regular dinner.

The price of these five wines is between 200,000-300,000 rupiah per bottle, so there is nothing special. However, I love Two Islands Chardonnay (Australia) and Chateau Subercaso Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile).

Not only is the service fast, but the night shift staff don’t do any interaction other than taking orders! Sometimes I have to ask the staff for extra drinks. Also, after 8pm, the night lights started to go out, as did the A/C, even though the lobby itself was supposed to shut down at 11pm, while I was still in the room.

Although not many people go swimming in Bandung, the size of the pool is relatively small, especially considering that the pool is also used by the neighboring Ibis Style. The pool itself is well maintained and was empty when I arrived so I was free to take pictures.

Mad Cow Wine & Grill

The main attraction of this hotel is of course the Bandung International Convention Center which is directly connected to the hotel lobby. However, I didn’t take any photos since there wasn’t any activity.

While the hotel still has some flaws, it’s undeniable that this hotel offers a decent balance at this spread.

) in Bandung, so it can be quite expensive on certain days. However, as an Accor Elite member, especially Gold and above, I highly recommend this hotel.

Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

Eric is a product manager at a startup in Jakarta. In his free time, Eric enjoys traveling, visiting new destinations and trying new products. Discover Pullman Bandung Centrum, an elegant 5-star hotel in Bandung with city views. Located in the main area, close to Gedong Station, this luxury hotel is the ideal choice for business, pleasure or pleasure. Pullman Bandung Grand Central embodies Bandung’s creative character with a classic and bold design, incorporating old Dutch charm from around the world.

Hotel Dengan Parkir Gratis Terbaik Di Bandung

Overlooking the city, this 5-star hotel in Bandung embraces modern life and fast-paced technology, where guests can relax in 279 luxurious rooms including 2 suites and 19 functional rooms. Centrally located, Hotel Bandung is just steps away from Gasibu, West Java DPRD Building, and the Geological Museum. An ideal residence for both business and leisure.

Pullman Bandung is 15 minutes away from Torbasir Exit, 17 minutes away from Hussain Sastra Niagara Airport and Bandung Railway Station. Ideal for leisure and business travellers.

Palm Bandung Grand Central is Bandung’s newest luxury hotel with city views. It offers seamless connectivity and modern technology. It is tailor-made for guests’ active lifestyles and designed to seamlessly blend work and play.

The hotel is HAOKE certified and has the necessary facilities to meet the needs and expectations of Chinese guests. For your safety and comfort, Pallman Bandung Central Hotel has taken strict measures and the hotel is accredited by Indonesian CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Audit) and ACCOR safety protocols and standards. No pet credit.

Jual Voucher Hotel Pullman Bandung Grand Central

Relax in spacious guestrooms and plush bedding in the heart of Palm Beach. The house embodies elegant design with a hint of Sundanese batik inspired by the melak dance of the great Pasundan land. At Pullman Bandung Grand Central, all elements of the rooms and suites are just a step away from the benefits of modern technology such as IPTV and newsreaders.

The world of flavors at Sadrasa Restaurant and Bar offers a rich culinary choice, from local dishes to international cuisine, where we celebrate dining.

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Hotel Pullman Bandung Harga

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