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Image Cutting – Want to add a little nostalgia to your look this season? You probably have memories of mom and dad sitting you down at the kitchen table with a mug over your head. From there, the kitchen shears wrap around your head, quick, quick! The bowl cut was born.

This popular hairstyle has been the basis of many bad jokes (as well as cigarettes) and the bowl cut is back! Here’s everything you need to know about 80s hairstyles. (Tip: Don’t try this cut at home).

Image Cutting

Image Cutting

Bowl hairstyles are sometimes called mushroom hairstyles. Although the bowl hairstyle has a unique look, the hair styling technique is very simple. Both men and women can wear this medium length hairstyle for men. Although bowl cuts were popular decades ago, modern versions add more interest and variety to this one-length hairstyle.

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When it comes to classic men’s hairstyles, you want to see something universal and suitable for everyone. But when it comes to the classic bowl cut, everything is straight and clean and has a bold and daring look that not every man dares to try. If you want to add a modern touch, you can make the top a little messy.

If you don’t want to style your mane every morning, cut it into a short bowl. Short hairstyles for men are not only comfortable and practical, but also stylish and elegant.

It’s no secret that undercut hairstyles are one of the most sought-after hairstyles not only for football players, but for men of all walks of life. Some of the features of the bowl cut can be combined with an interrupted undercut to give the wearer a unique and sophisticated style with clean shaven sides and a unique sharp coat.

A bowl cut with faded layers takes the familiar fade hairstyle to the next level. The fade element can happen anywhere you want, and the most realistic idea for a bowl haircut is a fade at the nape of the neck, from top to end, and a smooth transition on all sides.

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Asymmetrical hair added to your misty hairstyle blurs the fine line between classic and modern options. They are not actually locks, but they stand out, stick out, fall to the hairline and attract attention with their modern look.

We ourselves can’t resist the idea of ​​hair bleaching in today’s popular pop groups. The bowl, built on bleached hair, has a sharp plinth on the top and sides. If you like this style, you can try platinum blonde hair color and other ideas that modern blonde men find stylish.

There may be some unevenness. Ask your stylist to cut the top into uneven layers and use a comb to highlight the style. A curly goatee is perfect for enhancing this look.

Image Cutting

For men who prefer a more realistic hairstyle, the mushroom head is the best choice. Add some texture to the bangs and a soft fade on the sides for a modern look.

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There’s no better way to enhance your hair’s natural texture and add volume than layering. Layered hairstyles can give the wearer a slightly tousled yet edgy and unique look that is a great addition to a mystic hairstyle.

If your cup hair is already eye-catching, you can add boldness to your hairstyle by dying your hair a bright color like pink.

The classic bowl cut is all about clean lines. However, you can bring in the modern era with undershave accents. To add style, sweep your hair to one side instead of hanging over your forehead.

To look more masculine than boyish, pair a cropped bowl with a center parting, one of the most visible signs of maturity. A veil hairstyle is exactly what EBoy hairstyles need.

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After scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest gallery using the hashtag #bowlcut, you might be surprised to find one of the top results for sliced ​​mushrooms. Best of all, when cut and styled correctly, it looks amazing. A serious but stylish shirt hanging over your head is a great way to express your personality!

Good news for men who style their natural hair every morning! A bowl cut is an ideal hairstyle for men with curly hair, especially those with narrower sides. The only thing you need to adjust is to moisturize the curls regularly. In terms of variability, this hairstyle provides a wide range of curly hairstyles.

The longer you cut the pot, the thicker and shinier it will be. Unlike many long men’s hairstyles, this easy pop star style idea keeps the basic dimension of the hairstyle, adding length to the back and curling the sides and hair inwards.

Image Cutting

The best thing about modern men’s hairstyles is that there are no limits to your creativity. The same goes for modern bowl haircuts. You can go against the classic cut, taper, fade and experiment with changing the way your hair falls on your forehead.

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How about a haircut in college? The main feature of the Oxford hairstyle is a clean, shiny head. This time it can be more varied, more structured and more interesting: just choose the bowl version of the haircut, which looks like a random haircut with a fine salt spray.

Combining two favorite hairstyles is always a win-win! For example, the long, slightly wavy edge of a Caesar cut is a perfect match for a bowl cut. If the Caesar hairstyle does not suit your face shape, any layered hairstyle with fringes can work as a frame.

The timeless middle part hairstyle never loses its popularity. The best part is that this parting style works on almost all medium to long hair. Although the medium parting haircut is very easy, it gives a very sophisticated and masculine look that accentuates the best features of a man’s face.

The cut of Asian bowls and Korean bowls is very refined and chiseled. The texture of the hair is thick and coarse, so there is no need to strain or fix it. In addition, you can choose any type of finish on the sides without having to compromise on density.

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Hairstyles with bangs never go out of style. Why not try it on cut glass? The amount and intensity of the spike is entirely up to you.

For a hairstyle to be successful, men must not only look good, but also be confident and bold. Otherwise, it might look funny. If you have all the necessary features for a great hairstyle, do not limit your creativity, for example, combine incompatible elements, for example, a two-layer bowl hairstyle with a beard.

As with cutting a cup, the edges have the real impact of the experiment. Combine your hair with, for example, an uneven haircut and a fluffy beard.

Image Cutting

Men with straight hair should also opt for a bowl cut. This hairstyle will make your hair look elegant and shiny and easy to manage. Remember to keep your hair the same length as you don’t want it to shade your face.

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Even if you haven’t seen Dumb and Dumber, there’s a good chance you know what Jim Carrey’s hair looks like. This frayed hem and blunt cut of the cups creates an unforgettable impression. If you’re sure you won’t fool him with just one hairstyle, why not try some 90s men’s hairstyles?

Beef chili should not be confused with other cuts as it is a very different shape to… you guessed it – a chili cup! Modern and bold, this bowl cut is one of the hottest men’s hair trends right now.

A somewhat unusual hairstyle for mushroom hair is a layered hairstyle. The main difference between short hair is that the hair on the sides is curved and the hair on the back is loose. So it imitates the shape of a baseball cap.

Bowl hairstyles are a very popular choice for boys, but for good reason. It is low-maintenance, but allows you to show off the structure of your child’s hair. In addition, the cut of the cup will not interfere with him when playing or running, so he will also love the practical side.

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