Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application – The Internet is an endless source of information and entertainment, but it can be dangerous to our privacy and security. Many cases of identity theft, fraud or hacking have occurred as a result of Internet users’ negligence in protecting their accounts. It is therefore important that we use the following:

Log out after not using the app. This step is very simple, but often overlooked. Complete actions to disconnect our login session from the application we use, so that others cannot access our account without permission. This is even more so in personal applications, such as social media, email or electronic banking. Never leave our account, start living on a shared device, such as a public computer or a friend’s phone.

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

Encrypted course data. Encryption is the process of converting data into a secret code that can only be read by authorized recipients. Encryption helps protect our data from theft or interception as it is sent through websites. An easy way to tell if a website uses encryption is to look for the lock symbol and the HTTPS prefix in the URL. In addition to this, we may also use an SSL certificate to secure our site.

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Be careful when using Wi-Fi networks. Public Wi-Fi networks, which are free and easy to access, can be a temptation for us to surf the Internet without limits. However, these Wi-Fi networks can also be vulnerable to infiltration by hackers who spy on our online activity or even steal our data. To avoid this, we recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when using a public Wi-Fi network. A VPN is a service that provides a private and encrypted connection that can protect our identity and data from hackers.

Be careful with hook connectors. Phishing is an online fraud technique that attempts to steal personal or financial information from Internet users by sending fake messages or messages pretending to be from official organizations. or they are individuals. Phishing links usually take us to fake pages that imitate real pages and ask us to provide personal or financial information, such as a username, password, credit number or PIN¹. To identify phishing links, check the sender’s email address or phone number, the spelling and grammar of the message, and the destination’s email address.

Use passwords that are difficult to guess. The password is the main key to access our account on the Internet. If it is easy for others to guess our password, our account can be hacked or misused. Therefore, we must create strong and unique passwords for each of our accounts. A strong password usually consists of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. In addition to this we should change our password regularly and not share it with anyone.

Use incognito mode when browsing. Incognito mode is a function of the browser that allows us to surf the Internet without saving history, cookies or other data on our device. Incognito mode can help us maintain the privacy and security of accounts when using shared devices or visiting unknown websites. However, incognito mode does not guarantee complete anonymity or protection from hackers, so it should still be used.

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Check your account privacy settings. Each application or online service usually has privacy settings that we can adjust according to our needs and convenience. Privacy settings can help us control who sees, comments or contacts us and what they see from our accounts. In addition, privacy settings may help us manage information about the activity stored on our website, such as history, location or advertising preferences. We can access the privacy settings of our account at any time and change them according to our wishes.

By doing the above, we can maintain the security of our systems on the Internet and avoid unwanted risks. Being alert and smart online is the best way to enjoy the Internet safely and comfortably: For many, fiddling with MikroTIK can be a time-consuming activity. This is often left to internet providers to handle. Of course, if you want to study deeper and further, it is easy to change the MikroTIK. As long as you don’t fall asleep while learning by listening.

Hacking MikroTIK often means replacing the configuration of MikroTIK. This happens for a number of reasons. It is especially scary, because the route of the router has changed or the topology of the network has changed or for a simple reason: press the wrong button in Winbox.

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

Performing basic configurations and resetting MikroTIK is like a factory “return” “reset” for the devices. For this reason, the new system will soon be ready to take a flower bath.

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After looking into it more deeply, the best practice for configuring MikroTIK is actually to do it step by step. Starting with the first step of security access to MikroTIK to establish an advanced system of Internet management. It’s like you can’t go from K to D at first.

But before starting the base station of the congregation, you must first make sure that the network topology or network design is taken into account. If you still don’t have the slightest idea, usually regardless of the MikroTIK model, the simplest basic configuration is as follows.

Put the device MikroTIK, it can be any series. If you don’t have it yet, you can first order MikroTIK RB952ui-5ac2nd-TC at MikroTik Official Store.

To prepare the hardware, simply connect the RJ-45 LAN cable from the computer/laptop to port 2 on the MikroTIK LAN. Then connect the RJ-45 LAN cable from port 1 on the MikroTIK to the LAN port on the modern CPE.

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Although there are plenty of programs to install Winbox, MikroTIK factory-supplied applications are lacking. With Winbox, we can easily convert external accounts to MikroTIK.

However, it should be noted that Winbox is not the only way to access the MikroTIK remote system! You can also access the webfig feature through your browser. Or an advanced method via CLI code lines or another command line interface via SSH or Telnet.

After the hardware connection is complete and the Winbox application is installed, open the MikroTIK system. Usually, the first login or login after MikroTIK restores the configuration, the selected connection path is the email address.

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

Why direct access to the standard MikroTIK IP address is not recommended? This block seems to be caused by the default configuration of MikroTIK. After completing the MikroTIK basic configuration process, access via IP address.

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Basically, when you launch a new MikroTIK, after successfully logging into the MikroTIK system, you will immediately be greeted with the “RouterOS Default Configuration” dialog box. It will contain basic configuration information for MikroTIK that you only need to use. But MikroTIK technicians usually rarely use the default configuration. We want MikroTIK settings from scratch to be our own creations, as we explain in this tutorial.

At this point, the administrator or user can delete the default factory configuration by clicking the “Remove configuration” button. Then reboot the MikroTIK system.

After the process of deleting ‘Default Configuration’ through the MikroTIK system, it comes to the actual settings of the MikroTIK OS router. Usually, technical professionals from MikroTIK who have many years of experience in the world of networking, the first suggestion that comes from the mouth of the youth is to study the first part of security.

Please, if they are still at this level of “iqra”, just follow them in the next problematic place. The problem is that the security of the system is very important, because the Internet sources enter MikroTIK through a public IP. And I will never forget one thing, always an evil user in the head filled with “lust” instead of “hijacking”.

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We cannot measure the extent of our desire to block WiFi. Uh, you know, Beliaw managed to break into the system by accidentally logging in with the default password. It’s not very worrying?

Well … the way to make the MikroTIK system really secure is, of course, not by changing the admin password, but by creating a new admin-equivalent user. Even if you keep the default user “admin” with a strong password, a malicious fake user can still brutally kill you with a brute force password. If you create a new user login, there are no brute force attempts because the user is not guessed.

Select the “admin” user and tick to disable it (red X icon). already! by default the administrator is disabled.

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

According to the instructions for connecting an Internet cable to the Ethernet port, Internet streaming from the indiHome CPE modem to the MikroTIK router is as easy as opening a “hit” on the “DHCP client”. the options section.

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In the “new interface” dialog, enter the name of bridge1 according to your taste, and the other setting options will not change. We just change the name, if we call it ‘Bridge-Net’, fine.

After the “New Bridge Port” dialog box appears, select “ether1” in the “Interface” column. Then click OK. The rest of the options menu options are not changed, only the port interface options are changed.

Here, the process of creating a bridge connecting the Internet to the MikroTIK router is complete. Then just enter the settings, open “enable” as an Internet stream in the DHCP client menu.

Wait until the MikroTIK system has completed its work and the “DHCP Client” window shows the “connected” status. If the state is connected, the IP of the modern CPE is registered in the MikroTIK system. If you have an IP, it also flows to the Internet. If not, make sure your online account or portfolio is still active.

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Of course you can see the gateway status in the route list and look at the gateway IP from the CPE modem. while IP is reserved IP for MikroTIK.

Then you can also test by entering through a “Terminal” window. If you do not get time out of the state, the MikroTIK router is already connected to the Internet.

It is done? Don’t sleep yet, Bree. Now is the time to continue the Internet flow that has entered MikroTIK’s path to client devices, both desktop and smartphone. The trick is to set the IP directly to whatever port you want to use outside the Internet. But it is better to share the Internet, again through the same virtual mode, the Bridge line.

Indihome Wifi Breeding Application

In my case, what goes into the Bridge-LAN ethernet ports, 3 and 4, then one interface

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