Indonesian -made Chat Application

Indonesian -made Chat Application – JAKARTA – Apart from WhatsApp, there are many other chat apps that smartphone users can download. However, few platforms dare to ensure the privacy of their users.

To answer these questions, Seecret offers an alternative text messaging service for smart users. Applications submitted by PT. Digital Mapan Indonesia is proud that its online communications services respect the value of privacy.

Indonesian -made Chat Application

Indonesian -made Chat Application

“Secret can be a great solution for social media users who feel insecure and need high privacy, thanks to various unique features that make chat services more secure,” Seecret co-founder Ferdi Tahier said in a press release Thursday. October 8. . .

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The Seecret application implements an end-to-end encryption function similar to Telegram, the interlocutor explained. However, this Indonesian-made software is more focused on protecting the privacy of its users down to the client-to-client level.

This means that when a message is written, it will appear immediately and will be automatically read by the recipient in real time. Instant messages will be deleted by the system as soon as they are read or unread.

“One of the crazy and unique innovations that only Seecret has is that it is more private and secure for users right from the start. This chat app doesn’t even require a phone number to create an account,” the singer explained. . “Element” group.

“Users can use a pseudonym and not a single byte of data is actually stored in the cloud or on a server. Thus, there is no digital footprint at all,” Ferdi added.

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Another unique feature is Secret Messenger, which allows you to write letters and messages using a combination of hidden characters so that people around you cannot intercept or read the message. Additionally, there is Seecret’s auto-self-destruct feature, which can automatically delete messages if they are not read within 10 seconds.

In addition, there are Seecret Anti Screenshot and Anti Forward features that will provide users with additional privacy protection as they can reduce the likelihood of fraud or message manipulation. According to Ferdy, this feature is specifically designed to protect user privacy.

Including the Seecret Group feature, which supports private label services where only tagged friends can read secret messages received or sent.

Indonesian -made Chat Application

This unique privacy-preserving chat app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and then found on the Apple App Store.

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Ferdy concluded his speech: “We guarantee that no matter who participates in the Secret service, no one will be able to monitor your data exchanges, because your privacy and secrets are your freedom.”

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Line (stylized as LINE) is a free instant messaging application for electronic devices developed by LY Corporation. Linear users: Make free text, picture, video, voice, VoIP calls and video conferencing. In addition, Line is a platform that offers various services, including: digital wallet such as Line Pay, news broadcasting such as LINE Today, video on demand such as Line TV, and digital cartoon distribution such as Line Manga and Line Webtoon .

Because it was tailored to the tastes of Japanese consumers and offered free calls to mobile phones as well as text messages, it pushed its existing competitor KakaoTalk into the Japanese market with a massive marketing campaign.

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In March 2021, a partner of SoftBank Group and Yahoo! Japanese operator Z Holdings has completed its merger with Line Corporation. Under the new structure, A Holdings, a subsidiary of SoftBank Corporation and Naver Corporation, will own 65.3% of Z Holdings, which will own Line and Yahoo! Japan.

In South Korea, home of the Japanese corporation NHN Naver, Naver launched a messaging application called Naver Talk in February 2011 for the South Korean market.

Naver/NHN co-founder and president Lee Hae-jin and a team of excavators were in Japan when the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck.

Indonesian -made Chat Application

Since Wi-Fi and some 3G networks were practically useless, many people turned to KakaoTalk, which was just starting to gain popularity in Japan.

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After the pandemic, Lee was inspired to launch a messaging and chat app, and his team at NHN Japan tested a beta version of the app, available on smartphones, tablets and PCs, that would run on a data network and allow instant messaging for free. and call service

Because Naver/NHN had superior cultural knowledge that Japanese consumers wanted and the company’s largest marketing budget, Line quickly took over control of KakaoTalk in Japan.

Line also offers free calls, and since Japanese telecom companies force customers to pay for SMS and calls, this feature that KakaoTalk lacked has become a major selling point.

To improve its ability to cope with the surge in new users, NHN Japan has chosen HBase as the main storage for user profiles, contacts and groups.

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In July 2012, NHN Japan announced new features “Homeline” and “Timeline”. These features allowed users to share personal progress with a community of contacts in real time, such as updating statuses on social networks such as Facebook.

By 2013, Line had become the largest social network in Japan, with over 300 million registered users worldwide, of which over 50 million were in Japan.

In October 2014, Line announced that it had attracted 560 million users worldwide with 170 million accounts.

Indonesian -made Chat Application

In February 2015, the company announced that it had surpassed 600 million users and planned to reach 700 million annually.

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Line was originally developed as a mobile application for Android and IOS phones. Service expanded to: BlackBerry OS (August 2012),

IPadOS (October 2014) and as an app for the Chrome browser (via the Chrome Web Store). The software is also available in mobile and desktop versions for Microsoft Windows and MacOS platforms.

In July 2016, Line Corporation held an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

At the end of December 2020, Line Company was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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On March 1, 2021, Line Corporation merged with Yahoo! Japan, controlled by Z Holdings, a subsidiary of SoftBank Group.

Under the new structure, Naver Corporation (formerly Line) and SoftBank Corp (the wireless service provider division of the SoftBank Group) each own 50% of a new company called A Holdings Corp., which owns the majority of Z Holdings. now Line and Yahoo! Japan.

Following the merger of the two businesses and the creation of additional platforms, the combined company aims to compete with US tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, as well as Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tct.

Indonesian -made Chat Application

The merger also gives Z Holdings three more Asian markets where Line is popular: Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

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Line was launched in the spring of 2011 as a communication system for NHN’s Japanese employees. It showed significant growth and was presented to the public in June of that year. As of January 18, 2013, Line has been downloaded 100 million times worldwide.

In February 2014, there were 20 million users in Indonesia, 17 million in Taiwan, and 16 million in India and Spain.

Line is a program that runs on many platforms and is available on many personal computers (Microsoft Windows or MacOS). The application will also provide the ability to synchronize your address book. This app also has the feature of adding refrigerators using QR codes for serial ID and shaking your phone at the same time. The app has a direct message popup for reading and replying to make the user experience easier. It can also share photos, videos and music with other users, SD Currt or special: location, sound, emoji, stickers and cartoons in baskets. Users can see real-time confirmation that messages have been received and received, or use the hidden chat feature, which can hide and delete chat history after a user-defined period of time (from linked devices and network servers).

The app also makes free voice and video calls. Users can also chat and share media by creating groups of up to 500 people. The app also has timeline and homepage features that allow users to post photos, text, and stickers on their homepages. Users can also change their Line theme to the theme that Line provides for free in the theme store, or users can purchase other popular cartoon characters they like. Line also has a Snap Movie feature that users can use to record a time-lapse video and add background music to it.

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In June 2015, Line released a new Android app called “Popcorn buzz”. This app allows you to make group calls with up to 200 participants.

June also saw the release of a new Emoji keyboard for iOS devices that provides

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