11 Challenging Co-op Board Interview Questions—and How To Respond

After college, are you planning on moving to New York City? Here’s how to go about it. Co-living spaces in New York City in 2021, according to Brick Underground: How do you distinguish whether someone is a community disruptor from someone who isn’t? While renovating your NYC flat, here are the 7 best ways to find a short-term rental. Renewals of NYC apartment leases with significant concessions are approaching. Here’s how to make a deal. There are five things you should know about renting in NYC on a month-to-month basis.


The differences between buying real estate in NYC and somewhere else When I buy an apartment in NYC, can I obtain a refund on the real estate commission? Is it possible to negotiate the commission? Are you making your first purchase in New York City? Make sure your funds are in order first. There are ten steps to writing a fantastic co-op or condo board application. 2022 Buyers stare over their shoulders, sellers wait for prices to climb, and renters get a respite in the NYC real estate market.


A guide to using a NYC real estate firm’s no-fee remodeling loan How much does it cost to relocate to the suburbs versus staying in NYC? If you’re looking to sell your NYC apartment, what is the ideal hue of white to use? Is it better to sell now or wait? Experts and brokers from New York City weigh in.


How to make your makeover in New York City more pet-friendly Are you renovating your NYC flat or adding a kitchen island? Here’s a list of things to think about. The 7 most effective methods for getting your NYC landlord to make repairs Do you want to renovate with salvaged materials and appliances? Here’s what you should be aware of. How to handle a flood or water damage in a New York City apartment

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