Junior High School Children Who Make Applications

Junior High School Children Who Make Applications – Coming Soon CWC Success Story CWC Success Stories is an ongoing campaign where we showcase the learning journeys of various iOS app development from our students around the world. All kinds of successes have their place in this campaign, from overcoming the initial learning curve to exciting developer work, launching iOS…

CWC Success Stories is an ongoing campaign where we showcase the various iOS app development learning journeys of our students around the world. All kinds of success have their place in this campaign. from overcoming initial learning setbacks to exciting developer work, from launching iOS apps to simply enjoying learning a new skill. Whatever our students’ successes, we’re all here to celebrate them.

Junior High School Children Who Make Applications

Junior High School Children Who Make Applications

For the fifth installment of this campaign, we are pleased to present the CWC success story of Sooni Mohammed. Suni is a very talented 16-year-old who didn’t let his disability stop him from becoming a freelance iOS developer. Check out her very inspiring story below.

September & October 2018: Uwcsea Open Days

Suni is a 16-year-old freelance developer and high school student from Toronto, Canada who has been hailed as one of the winners of the WWDC Swift Student Challenge 2021. He has a disability called cerebral palsy, but he likes to call it brainpower. ! His passion for the subjects of mathematics, philosophy and computer science made him interested in learning app development from another app called Notion. His curiosity to learn more about programming started after using Notion’s “program a database” feature.

Like many students starting out, Suni jumped from one resource to another to learn programming. While these resources initially helped him learn some basic programming concepts, he eventually realized that the content of these materials could only take him so far.

“Before CWC, I was like a free horse with no stability in learning programming. I just learned from YouTube University and bought all the courses that looked appealing. I won’t lie, it started me off, but the honeymoon phase went by quickly. Yes, building small-scale apps was demanding, but at some point I felt like I hit a plateau where I wasn’t being challenged enough. I learned iOS networking, Swift/SwiftUI, basic UI design using nomadic learning, and data structures But I couldn’t find great resources to learn databases, SwiftUI forms, Firebase, etc.

He soon stumbled upon it and decided to stay because CWC gave him long-term stability to learn iOS app development, challenged him to become a better developer, and valued him not just as an aspiring iOS developer, but most importantly, as a person. being. From her free tutorials on YouTube to her helpful support staff, Suni truly feels like part of the growing CWC family, constantly pushing her to reach her full potential;

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“I trust CWC because they interact with developers on a human level. I think they really deal with the psychological side of iOS app development. Let’s face it, creating innovative software that truly helps others isn’t as easy as it sounds. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I kept running into problems that kept me banging my head against the wall for days. Developers have a lot more challenges, but CWC talks about those challenges and pushes you to keep going.

And if you’re ever “stuck or just need some encouragement”, the CWC team and community are here to help. Compared to other learning resources, this is a very different way to take you on this journey of development. For example, YouTube tutorials are an excellent development. What’s worse is that they don’t explain very well how they found and solved this particular problem. Even some of the paid courses I’ve taken don’t do that well. How can you learn if not from your mistakes?

Another positive aspect of CWC that Sooni appreciates is the easy availability of CWC materials. He likes that he can easily use them as a reference when he has coding problems. The wide range of topics available on the CWC+ platform is essential to help Soon achieve his learning goals ahead of time;

Junior High School Children Who Make Applications

“What surprised me about CWC was how easy it was to learn some of the topics. I always thought it would take a month to learn and remember a CWC database course. But what I learned is that you don’t have to remember everything because you always have access to the material. With this change in mindset, I was halfway through the course in 3 days. It’s actually crazy. The best page of the entire site is the index page. I don’t remember how many times. I used it when building my apps. It’s absolutely essential.”

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According to Soon, the CWC has positively influenced his outlook and approach to problem solving. Instead of being easily discouraged by a mistake, he is now more willing to challenge himself by simply working on the problem to become a better programmer. While he is young, CWC’s encouraging leadership has helped him embrace the mindset that programming challenges are a springboard for further growth;

“My perspective on development has really changed dramatically. Now I’m starting to see mistakes and problems as opportunities for growth. Until then I just copied the solutions from StackOverflow to end the problem. But now I try my best to analyze and learn from every appearance. code that was put into my code base. In the last Dishful app, I couldn’t open any views when the keyboard appeared. Took two days to fix this helpful StackOverflow answer and it worked. I felt so stupid that I couldn’t apply. this little improvement. I thought about giving up several times, but finally a good and reliable solution to find different solutions from different positions together. I couldn’t have done it without the constant positive reinforcement that CWC gives me.”

Suni proudly displays the result of her high intelligence and undying determination. Dishful is a recipe manager designed for people who cook a lot and need one synced place to store their recipes. The current MVP (for version 1.0.0) currently has all the main CRUD features and the ability to import recipes from different sites. Many more features like scanning recipes, cooking, shopping lists and more are coming soon.

At 16 years old, Suni is ready to share some wisdom for iOS developers, especially those who find iOS app development too daunting to learn;

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For someone who is interested in iOS development but has no experience, I would go to Youtube and watch others do it. get inspired If you have that spark, run with it. Create a basic Hello World app and show it to your friends and family. Next is to keep that spark burning by learning and building small projects. The key is small projects that leave you hungry for more. After that, just learn as much as you can, turning knowledge into practice. You’ll soon feel more capable of building larger and more complex projects.”

He also advises students to take a break when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem. When needed, taking a break helps students reflect on their current learning progress, analyze the processes they’ve already taken to get to a certain point, and ultimately keep them grounded enough to focus on the prize;

“The thing that helped me the most when I wanted to quit teaching was to look at the big picture and not let the bullying get you down. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the details. I had an absolute time learning the basics. I was confused about how and when to call them and why we need them. This was early in my education and when I still had the common misconception that programming is very difficult. I got over it by stopping and asking myself how it was going. in terms of the big picture, I found there were times when you needed to assign values ​​to variables, and a great place to do that was the init method, because when you create an object, it says I just got this.

Junior High School Children Who Make Applications

Are you a CWC student with a success story to share? Contact us at care@

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Has Sooni inspired you to start your iOS app development learning journey? Learn with us today! The deadline for high school applications is approaching, and to give your child the best chance of getting a place at one of your preferred places, you need to submit your

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