K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018

K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018 – The K-12 Basic Education program uses a standardized, competency-based grading system. These can be found in the curriculum guidelines. All grades are based on weighted raw scores of students’ summative assessments. The minimum grade required to pass a specific area is 60, which translates to a 75 on the report card. The minimum score that can appear on the report card is 60 for the quarterfinals and finals.

For these guidelines, the department uses a floor level calculated from the lowest grade shown on the student’s report card.

K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018

K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018

Students in grades 1-12 receive quarterly written assignments, performance assignments, and quarterly assessments. These three are given a certain percentage weight that varies according to the nature of the learning environment.

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Guidance regarding the assessment of kindergarten students will be issued in another memorandum or dispatch. However, for kindergarten, checklists and anecdotal reports are used, not control results. These are based on the educational standards found in the Kindergarten Curriculum Guide. It is important for teachers to maintain a portfolio, record or compilation of student results such as writing examples, completed activity sheets and artwork. Portfolios can provide concrete evidence of how much or how well a student can perform skills and abilities. With checklists, the teacher can demonstrate whether or not the child can demonstrate knowledge and/or perform tasks expected of kindergarten students. Through storyboards or narrative reports, teachers can describe students’ behavior, attitudes, and effort in schoolwork.

During assessment, there is a quarterly assessment, but students must be given opportunities to work on written assignments and demonstrate what they know through performance assignments. There is no mandatory number of written assignments and performance assignments, but these are distributed throughout the quarter and used to assess student skills after each unit.

The raw score for each component must be converted to a percentage score. This is to ensure that the values ​​are parallel to each other.

To calculate the percentage score (PS), divide the raw score by the highest possible score and multiply the value by 100%. This is shown below.

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Step 3: Percentage scores are converted to weighted scores to show the importance of each component in promoting learning across subjects.

To do this, the percentage result is multiplied by the grade weight for grades 1 to 10 in Table 4 and for high school in Table 5. The product is called a weighted score (WS).

The Senior High School (SHS) grading system follows different weights for each component. Table 5 presents the subject’s baseline and race weights.

K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018

Step 5: Quarterly grades for each subject area are written on the student’s report card.

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To get a better idea of ​​how to report summative assessments, Table 6 presents an example lesson report showing three first-quarter fourth-grade English students. As per this section report, Table 7 provides a step-by-step procedure on how to calculate the quarterly section.

For MAPEH, individual grades are assigned to each department of music, art, physical education and health. MAPEH’s quarterly score is the quarterly average of the four areas.

There are no numerical levels in Kindergarten. Details of student progress in various subject areas are illustrated using checklists and student portfolios. These are presented to parents at the end of each quarter for discussion. Further instructions will be issued regarding the Kindergarten program.

The average is calculated by dividing the sum of all final grades by the total number of learning slots. Each learning area has equal weight.

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Final grades and averages are reported as whole numbers in each subject area. Table 8 shows an example of a 4th grader’s final and average scores in different learning areas.

The two quarters determine the final grade for a semester. Table 9 shows an example for the Accounting, Business and Management (ABM) column for the second semester of Class 11.

A summary of student progress is presented to parents and guardians each quarter through parent-teacher conferences where the report card is discussed. The rating scale, with associated details, is in Table 10. Comment at end of grade level.

K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018

Using the example grade report in Table 6, STUDENT A received a starting grade of 84.86 in English in the first quarter, which is an excellent grade when converted to a grade of 90. One student achieved a conversion grade of 88, which is very satisfying. Student C received a grade of 71, which means that the student does not meet expectations for the first quarter of Grade 4 English.

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If a student’s raw scores on the written and performance assignments are below expectations, the student’s parent or guardian must be notified by the fifth week of that quarter. This will help and guide your child to improve and prepare for the quarterly assessment. A student who obtains a score of less than 75 in a quarter in any subject will need the intervention of the teacher(s) of that subject with remedial and extra classes.

This grade provides the basis for promoting a student to the next grade or keeping them in the same grade. These decisions must be evidence-based and fairly applied.

A final grade of 75 or higher in all learning areas advances a student to the next grade level. Table 11 sets out guidelines for promoting and retaining learning.

Makeup classes must pass classes with low grades to advance to the next grade level. Otherwise, the student remains in the same class.

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Remedial classes to enhance subject skills must be passed before entry into the A-level subject is permitted.

Makeup classes must be passed to improve skills in subjects or academic areas to enter the next semester. Otherwise, the student will have to retake the failed subjects.

In grades 1-10, a student who does not meet expectations in no more than two areas of learning must take remedial classes. Makeup classes will be held after final grades are calculated. Students must pass remedial classes to advance to the next grade level. However, teachers must ensure that they receive corrective action when they achieve below-expectation results on written work and performance assignments during the fifth week of any quarter. This prevents the student from failing a subject at the end of the year.

K13 Middle School Report Card Application 2018

Students who fail grades 11-12, grade/skill set, should receive immediate remedial instruction. They must undergo summative assessments during the recovery period to avoid failing the academic area/subject. This prevents students from having an education beyond High School (SHS). However, if the student still fails the remedial classes, the student must retake the failed course in the summer or later. Faculty advisors/career counselors should support the SHS student in selecting SHS courses.

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Summative assessments are also provided in rehabilitation units. They are recorded, calculated, measured and translated in the same way as on a quarterly basis. The finishing unit is the Retrieval Unit Mark (RCM). The grade of the final grade and recovery grade at the end of the school year is the average. The result is a recalculated final grade. If the recalculated final grade is 75 or higher, the student advances to the next grade. However, students will be held back in grade if the final recalculated score is less than 75.

The recalculated class completion certificate is issued by the correctional class teacher and the school principal. This is submitted to the Divisional Office and must be attached to Form 137 and School Form No. Figure 1 below shows an example of a certificate.

Upon submission of the recalculated class completion certificate, the student may enroll in the next semester of classes 1-10 and the next semester of classes 11-12. This certificate may be verified by Divisional Offices as needed.

The purpose of the K-12 curriculum is to develop capable Filipinos for the 21st century. As stated in the vision, mission and core values ​​of the Department of Education, students’ knowledge and skills should complement students’ development by building their values ​​and attitudes (Dispatch DepEd n.º 36, s. 2013). Next page. Graduate schools may modify or adapt these guidelines consistent with their school’s philosophy, vision, mission, and core values.

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We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country, whose values ​​and skills realize their full potential and contribute significantly to nation building.

To protect and promote

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