K13 Sd Report Card Application

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K13 Sd Report Card Application

K13 Sd Report Card Application

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Industrial drying of fruits and vegetables: customized intelligent monitoring and detailed analysis of process variables in the OTTORTO project.

By Antonio Spagnuolo Antonio Spagnuolo Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 1, 2 , Carmela Vetromile Carmela Vetromile Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 1, 3 , Antonio Masiello Antonio Masiello Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 2 , Santos Preprint De Sancipe. org Google Scholar 2, Mattia Suriano Mattia Suriano Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 4, Giorgio Mercuri Giorgio Mercuri Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 4, Michele Pellegrino Michele Pellegrino Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 4, Google Scholar Scilit. Scholar 4 , Carmine Lubritto Carmine Lubritto Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 1, 5 and Maria Rosa Di Cicco Maria Rosa Di Cicco Scilit Preprints.org Google Scholar 1, *

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Registration: 3/5/2023 / Revised: 19/5/2023 / Approved: 24/5/2023 / Published: 26/5/2023

In the age of digital intelligence, the manufacturing industry is one of the sectors most affected by the need for change. The implementation of smart monitoring systems based on IoT to collect measurements of real energy and other important operational variables enables the collection of big data, which is important for company management to monitor the stability of the production process over many years. time, in turn, helps develop predictable patterns that enable more efficient work and productivity. The OTTORTO project is based on the need of the FARRIS company to adapt its production line to the agricultural policy 4.0, which is set to the highest goals of digital transformation and technology at the national and EU level. The objectives of this study are: (i) to propose an intelligent, multi-parameter “custom” system for obtaining temperature and humidity measurements in real time in the company’s industrial drying ovens; and (ii) show how information can be extracted from operational data and transformed into a decision support and effective information tool for better understanding of the manufacturing process. The study of the correlation between the temperature and humidity measurements showed that for most of the observation period, the system was stable in terms of the climate with regard to the main operational risks, such as the diffusion of moisture inside the oven, which causes the compensation of the product to be dried. However, to overcome that efficiency, the frequent introduction of furnaces and forced air extraction systems can bring great benefits in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Fruits and vegetables are the most important sources of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and provitamin A (beta-carotene) and minerals [1]. In addition, it is a natural source of biological compounds of interest to health and industry (vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, different types of proteins and their possible uses) [1, 2]. For example, fruits and vegetables are a very important source of natural pigments such as carotenoids and chlorophyll, in which certain plant species are very abundant, and play a major role in this matter, despite the growth of biological extraction. of algal matrices [3, 4, 5, 6].

K13 Sd Report Card Application

Fruit and vegetable products can be eaten raw or processed, and drying is one of the most commonly used methods of preservation [7]. Food drying is an ancient and important food preservation process [8], and dried fruits and vegetables have always been produced in the country to preserve food immediately after ripening, providing real and safe food [9]. Drying is a process that can remove water from the product and is used for several important benefits [7, 10], namely to reduce the process of biochemical degradation; shelf life extension; preserve the nutritional properties of the product; and optimization of transportation and storage operations (lighter, less space-consuming foods). Consumer preference for dehydrated products is constantly increasing as lifestyle changes, awareness of food quality and new brands have increased [11, 12, 13, 14, 15].

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The public accepts dehydration as a very simple process [16]. However, this is a very difficult operation involving physical processes such as the simultaneous transfer of heat, mass and convulsive motion, which increases the difficulty of deformation and damage to the finished product [8]. Another important issue is the complexity of fruit/vegetable matrices, as their composition varies significantly depending on the year of harvest, type of fruit/vegetable, geographical origin, agricultural regulations, environmental conditions and post-harvest care. . This difference is also reflected in their thermophysical properties, which change strongly during dehydration [17, 18].

To see how this process is carried out on an industrial scale, usually the settings of the machines used for the drying process are set through several preliminary tests or after an experienced user determines the quality of the machine to reach an acceptable product quality. at best, after that they don’t change at all. These tests require a lot of work and skilled workers, and also involve constant machine time. On the other hand, when the production process works at full capacity, there are no interruptions and the on/off steps of the drying tubes do not affect the processed vegetables (as in these experiments as samples); Therefore, this is an additional measurement error that is considered for the operating temperature and drying time of the production line [7, 19, 20]. Once all these preliminary steps are completed, the facility is ready to handle the actual level of food drying, which is actually much higher.

At this point, a natural question arises why optimization and control are so important in water reduction, when it is a good and mature process in practice. The answer is that the behavior of food drying and the relationship between the process parameters (for example, temperature, humidity, and pressure) are still not fully understood [18, 21, 22] and are therefore an obstacle to achieving higher quality. dried products with low energy consumption, even in milder dehydration [23]. Therefore, although dehydration is one of the methods used in the food stabilization industry, it requires a large amount of energy to maintain a certain level of temperature over time (on an industrial scale) and is therefore considered one of the sources of energy . -massive industrialization [24] ]. Considering the high cost of energy sources and the high impact of energy demand on the environment [25], energy efficiency is a major weakness of food industry companies [26, 27, 28, 29].

In this context, it must be emphasized that there is a great effort in the European Union and national states with programs of the “New Green Deal”, which aims to implement policies to reduce the effects of carbon dioxide.

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Waste, renewable energy development and resource recovery from waste, such as solid and liquid waste [30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35]. These energy and environmental improvement goals can only be achieved by introducing “smart” methods, protocols and technologies in industrial production processes, as the relevant scientific literature has already shown the results of such implementation in various industrial sectors related to civil life . 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47]. At the international level, efforts have been made to achieve this goal over the years by activating specific policies and encouraging research and planning projects. One such policy in the context of the European Union is the Industry 4.0 program announced in 2013, which aims to revolutionize industrial processes and increase efficiency and profitability through physical integration.

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