Ktp Maker Application

Ktp Maker Application – We have already seen how illegal online loan sharks use their customers’ personal data. This is a problem with easy access to other people’s private information. Just by having a copy of someone’s E-KTP, someone can pretend to apply for a loan online. The next article in the Personal Data Outbreak series is about the risk of misuse of personal data.

During the pandemic, online rental platforms (pineapple) are like a diva. You can only apply for a loan with an identity card (E-KTP). But it is like eating simalakam fruit. After all, there are many problems hidden behind this. The emergence of criminals using fake E-KTP is one of them. They get new money and the data owner loses money. Although the agreement was not fulfilled.

Ktp Maker Application

Ktp Maker Application

Nowadays, it is easy to get a loan online. Borrowers only need E-KTP, phone number and TV account. Next, the lender offers the borrower to complete a loan application form through the application process. If the conditions match, the payment will not take long.

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Riko thought it was good. The 32-year-old admits that his loan applications are often taken for granted. The problem was that he asked for money not just for one loan, but for many borrowers.

Rico said the loan did not focus on ID verification. As long as your friends and social networks work, the loan can be paid immediately. Because Riko tried to register on pine tree several times, each time successfully. Even then, it is an expired E-KTP.

“Yes, it’s easy to recognize the list, I don’t think it’s important for them to know. What’s important is to find a mobile phone, because as soon as I register with E-KTP, it just goes out, especially here there is a fake. sell E in the Facebook group -KTP especially in the credit list,” he said. Rico Friday, April 30.

It’s different from Riko, it’s different from Putra. Although they all admit that they used fake E-KTPs to get loans. The child, who is still unemployed, says that taking a loan to get new money is an easy task. This is difficult if the loan you want to give is large. For example, IDR 5 million and above. According to Putra, this is easy if the loan is close to Rs. 500 thousand – 1 million rupees.

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“But big loans, it’s difficult. For loans as low as IDR 500,000 – IDR 1 million, it’s easy. Because you only need a photo of E-KTP, your photo is E-KTP, fill out the form. and that’s done. Loans more than 5 million in Indonesian rupiah is difficult because there is verification of the account number. The place of work, the salary, the list of relatives living in their home are all verified. This is a proof of shopping online, such as frequent shopping on multiple markets,” Putra said on Friday, April 30.

However, the easy access to credit has opened up a new source of income, namely sellers of fake E-KTP. E-KTP sales have also spread on various social media. Some, as the Twitter account @pinjollaknat points out, openly sell blank E-KTPs. In fact, KTP, NPVP, payslips, health insurance or even certificates were not sold. All this to make it easier for someone to get a loan.

The result of the fake distribution of E-KTP resulted in those who did not know they had borrowed water. Then they panicked, their photos were shared in the story, and the story of the debt began to spread to close relatives. The owner of the Twitter account @ zomet13 knows this too. He was afraid of a group of collectors who came to his house and destroyed several flower pots.

Ktp Maker Application

Suddenly a black car stopped near the house. There were 5 straight men in there. Someone borrowed money from my address. What can you do? 😏 The name he borrowed was Yendra, I already said I don’t know this name, I don’t believe it. look around the house and destroy flower pots 😳 — zoemient13 (@zomet13) April 20, 2021

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“Pinjol. Suddenly, in front of the house, a black car of A***nza stopped, there were five well-built men. There are people who borrow money with the address of my house. How about it? A smiling face The name who borrowed. , said Yendra, he said earlier, you don’t know the name, don’t believe it. He looked into the house and broke flower pots,” he wrote on Twitter.

Account owner @karinhaie also experienced the same thing. Sin. even @karinhaie didn’t panic, she immediately got a summons for bad reputation that she didn’t even realize she signed up for. After research, it was found that his name and date of birth match. However, some points differ, creating confusion.

“Another confusing oath. All of a sudden I get this summons even though I never have a credit card or bank account,” said @karinhaie.

I’m confused about my oath again.. Suddenly I got this document even though I had no credit card and no account in the right bank.. pic.twitter.com/tcHDIK88mE — Andi Karina A. K (@karinhaie) April 19, 2021

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The founder of Drone Emprit, Ismail Fahmi, spoke in response to the number of victims who did not hear that they gave credit. According to him, so that there are not many victims, the Office of Financial Services (OJK) as those who have a target must do something immediately. This means that the loan policy should be reconsidered by OJK so that there are no more victims.

Moreover, Ismail Fahmi also urged the police to take immediate action. If you look at the case, the problem with borrowing is of course not that big. But if you put them all together with cases of people who committed suicide due to fear of guilt, the unemployment rate will be much higher. People slandered each other, gossiped about each other until they destroyed the nuances of the work – this is only a small part of the problems that arise when renting. Even DPR as representative of the people has intervened quickly. There are many victims. In addition, the number of loans exceeded 300.

“Imagine more than 300 lenders and they keep people who have financial problems. Pinjol is big. They will make a big profit. And those controlled by weak people who are bullied and threatened, you will be lucky. A million, maybe 800 thousand. The profit can be more than millions,” said Ismail Fahmi.

Ktp Maker Application

With such advantages, Ismail said, they are ready to go in different directions. “They don’t seem to care about haram or not.” Based on the number of loans, he made a huge profit. That is why the DPR, the police and the OJK teams must take steps to protect it,” said Ismail.

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AI automatically generates colors in English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and French. Therefore, there may still be errors in the translation, see Indonesian as our first language. (this system is powered by DigitalSiber.id)JAKARTA – Managing population records has become easier online thanks to Gojek’s partnership with the Population Registration Office (Disdukcapil) in DKI Province Jakarta.

Currently, Disdukcapil has received online population management services through the integration of the Quick and Accurate Population Document Service Direct Access (Alpukat Betawi) application.

“Jakarta residents can manage residence documents from birth certificates, electronic certificates (KTP-el), family cards (KK), child information (KIA), biodata changes to death certificates online.” – said the head of Regional Road. PPGR Gojek, Teuku Mufizar in an online press conference on Thursday, May 12.

Betawi Avocado itself is available both as a website and an app. To send documents, users can use GoSend and SameDay direct services and Midtrans for entry.

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Regarding document security, Budi Awaludin, head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Registration and Civil Status, said the security, integrity and accuracy of documents, registration numbers and GoSend partner information will be recorded in the Disdukcapil system.

“We need to protect people’s information, including their documents, we provide this protection through three steps, matching the registration number, the public number for GoSend to check, using a sealed envelope, then the official should compare the delivery number with the document. create more security”, – he explained.

Meanwhile, Mufizar added that he was able to track the program when he sent documents, so it was guaranteed that the documents would reach their destination.

Ktp Maker Application

“We use live tracking, we follow until the document reaches the recipient.

What Is A Ktp And Why Should You Consider It?

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