Lasik Tangsel Application

Lasik Tangsel Application – TANGSEL (Haluan Banten) – The South Tangerang City Government conducted the verification of the merit program by the ASN Indonesia Commission at the Tangerang City Government Center, Ciputat, Tangsel City, Monday (20/7).

The process and policy and appropriate management of ASN based on qualifications, skills and work in a fair and appropriate manner without discrimination of politics, race, religion, origin, gender and disability.

Lasik Tangsel Application

Lasik Tangsel Application

During the event, Benyamin Downey, Deputy Mayor of Tangerang South, explained that the Tangerang City Government continues to develop ASN policies. One of them is working with other people to improve ASN documentation.

Pemkot Tangsel Verifikasi Sistem Merit

“We have partnered with the University of Indonesia (UI),” said Benjamin, adding that the city government offers scholarships to ASNs who want to study at UI. Apart from the user interface, there is Unpad, which is partnered with the South Tangerang city government.

Then Benjamin said that this is also good for advertising. Together with the mayor of South Tangerang, he regularly inspects. This is to see what policies need to be added and what resources are needed to provide good services to the public.

To ensure that non-ASNs also get their rights as workers, Mr. Benjamin ensures that they protect different jobs. As a BPJS project recommended by the Govt.

In applications that use technology to support administrative functions in the South Tangerang City Government, administrative functions or something called LASIK is used.

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According to him, with LASIK, ASNs work quickly and efficiently as they are directly controlled by the appropriate OPD. Therefore, the management system can be very effective and efficient. In line with ASN’s expectations of the South Tangerang city government. (Humas-kominfo)

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