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Software packaging has changed significantly since 1994, when the first generation of package managers existed. A lot happened The installer itself is the same from the .exe file to the virtual file.

Latest Pkg Application

Latest Pkg Application

Today we’ll take a look at what types of application packages are available. Which packages are popular? How are they different? And what if you need to update or change your package file format from time to time?

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All packages he can be divided into two categories. It depends on the wrapping method (virtual or non-virtual). We already covered this when discussing the basics of functionality packages.

The EXE extension is one of the most common “executable” files. Used to install software on Windows computers.

Unlike data files, EXE files are compiled into binary machine code. After launch, it tells the processor how to run the program.

MSI files are the main part of the installation package used by Windows Installer and contain everything needed to set up an app, including databases and data streaming for various application components.

Deploy Pkg Apps Using Intune On Macos Devices

You can configure custom attributes, properties, and actions for each installer. You can also use MSI packages to install, update, or repair software.

Self-preservation is an important feature of MSI files, and this method works for already installed applications when certain things (files, registry keys) are inconsistent.

Additionally, MSIX files are more secure. It also works in containers. Helps you make better use of storage space by reducing the impact on your operating system.

Latest Pkg Application

Despite all these advantages, however, MSIX packages have some limitations, such as not supporting driver installation.

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For more information about Windows Installer, see the article MSI vs. MSIX: The Definitive Review and Comparison.

The APPX package format was introduced in 2013 for installing software on Windows 8 (and later). APPX is also used to package UWP apps, so it can be considered a predecessor to MSIX.

Generally, these packages are ready for publication. Organizational Distribution and Installation Like MSIX, you can install APPX packages on a per-user basis, but like MSIX, there are technical limitations such as overloading the Windows registry.

Although some engineers still use it, the rise of MSIX in 2018 has made APPX packages less popular.

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The App-V file format represents virtual apps that are installed on a server and distributed to end users without requiring local installation. This reduces potential conflicts and the software’s impact on other applications. and the operating system itself

The main problem with App-V packages is that Microsoft will not update the technology until April 2026. This effectively marks the end of support for App-V apps, so we recommend repackaging them in another format, such as MSIX, before this date.

IntuneWin packages are used by Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based solution for mobile device management and app distribution. (First released as Windows Intune in April 2010)

Latest Pkg Application

To get started, you need to create a new application in .intunewin format or repackage your existing Win32.

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This can be done using IntuneWin packaging tools such as PACE Suite to automate and simplify the process. Check out this quick guide. If you have any questions about creating quick and easy IntuneWin packages, please contact us.

As you can see, there are many different types of packages. Some are quite legacy, while others are very promising. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so in some cases it may make more sense to use an older package type than to repackage in a new format. It’s up to you to choose one or move your data. It depends on your needs.

If you still want to switch to a new type of packaging, our PACE series will cover all your packaging needs. This tool allows you to quickly repackage and customize installers to your desired format through an easy-to-use interface. This article provides steps to deploy his PKG app using Intune on macOS devices. Intune simplifies the process of deploying PKG apps to MacOS devices.

In the previous article we explained how to configure the DMG app using Intune for MacOS. Most apps available for macOS are DMG or PKG. A DMG file is a disk image file that contains one or more applications. A PKG-based application, on the other hand, is an installation package that contains all the scripts, metadata, and application components required for installation in a single .pkg file.

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Most popular software vendors offer .PKG and .DMG enterprise installers for Mac devices. Once a macOS device is enrolled in his Intune, an admin can upload his PKG apps, such as her DMG app or his macOS LOB app, and apply them to any device.

If you don’t know how to use PKG to deploy apps, we recommend using the app. Because macOS (PKG) apps are an easier and more convenient option for core business operations instead.

Note: In the August 2022 release of Intune, Microsoft removed the ability to upload .intunemac files to the Microsoft Intune admin center. You can now upload .pkg files directly to the Microsoft Intune admin center.

Latest Pkg Application

I will explain the steps. To help you deploy a PKG app using Intune, the entire sequence is divided into steps for easy understanding.

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Before you can upload a PKG app to Intune, you need a valid macOS PKG app. Your company’s software team may develop its own in-house PKG apps. Or it could be a web app that users can download.

This article explains the configuration of his PKG app in Intune using the Google Chrome app as an example. Use the same steps to configure other his PKG apps in Intune. Google Chrome provides PKG Universal Installer and DMG Universal Installer. macOS device

To get the installer, go to Download Chrome Browser for Work. Select Mac as the operating system and download his PKG installer for Google Chrome. Make sure the checkbox is “Stable”. The browser will be downloaded. The GoogleChrome.pkg installer is now installed on your computer.

In the app’s package files pane. Click the Browse button. Then select the MacOS PKG app file and the PKG app details will appear on the screen. When finished, select OK in the App Package Files pane to add your app.

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The App Information page adds macOS PKG application details depending on the selected app. Some values ​​in this pane may be filled in automatically. The app information you specify here will be displayed to users in the macOS Company Portal.

In this step, you need to configure the operating system requirements for installing the MacOS pkg app. Click the drop-down menu and select the minimum macOS version to install the application. Click Next.

This step allows you to configure detection rules for .pkg apps used on macOS devices. When you add a PKG app package file to Intune, tracking rules are automatically set up. However, you can also add detection criteria. More information is required.

Latest Pkg Application

Intune uses the app bundle identifier and version number to detect the presence of pkg apps on macOS devices. Identity rules created for .pkg apps in Intune have two main parts:

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If the above two parameters are not set in your macOS PKG app, you can find them using the following method:

Ignore app version: This option is set to Yes by default. You can read the information and set this option.

In this step, you assign the PKG app to a device group or user group in Intune. On the Assignments tab, select and add the groups you want this application to target. If this is your first time deploying a PKG app, we recommend creating a pilot group of macOS devices to ensure success. Can be expanded to larger groups. Click Next.

Review the values ​​and settings you entered in the PKG app on the Review + Build tab. Click Create to add the app to Intune. The newly created macOS PKG app appears in the overview window.

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After you use Intune to install a pkg app for macOS devices, the application is first uploaded to Intune. This process may take some time to complete. This depends on the size of your application. In some cases, re-uploading your application may resolve an application upload failure.

After assigning a PKG app to a macOS device, Intune administrators can verify the deployment using the following steps:

Two options will appear below the monitor. Device installation status and user installation status If you have an app installed on your device, select Install device. If you have assigned a user group to the app and would like to know the installation status of the equipment, select the User Installation Status option to check the usage status.

Latest Pkg Application

The screenshot below shows that the PKG app has been successfully installed on your MacOS device. To find out which devices or users have successfully downloaded the PKG application, check the device installation status or user installation status, respectively.

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After installing his PKG app on your MacOS device using

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