Latest Whatsapp Applications

Latest Whatsapp Applications – WhatsApp is all set to launch several new features this year. The company has already tested some of these features among beta users and they will soon be available to everyone. The list of new WhatsApp features in 2023 is likely to include desktop lock screen, short video messages, screen sharing, new UI for Android and more. In this article, we have compiled a list of new WhatsApp features that will launch or are planned to launch in 2023.

WhatsApp message search by date is now available for all iPhone users. It helps users to search for a specific message in a long chat history. This feature allows users to search and find messages by date. To be able to use this feature, make sure WhatsApp is updated to version 23.1.75. After that go to chat window -> click on profile -> click on search -> search field will appear in chat window. To search for messages by date, select the calendar icon on the on-screen keyboard and select a date and month.

Latest Whatsapp Applications

Latest Whatsapp Applications

To make clicking photos and videos easier, WhatsApp has updated the built-in camera interface by introducing a dedicated video mode. Previously, users had to press and hold the camera’s shutter button to record video. With the redesigned user interface, the video option now has its own button where users can choose to record video, just like the phone’s standard camera app. Special Video Mode is now available for Android in version number

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After testing the beta feature for the past few months, WhatsApp has started rolling out voice status on Android and iOS. This feature allows users to send a voice message as a status update to their contacts. To use this feature, go to the Status tab in WhatsApp and select the feather icon at the bottom. On the next screen, tap the microphone icon and start recording a voice message for up to 30 seconds.

WhatsApp now gives you the flexibility to share status updates only with the contacts you choose. Each upload status can be selected. To use this feature, tap the camera or pen icon on the status tab -> create a text status or upload/click an image -> select the status (off) button at the bottom left -> now select contacts with whom specifically you want to “Share only with… Want to share status by selecting ” option and click “tick” icon to download. Contact Picker is available in version number for Android.

Now users will be able to see the status of their contacts right from the chat screen. This is indicated by a green ring on the profile picture, which users can tap to see the status instantly. The feature works on Android with version number

After a long wait, WhatsApp has finally released the ability to use the same account on two more mobile phones in companion mode. When this mode is enabled, users won’t be logged out of their primary mobile while logging in to another phone and also opens up the possibility of using WhatsApp on both Android phones and iPhones at the same time.

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To ensure maximum privacy of users’ chats, WhatsApp has released a Chat Lock feature for Android and iOS that lets you add a fingerprint lock or Face ID, in the case of iPhone, to private chats and group chats. To enable chat blocking, you need to do the following:

All blocked chats are moved to a secure folder, which can be accessed by swiping on the chat screen.

Like Telegram, WhatsApp users will now be able to edit sent messages. It may be necessary to correct or change the text of the message. But there is a catch. A message can only be edited within the first 15 minutes of sending, and the “edited” text will be specifically marked below these messages. To edit a sent chat message:

Latest Whatsapp Applications

When you post a status link, WhatsApp automatically adds a preview image by extracting a thumbnail or featured image from the URL. This allows the viewer to get the context of the URL in advance.

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Sending photos on WhatsApp degrades the quality of photos due to compression. To avoid this, the messaging platform has launched a new option called “Photo Upload Quality” in Settings under “Storage & Data” that allows users to choose the best photo upload quality.

WhatsApp has been using picture-in-picture video calling among Android users for more than a few months. The same feature arrived on the iPhone, allowing users to view other apps by minimizing a video call in a small interface that can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen. If PiP is enabled for video calling, users will be able to do several things easily.

WhatsApp has also released a feature that allows users to send images in full resolution. However, when this option is enabled, the original image size is not preserved. Image quality is slightly better than the standard Image Sharing option. This feature is currently available in Android app with version number and will be rolled out to iOS soon.

WhatsApp users can now mute calls by enabling the option in the app’s privacy settings. This feature is handy if you don’t want to receive calls from unknown or unsaved mobile numbers. The option is available on both Android and iOS and can be enabled by going to WhatsApp Settings > Privacy > Calls > Mute Unknown Calls.

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WhatsApp Channels is a brand new feature that provides users with content from different topics and categories in one place. Like Telegram channels, the creator or admin of the channel can post messages, images, videos, stickers, etc. on a channel broadcast to all participants. In this way, users can get news from around the world on their favorite topics and interests. WhatsApp Channels is currently available in Singapore and Colombia, but will be coming to everyone later this year.

WhatsApp plans to launch several new features in 2023. Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

As the name suggests, View Once allows users to send a text message, which is automatically deleted when the recipient opens and reads it. The feature is very convenient if you want the other party not to keep any sensitive and private information. Think of it as a text-based alternative to the photo viewing feature WhatsApp has been pushing for a while now.

Latest Whatsapp Applications

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Pinning messages will soon be a thing on WhatsApp. With this feature, users are able to pin all important messages in a chat or group to the top, allowing other chat members to see a specific message without having to scroll through the entire chat. Pinned messages can be useful for pinning an upcoming event, issuing an alert, or simply announcing something in a group chat.

For most users, WhatsApp is the best solution for video calling and group calling. To keep up with all your recent and missed calls, WhatsApp may soon introduce a dedicated call tab for its desktop app. The call log is synchronized with the phone in real-time to provide the user with an updated call history. Note that this feature may not be available on WhatsApp Web as it does not support voice calls like WhatsApp for Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp Business Directory, now rolling out in several countries, allows users to find and connect with businesses in various categories and niches, including restaurants, grocery stores, auto repair shops and more. However, for this to work, existing and new WhatsApp business accounts must submit a request to apply for the business directory, and only users of the platform will be able to find them. WhatsApp released more information about the business directory on its official blog. Additionally, businesses will be able to provide an ‘Add to Cart’ feature directly on WhatsApp.

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Unlike the WhatsApp mobile app, the desktop app does not come with a biometric screen lock. Having a built-in screen lock adds another layer of security, provided the user has also enabled device locking in the settings. This feature may come to both Windows and Mac in 2023.

WhatsApp may soon allow users to send up to 100 media files at once. As the current limit is limited to only 30 files, this change may be useful for believers

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